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For everyone saying that Mary-Sue is a Mary Sue, it's just her name okay? It's a coincidence. She's not a Mary Sue she just has a really tragic past and is burdened with being the most beautiful girl to have ever lived.

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Previously on How Not To Write A Fanfiction…

Theresa cried a lot.


(Jay POV)

Everyone seemed really happy when I said that Mary-Sue was moving in. Except the girls. Dunno why. I don't understand them even though we've been living together since 2006.

Mary-Sue is really hot and intelligent. I think I'm in love. I sighed.

"I'll show you to your room." I said. She smiled at me and my heart skipped a beat. Her smile was like a really bad metaphor about things that are beautiful.

I led her up the stairs. "Your bedroom is next to mine," I explained. "And it's also the biggest in the dorm. And it's already furnished."

"That's really convenient!" She exclaimed. Her voice made me sigh/fall in love/cry. "Thank you, Jay!"

(Neil POV)

I stared angrily at the stairs as Jay led Mary-Sue to her room. Normally I'm not one for noticing girls but Mary-Sue is the hottest girl I've ever seen. And I model.

"Theresa you okay?" asked Herry. Theresa was crying. But she was also in a trance. She must have been having a vision! She opened her eyes, gasping for breath.

"I had a vision!" She announced, stating the obvious.

Everyone gasped.

(No POV)

The team looked at each other, unsure how to proceed with the vision now that there was no particular character narrating the story.

(Neil POV)

Everyone breathed a sigh of relief as I continued to explain things from my point of view.

Jay walked back down the stairs at that moment. "Mary-Sue said she wanted to rest. Her tragic past makes her lethargic." He turned to Theresa. "Did you say you had a vision? What was it about?"

Theresa whimpered. "I saw Mary-Sue! She was laughing really evilly."

We gasped.

"You know what this means?" Odie said, very pale all of a sudden.

We shook our heads.

"I think this is foreshadowing," he explained very seriously. "The worst example I've ever seen."

Jay grimaced. "I know Theresa is always right with her visions, but Mary-Sue is too hot to be evil. So we're going to ignore the vision, okay?"

Theresa tried to interject, but Jay continued. "She is a member of the team, okay? She has a tragic past so you can't be mean to her. This goes for anyone reading the story, okay?"

We took a moment to stare up at everyone reading this and shook our fists at them. How dare they say anything bad about Mary-Sue!

Just then, Mary-Sue wandered down the stairs. She had changed her clothes. She now wore a pair of blue denim short shorts, black knee high boots and a pink spaghetti-strap top that showed off her huge… personality. She smiled at us. Theresa cried again.

"Should we go to training?" she asked sweetly, batting her eyelids as inconspicuously as possible. "I know it's my first day but I have a really hard work ethic and I'm always very punctual. And this is what I normally wear in high-contact sports so don't judge me."

(No POV)

The gang then went to the high school. They walked into the janitor's closet, which went unnoticed by all the teenagers around them. Speaking of, why weren't they in school? They had no time to ponder this deeply troubling irrelevant question, as they were somehow late for Ares' class. After reaching the training ground, Ares shouted at them for half an hour, and then divided them into pairs.

"I want you to watch Mary-Sue fight Herry," he said sternly.

They watched as Mary-Sue completed three cartwheels and five back flips before pinning a gob-smacked Herry to the ground. They all cheered in admiration.

"Where did you learn to do that?" Odie asked in awe.

"I was the national Taekwando champion when I was two years old," she explained, shrugging like it was no big deal. "I also have a black belt in Judo, Kung-Fu, Hapkido and just about every other martial art form in the world." She smiled at them. Ares dropped his sword, blushing.

"Class dismissed!" he announced, after a mere five seconds of class.

The gang started to leave, but then Theresa remembered her vision. "I'm going to see Persephone," she said. "I'll see you back at the dorm."

The gang barely noticed her. They were too enthralled in Mary-Sue's beauty/intelligence/skills/…personality/smile to notice. Theresa cried, and ran off towards Persephone's solarium.


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