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Chapter Three

Kagome had been standing by the well still totally off balance, she had just said goodbye to her best friend and first love. Before that she was pretty sure she had been ten years down a different timeline or something, and just been beheaded. Not to mention madly in love with a guy she wasn't sure was real.

Then her mother, brother and grandfather came in.

Everything in her just collapsed at that point, she had died, she had been lost in the jewel, she had seen her mother and brother die horrible, she had killed her greatest enemy. She threw herself at her mother and cried.

Since it had been a Friday and late Friday she ate dinner with her family and went to bed but it was when she woke up in the morning that really threw her. Her first thought was; "What room is this?" Because it wasn't her room under the office building of the hospital and it wasn't her apartment, then she realized it was her old bedroom at the shrine and she remembered. She had made that deal with the voice, died, woken in the jewel waiting for Inuyasha, made her wish and come home to her living mother, brother and grandfather. She dressed and was amused by her teenaged body, she had filled out some more by eighteen. She should be... how old was she?

She thought hard, "End of my travels with Inuyasha... it means that this should be last term before the new school year. I should be sixteen going on seventeen."

She sat down on her bed. She remembered that last time she had come home after her travels she had thrown herself into school work and became a teacher for first graders. But what would she do this time? She didn't think this time she wanted to be a teacher. She thought of Ichigo and how he wanted to help people and how he had wanted to be like his father. But what... what happened? Why... How had she come back? What had that voice been? Who had it been?

Another question struck her, had she even come back? After all had did she know if it even happened? What proof did she have that Karakura was even a real town? Ichigo seemed like something out of dream, a strange one but a dream. Punctual, loud and a fighter but not cruel, orange hair, brown eyes...

Kind a seemed like she had dreamed up a man with everything she liked about Inuyasha and got rid of some of the flaws that drove her wild.

Was that all he was? A dream? Vampires seemed like something out of a dream. She had even explained how vampires were created. The jewel. Sesshomaru was even a vampire. Sesshomaru a vampire, mister dog demon, a vampire. Ridiculous.

The sudden pounding on her door made her jump, it was her brother telling her breakfast ready. Getting up she went down and ate with her family. In her dream memories her grandfather died when she was nineteen, so he had been dead seven years. Then there was Souta, he had been torn to pieces by Aizen's vampires not to mention he had married Tora.

The more time she spent with her family to more everything seemed unreal. There was no way she had been beheaded and there was no way Ichigo was real. She knew all she had to do to confirm fact Karakura wasn't real was to search it on the internet but she had to admit she didn't want to know, not yet anyway.

Doing normal house work and then school work she found herself asking was she crazy? Was she sure she hadn't been locked up some where and this was all in her head? She pinched herself hard, it hurt so her pinching herself was real, but what did that mean? She grabbed her school book flipped to a chapter she knew she had only read in the other time line, it stuck out because of discussion it lead to in the classroom. She read it and it seemed familiar but she couldn't remember it word for word so it could have been some place else she had heard about it.

She got up and asked her mother about Inuyasha, if she thought he would be happy now. Talking with her mother felt very real but so had having her head chopped off.

So had the sex with Ichigo.

She flushed ruby at that, her real or current age shining through. Not to many people could say they had their virginity but knew that much about sex. Or thought they did. How did she knew these memories were real? They couldn't be.

Going to bed that night she knew she was going to go for a walk in the morning. She needed to wrapped her head around this.

Sunday 8:04 a.m.

Kagome had checked her body while dressing, she knew every scar on her body, she could explain every one: In the memories of the false future she had been in accident in collage and had four more scars on her shoulder from while she had been thrown through a windshield of a car when she pushed a friend out of the way. It had taken forty stitches to close the cuts and the minor concussion had left her sick with head aches for the next three days. Not to mention the bruising that had lasted two weeks.

After eating she told her mom she was going out, she kissed Souta and hugged her grandfather and then left the shrine.

She just walked, she was alarmed to note places she wasn't familiar in this timeline looked much the same as they had in her dream world. She walked all the way across the city to her old collage and then went to the ramen shop she had eaten at with friends many times, she knew in the other time line it was an old shop so she didn't know what to think when she entered it.

Looking about it she couldn't help but feel helpless, what did this mean? How could this shop be real if the other time line was dream? She gave her order, payed and sat down to eat, it even tasted like her memories told her it tasted like. Did that mean Ichigo was real? Did it really happen till something powerful offered her a way out? If so who? A Kami? How could that be? The God Tree she could almost believe; it was the tree of time, it allowed to her travel to the past, surely if she wished incorrectly it had the power to offer her a second chance...

She had to die before though... did that mean her soul had lived through that time and been allowed to rejoin with her younger body?

Was that why she loved Inuyasha but in past tense?

Finishing up she left the shop and drifted some more. She was walking through a shopping district when to her shock someone was calling her name, turning she froze. It was the sword smith from the future. Taller then most in the crowd, her eyes an oddly bright brown she stopped in front of her and held out the dog blades and the blade bracelet in gold.

Frozen Kagome stared. It was true. The timeline had really happened, she was or had been queen of the damned.

The woman shoved the blades at her, "Take them, you payed for them... though I admit to being curious as to how you lost them such they showed up in my shop again. I told you I don't normally get to leave my shop."

Kagome took the things with shaking hands, the woman looked at her strangely, before saying. "Don't lose them again. I don't think I could bring them back if that happened."

Kagome nodded her fingers wrapped tightly about her swords, her bracelet on her wrist. She stood there she wasn't sure how long before realizing if she had bought the blades, if the woman knew her, Ichigo was real.

She rushed home as fast as she could walk, the moment she got home she took the swords and bracelet to her room and set them in her closet. She hopped on the computer and searched Karakura town. It was real.

Hope surging she searched for the schools there; she soon found Ichigo's school because she recognized the uniforms. Then she mentally slapped herself. The voice had never told what would happen to Ichigo. It never said anything about him. If she hunted him down he was sure not to know her. If he was real.

She shut the computer down and joined the family for dinner, drifting between her desire to see Ichigo again, her fear he wasn't real, and her confusion over what had really happened. Sleep that night didn't come easy.


Kagome went to school, did well on the history pop quiz, told her friends she and Inuyasha had broken up. But none of it felt real, none of it meant anything to her.

Her mother, brother and grandfather tried to convince her everything was fine despite the well having closed but she couldn't find the words to tell them that wasn't the problem. She could deal with that, but what did she do about being in love with, at best, a boy who had never met her and at worst wasn't real.


Kagome noted there was only two more months of school, she wanted to see Ichigo and her grades for the last quarter should be good because she practically was doing nothing but studying at the moment. But could she really leave the shrine, Tokyo to go to a town she might know? Just because of a boy who wouldn't know her?

She sat down in her room her dog blades sitting across her knees. She had fought for Ichigo and her family with these blades, she had tasted blood with these. She could be strong, she knew it. But what was the right call?

Drawing the blades she did a few basic moves only to be surprised by Souta standing in her open doorway.

"Wow! Kagome when did you learn that?!"

Remembering in the other timeline she had wondered what Souta would think she found the wall that held her silent breaking down. "I learned long time in the future with a girl named Rukia. Souta call everyone together, I think I can talk now."

Souta looked serious for a moment before nodded and running down stairs, grabbing the bracelet and the blades she walked down stairs. Her grandfather and mother had entered the living room at Souta's call. Her grandfather gasped, seeing the swords. "Where on earth did you get those Kagome?"

She smiled a little, "How about you and mom sit down while I tell you."

Everyone looked at her but even Souta sat down, Kagome tried to find a good place to start before deciding on the real start. "Once upon a time a girl named Kagome fell down a well and had many adventures, the last one was her greatest. She had been told before she was the girl who conquered time and she only discovered what that really meant the day she wished on the jewel. Wishing for her friends who were demons to get on along with humans the jewel vanished and she returned to her time to never see her friends in the past again. She finished school and became a first grade teacher in history. But before all that the last year of high school she saw a boy on a another school's Kendo team, she liked him then and there but never got to talk to him. But she did learn his name. Then soon after she found out he was in Tokyo to become a doctor and he worked at a store. After going out of her way to see him he told her he had a girlfriend at home. Disappointed she went on her with her life only to get sent to his home town for a job. The first night there she found him again and they started going out. Kagome's short term there ended and she came home to Tokyo only to have the boy follow her back. Dating things were getting along fine till one night the boy missed a date and didn't call."

Kagome took a deep breath glad her family was waiting for her to finish before asking questions. "Two weeks later, her first time seeing the boy since that night, he broke up with her. A strange but young girl with him. Heartbroken she went on with her life until three years later she saw him acting like he was being followed. Curious she followed him down an alley only to be grabbed by him and threatened with a knife. Then he recognized her. Putting the knife away he told her he would talk to her later and they arranged to meet in a coffee shop a week later. Meeting him there he told her almost nothing and that strange girl was waiting for him outside again. Sad but almost hopeful the girl went home and the next day was normal- till a man too fast to be a normal human pulled her down an alley and stabbed her leaving her to die there."

Her mother looked upset and Souta mildly confused, but her grandfather had an odd gleam in his eyes. She went on, "The boy found her just before she passed out from blood loss and he swore she wouldn't die. When she woke up she realized her heart wasn't beating, she wasn't breathing and she was very hungry. The boy had turned her into a vampire. The girl with him had helped him turn her and had turned him after he tried to help her friend in a vampire fight. Training to be able to act like a normal human she learned vampires were at war, some wanted to rule humans and others wanted to stay in the dark. They owned the big hospital in the city and their group only ate willingly given blood. Donated blood."

Kagome set her swords down on the side table. "That Kagome was learning sword play as well since vampires could only be killed by a beheading, getting stabbed through the heart or by bleeding to death or by being starved. They could move fast, heal super fast, and were super strong. The boy and her were dancing around each other because the boy wanted to protect her and the girl wanted to help so she could protect him. She made friends and learned enough so she could sneak out while everyone else was at work. Visiting her mother and brother, she also stopped in a strange shop to buy her own swords. The shop, the smith said; moved between the future and the past and the smith was never allowed to leave till she could sell what she was supposed to. Soon the girl's mother and brother were killed by enemy vampires and the girl swore vengeance. She was told to get a job where she could be watched and stay out of trouble and that was when she learned the differences she had noticed between her and other vampires was because she made them with her wish. The leader of the vampire coven she was a part of was Sesshomaru. He had changed his hair and learned to blend in, but he had become a vampire. All demons had died or turned soon after she left. Even half demons."

"Heart broken she had done this she went to see the boy at the hospital, only while waiting for him she found a note with a drop of blood in the corner. Leaving she waited on the phone for him to call the number listed and she discover their worst enemy, the man that stabbed her. Had her friend, the girl who trained her and turned Ichigo as well as his only surviving sister. He want the boy to bring that Kagome and himself to a bad side of town to trade themselves for the two girls. He ordered the boy not to tell her. But the girl knew since she knew she could turn this on the man. She could set a trap. So she did. As the creator of vampires her orders had to be obeyed so she ordered her bodyguard to stop the boy from going and then gather all the fighters on hand. Then she went alone and ordered the guards to help her. She enter the warehouse only to find the man had been smarter then she thought he had hidden an army in there. Freeing the boy's sister and her friend she fought the army alone. Soon back up arrived and the real fight began. But since she was far from the group the girl was quickly over whelmed. Stabbed through the heart she realized it wasn't killing her, then a strange voice told her she could do it over if she died. Realizing the boy and the others with him were losing she agreed and attacked the man only to beheaded, she had just long enough left to see the boy kill the man before I found myself standing in the jewel making the wish again."

Now that the whole story was out- well she hadn't said anything about the sex or the fact Ichigo had asked her to marry him, but close enough. She sat down, feeling spent.

Souta was the first to speak, "So let me get this straight, you made the wish lived this whole other life only to make the wish again?"

Kagome nodded, that was a good summery.

"What did you wish for this time?"

"For the jewel to be destroyed."

The silence was nerve racking but her mother broke the silence next. "I'm guessing you told us all about this because you want to look for the boy?"

Kagome gave a clipped nod.

Her grandfather spoke up next, for once not sounding batty. "The sword smith must have brought you the swords. What did he look like?"

Kagome shook her head, "It was a woman, half European or American, she was tall, strong. Her eyes were a bright yellowy-brown. Her hair was black and wavy longer then mine. Her clothes weren't right. I'd guess she's from fifty or more years in the future."

Her grandfather stood up and did a little dance, "HA!"

Kagome looked at her mother who looked just as clueless. She turned back to him, "What?"

He calmed himself and sat back down. "I've heard stories of a shop from the future before. They go back a very long time. It's been men and woman smiths, but it centers around Tokyo. Not much else but I wondered. Those swords don't look right. But I always knew those stories were true."

Her mother just shrugged. "So Kagome I assume you know where you'd have to go to look for the boy?"

Kagome nodded, "I've thought about it. I'd finished the school year up and ask for a student exchange. I've been sick I need change in scenery, all that. Besides a girl would love to come to Tokyo and we are trust worthy as shrine keepers. But I want to go Karakura town, the school would be Karakura High School, if I remember right I would pick to be in class b."

Her mother slowly nodded and Souta oddly enough got a protective look on his face. "What's this 'boy' like? What's his name? What does he look like?"

Kagome smirked, "I don't exactly know what he's like now but in the other life he was stubborn, rude, but polite at the same time, grumpy, and a fighter. He has orange hair that he gets from his mother who in the other timeline died when he was fifteen. He has two sisters who are twins. His dad's a doctor and a very strange man. His name is Kurosaki Ichigo."

Her brother stared at her, "Strawberry?"

She shrugged, "It also could mean number one protector."

Souta slowly smirked, "You pick strange ones don't you?"

She glared, "I'm not exactly normal now am I? Why would I like normal guys?"

Souta nodded, "True. True. If you liked normal guys Hojo would have gotten his hands all over you."

She threw a pillow at him, it hit straight on, in the middle of his surprised face. She laughed, "Serves you right. You after all got married in the other timeline. You even had a kid on the way." She couldn't help but taunt him.

He made a grossed out face.

"Children, that's enough. Souta you have home work and Kagome if you want to do this so do you."

Kagome nodded to her mother, she had a lot of work to do if this was going to happen.

Her mother smiled, it was slightly sad. "Dinner will be ready in half an hour."


Kagome held her plans back from her friends, she wanted to do a bit more towards research before she told them, how ever she did slip into the office to ask about it. They were very helpful, handed her she forms as well as more information. When she got home she read it over, if it was switching with another student it was a bit different then just transferring, but she showed it to her mom who only asked if she really wanted to see Ichigo that much. She had thought about, moving to a different town, living in a stranger's home all in the hopes he wouldn't have a girlfriend? Yeah. She was gonna do it.

With her answer her mother pulled out the phone she had found in her own research of the school and town and called it. It took another two weeks before they were given the name of a student who was a good enough student to switch out with in class B: Kunieda Ryo second highest scoring student in her grade, and of the four girls they spoke with the only one interested in living at a shrine in Tokyo for a school year.

Kagome told her friends after being sick for so long and after breaking up with Inuyasha she was doing a student exchange. They were all happy for her but they swore they were going to miss her. She was just eager to see that stupid orange hair again. She only had a couple of months to wait.

The End

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