Part I : The Crystal

Prologue: How It All Started

After the Rainbow representative battle, everyone was sent to the same hospital. Being the Vongole Family the Vongole Family, they destroyed half of the hospital on the first day. So Reborn decided to send them in different hospitals. The Cavalone Family, Basil, and the Varia were sent to Italy for better medication. Byakuran and his family was asked to stay. That leaves the tenth Vongole and Shimoun Family to Namimori Hospital. Given the fact that Mukuro and Hibari hates to be ordered around, Reborn promised Hibari a good fight while he promised Mukuro a wonderful reward. Satisfying Hibari's thirst of blood and Mukuro's curiosity, they both agreed, giving Tsuna a sigh of relief.

It was an early and bright Saturday morning when Tsuna woke up. What a peaceful day. I hope nothing could ruin this wonderful day, he wished. Before he could step outside his room, he was greeted by a green hammer on the face. "Reborn! Is that the proper way of greeting an exhausted student?" Tsuna asked while rubbing his forehead. "I thought I heard someone suspicious, so I got armed." Reborn explained. "It's only natural Dame-Tsuna"

"That's not natural at all!" Tsuna argued.

"Yes it is."

"No, no it's not. Because no one is here but me and the windows are always closed."

"Well it's really rare for you to wake up so early in the morning." Reborn said. "I thought it was someone trying to sneak and kill the Vongole 10th." Tsuna paled at the thought of someone sneaking in and choking him using a pillow or maybe killing everyone inside the house. Then he noticed something. "Wait, wait, wait! Who says I'm gonna be the Vongole 10th?", he asked."Aren't you already? If only the Inheritance Ceremony wasn't disrupted, you would become the official successor of Vongole Family." Reborn answered. "Now hurry up and get ready, we're going out and when I say we I mean you and when I say out I mean to the Namimori Hospital."

"Wait, why do we- I have to go there?" Tsuna asked.

"As the their boss it's your duty to ensure the health of your family."

"But I'm not their boss-"

"Yes, yes you are. No more arguments. Shut up and hurry up or I'll shoot you." Reborn said as Leon changed into a gun. "HIEEEE! I'm going, I'm going!", Tsuna screamed. "Stop shouting or you'll wake up every living soul in this neighborhood." Reborn said. Tsuna held his mouth and went to the bathroom. He had a warm shower and after that he brushed his teeth. Then he went back to his room to change. As he was changing, he heard some noises down the kitchen and assumed that his mom is already awake and preparing breakfast.

He went down the stairs and into the kitchen. He saw his mom in her apron and wrapping some bento boxes. "Morning mom.", Tsuna greeted. "Ara, Tsu-kun Good morning. Why are you so early?" Nana asked his son. " Reborn said I should go visit my friends in the hospital." Tsuna explained. "Well Reborn-kun did told me why they are there." She said sadly. "He did?" Tsuna asked warily. "What? Yes. He told me that you were supposed to go to a park to have a picnic when the car you borrowed crashed." She answered and continue her wrapping. "Reborn told you that?" Tsuna asked. "Yes I did." Reborn said, appearing out of no where. "Thank goodness that you're all safe though, Tsu-kun. I was really worried!" Nana said. Tsuna smiled and felt guilty. He was lying to his mom every time they got injured or they have to face a dangerous battle. He wished he could tell his mom the truth but he can't involved her anymore than this. "Sorry for always worrying you, mom." he said sadly. Nana could see that his son is hiding something important. Something he can't share but she understands. Then Nana dropped all her materials and hugged her son. Reborn knew better than to interrupt there moment even if it means getting a little late than he calculated. "It's okay Tsu-kun. As long as you are safe. I am your mother after all. It's my duty to worry about you. Don't forget that I'll always be here." she whispered as if she was holding back a cry. Then Tsuna realized that he never saw his mom cry before nor make a sad face. He returned the hug even if it was choking him and rests his head on his mother's delicate shoulders. She withdrew from her choking hug and said, "Now hurry up. It's about time the hospital opens for visitors."

"Yeah, we- I better get going." Tsuna said smiling again. "Oh and Tsu-kun, bring this bento boxes for your friends. I made ten and I don't know if this would satisfy them."

"Ten? Mom isn't that a little too much?"

"Is it? No, I don'think so. The foods in the hospital taste nothing because they are very wary of the patients' health. Send my regards to them."


How am I supposed to carry all those lunches. It's not like I could ask Reborn for help, he thought. He sighed, shook his head and thanked his mom. He waved good-bye to Reborn and Nana as he left the Sawada household. Before he could get far, he heard his mom said 'I love you' and 'be careful'. He was thankful to have a mother like Nana and wished that she would always be cheerful.

When he arrived at the Namimori Hospital, he was greeted by a surprise. Almost everyone was out of their beds. Yamamoto, Gokudera, and Ryohei were scheduled to get out of the hospital today. "Hey guys! I thought you weren't scheduled to be out of the hospital until Monday?" Tsuna asked. "Juudaime! Sorry for the late notice. Reborn-san told us not tell you." Gokudera apologized and smiled sheepishly. Yamamoto, grinning like there's no tomorrow, slung his arm on Gokudera's shoulder and said, "As long as we're alright that's fine, right Tsuna?"

"Oi, how many times do I have to tell you to give respect to Juudaime? And keep your hands off me!" Gokudera yelled as his ears turned red. "It's okay Gokudera-kun." Tsuna smiled cheerfully. "Sawada! We're all fine to the extreme! How about you?", Ryohei asked loudly. "Oh, I'm fine too Onii-san and I think we shouldn't create any more noise. Most of the patients are resting and we might get in trouble if we woke Hibari-san up." Tsuna explained nervously. Ryohei nodded while grinning and asks while pointing at the thing Tsuna is carrying, "Are those weights?"

"What?" he looked down at the package he's carrying and remembered that he has to give it to them. "No! Mom cooked these and asked me to give to you. She also sends you her regards." he explained while distributing the lunches. "Say thank you to the extreme for us, Sawada!" Ryohei said. "Well I better get going. I've been worrying Kyoko ever since so I'm gonna make it up to here. Bye Sawada, Yamamoto, and Octopus-Head!"

"I told you to don't call me that!" Gokudera exclaimed. "Hmp, But I'll give you this one day an exception." Tsuna smiled as he saw a small glint of smile in Gokudera's face. The he said, "Okay Onii-san, be careful on your way.".

"I better get going to Tsuna. I'd really love to stay and chat but I promised my old man to help him with the store." Yamamoto said cheerfully. "And I think Gokudera's coming too, right?"

"Although I hate to agree with the baseball freak, I must go. Forgive me Juudaime." Gokudera bowed so low that his head almost hit the floor. "No it's alright. Be careful on your way and Gokudera-kun please stand up. I don't want you to hurt yourself anymore than this." Tsuna said. Gokudera stood up and said, "As you wished."

"Alright then. Wait one second, I'll just get our stuffs." and Yamamoto went along the corridor to go get there stuffs. After a half a minute he was back and bid Tsuna farewell. Tsuna waved good-bye as he watched his two best friends disappear in the distance. Alright! Time to deliver mom's gifts.

"Would you like to eat the food given to us before going home?" Yamamoto asked Gokudera.

"Who wants to eat with you?" Gokudera snapped. Yamamoto forced a laugh and carry on. Gokudera noticed the sudden change in his aura and said, "Well I am kinda hungry. The foods in that hospital taste nasty." Yamamoto brighted up at his statement and said, "Great! Come one let's go to the park and watch the cherry blossoms."

"I'm not doing this for you though or something like that." Gokudera muttered as his ears turned bright red. Yamamoto grinned and tried to hold a laugh.

"I know."

He grabbed Gokudera's hand and he dragged him all the way to the park. For once, Gokudera didn't argue instead he smiled secretly while watching Yamamoto's running back.

Tsuna asked the nurse which rooms are the Kokuyu Gang and Hibari staying in and she said that they are in room 27, room 18 and room 69. She said that the Kokuyu gang insisted that they stay together since it's not their territory. He forced a laugh as the nurse said that she that they were weird. He said his thanks and went to the said rooms. Since used the elevator, he went up to room 69 since it's in the highest floor. He knocked three times until Chikusa opened the door. "Good Morning Vongole Decimo." he said.

"Good Morning." Tsuna said brightly. "Is everyone awake now?"

"Yes. We are after all, scheduled to be out today."

"Huh? You guys too?"


"Is that so. May I come in?"

"It's not my place to decide but sure."

He peaked inside the room before entering. The room was quite big and it's composed of four beds but no one and saw Chrome, M.M., Flan, and Ken fully dressed. "Boss. Good Morning." Chrome greeted. "Morning Chrome. How are you feeling?" he asked. She smiled and answered, "I'm feeling pretty much fine now."

"That's good to hear."

"What is the Vongole doing here?" Ken asked. "Ken, it's not nice be rude to our guest." Chikusa scolded. Ken scowled and muttered about something no need to be bossy and still not trusting the Vongole. "I came here to give you these." Tsuna said while holding out the lunches he brought. "And why should we accept it? What if it's poisoned?" M.M. accused. Ken looked at Tsuna and said, "You dare try to poison us?"

"What?! No! Of course not. My mom gave me these so you could eat other foods than the ones the hospital gives because she said the foods here taste nothing." Tsuna explained without breathing. "She got that right." Flan said, a little groggy. "I don't care about you guys but I'm gonna have some." Then he went to Tsuna and grabbed his lunched. He opened it and his mouth water at the sight of such delicious looking foods. After he had a small bight of the rice ball he said,"Wow this food is delicious. You should bring us lunch more often."

"Flan!" Chrome scolded

"Alright, less often"

"I still don't trust you." M.M. said. "Boss will not poison us." Chrome said suddenly. "How can you be so sure? Where does your loyalty lie anyway?" M.M. demanded. "My loyalty lies in Boss and Mukuro-sama." she said proudly.

"So you mean to say you are taking his side?"

"No I'm not but Boss already gave us a lunch before. Ken ate the half of it and we're okay." Chrome explained. Ken tried to argue but M.M. shot him with a you-did-what look. "It's okay if you wouldn't eat it. But I'll leave it hear just in case. Flan I'll leave another for you since you liked it so much." Tsuna said. "Thanks." he said after swallowing the scrambled egg. "I'll be going now." he said. Tsuna stop at the door as he felt a familiar presence. "Oya, oya, It's not nice to not accept a gift isn't it?" said a very familiar voice. "Mukuro-sama" the gang said in unison except Flan who only managed to say hm-ham-hol-he-ri while eating his breakfast. Tsuna turned around and saw Mukuro in white pajamas holding his trident looking really pissed off. "Mukuro? Aren't you supposed to be resting?" Tsuna exclaimed. "I'm fine young Vongole. Now what were you guys saying?"

"Well um, ah. How do we put this..." Ken tried to explain. He'd been with Mukuro long enough to understand that he is really pissed off. "It's nothing Mukuro-sama. He was just about to leave as we were about to thank him." Chikusa explained. "What? That is not what's happ-" M.M. didn't get to finish her sentence as she realize that Mukuro was in a bad mood. She cleared her throat and said, "I mean, yeah. Thanks for the food."

"You're welcome." Tsuna said while smiling.

"Then I must have heard wrong." Mukuro played innocence. "Yes, that might be it."

"Mukuro-sama, if you wouldn't mind, we'll be on our way." this time Chrome spoke up. "Okay then. You may go. Be careful on your way and don't let Ken ruin our remaining furniture."

"Yes Mukuro-sama."

Everyone bid their good-bye until Tsuna and Mukuro are left. Tsuna felt awkward by their silence for a while. "So I heard you were distributing lunches?" Mukuro started. "What? Oh yes. Would you like some?" Tsuna asked. "Will you believed if I said no?"


"Then let's go to my room then."

It took them a few minutes to get to Mukuro's room and Tsuna was surprised to see such a bright room for such a dark loving person. The room has a yellow wallpaper in a cloud pattern and his bed was white and neatly arranged. "Surprised to see light Vongole?" Mukuro teased. Then Tsuna realized that his mouth was hanging open. He closed it and blush lightly. Mukuro lie down and he gestured Tsuna to sit by the chair beside the bed. "How are you feeling?" Tsuna asked. "I can't say I feel fine but I felt worst" Mukuro replied. "Here. Mom cooked this. She said the foods here taste nothing so she made a lot for everyone." Tsuna said as he hand over the lunch. "Give your mother my thanks." Mukuro said slowly. He opened the lunch box and began eating. After a few more bites he said, "Your mother is a very wonderful cook."

"Thanks. It's too bad I didn't inherit any of her talents in cooking."

"I think you can do it if you would want it."

"Thanks Mukuro, but the last time I tried to cook I almost set our house on fire and I was only seven at that time."

"Well if you gave up so early how will you succeed?"

Is Mukuro actually encouraging me?, he thought. No. It can't be, can it?

"Vongole!" Mukuro said a lot louder than a while ago. Tsuna fell from his chair as he was drawn away from his thoughts.


"Sorry, I didn't mean to startle you."

"No it's okay. It's my fault for spacing out. What were you saying again?"

"It's nothing. Shouldn't you be delivering that to our little skylark?" Mukuro pointed to that last bento box in Tsuna's hands.

"What? Oh yeah. I almost forgot. Thanks Mukuro. I'll be going now." Tsuna said while nearing the door. "No. Thank you, Vongole. The meal was delicious." Mukuro answered and smiled. Not the fake smile but a real smile. Then Tsuna smiled back as brightly as ever. He waved good bye and reached for the elevator. I wonder what it would like if Mukuro is always this nice., he thought as he entered the elevator.

Mukuro sighed as the brunette left and thought, Thank you Vongole. He smiled and went to a dreamless and peaceful sleep.

He stepped out of the elevator and went to the west side. He took a few more steps to reached Hibari's room then he knocked three times, four times, five times, six times, but nobody's answering. Tsuna thought that maybe he was already out, but then he would've been informed. He hesitated but he decided to enter the room. "Hibari-san, I'm coming in." Tsuna said while opening the door. The room was small and simple. Hibari's wallpaper is sky blue in a cloud pattern and his bed stood in the middle of the room. His bedside table has a small glass flower vase and it has a white lily. It has a bathroom unlike Mukuro's and you can see the view of the whole Namimori from his window. On his bed lay a black Pjs' shirt and an open book entitled Snow and Dark. Tsuna picked the book up and read the last of its lines.

"My name is Freedert and I wish for my beloved to return. Second Hand of time I beg of you." Those were Freedert's last words when she sacrificed her life to have her beloved returned. A few days later he returned only to find out that his beloved had sacrificed her life for his return. He killed himself to be with her forever. But-

"Didn't you know what privacy is?" Hibari said as he came out of the bathroom. "Oh, sorry. It's just that no one was answering so I came in and I got curious about the book. Where were-" Tsuna couldn't complete his sentence as he saw a half naked Hibari near him. He turned bright red. "HIEE! I'm sorry! I didn't know you were changing and, and, and, -"

"Settle down herbivore and don't shout." Tsuna held his mouth shut as he averted his gaze. Hibari noticed the brunette's awkwardness and smirked. "Hou, could this be the first time you ever saw another man's upper body?" he asked. Tsuna's eyes widened but he still averted his gaze. It's not like there's another man in our house. Except for Reborn and Lambo of course. My dad left when I was very young and it's not like we're bathing together whenever he's home. Tsuna thought. "I'll just go out until you completely changed."

"That's not necessary." Hibari said as he picked up his Pjs' shirt. "Why are you here?"

"Mom made some lunch boxes and she asked me to give them to you because-"

"The foods here taste nothing. I know." Hibari continued. Tsuna could only managed an "Oh" before giving him the lunch box. Hibari put it on the bedside table and opened the drawer. He got some bandages, went to his bed as he gestured Tsuna to sit on the bedside chair, and proceeds to bandaging himself. "Um, anou, why are you bandaging yourself? Do you still have wounds?" Tsuna asked but by the way he sees it, Hibari's upper body is completely unharmed. He's pale skin shone as the rays of the sun touch his skin. Tsuna shook his head away and shook those thoughts away. "The nurses here doesn't know about the Vongole. The doctors' treating me and the others are from Italy so naturally my wounds healed fast. But since the nurses are unaware, I must be here until Monday morning. Your friends however doesn't have any sever injury so you they were allowed to leave early." Hibari explained. Tsuna nodded and he can't stop staring at Hibari's beautiful body. Hibari caught him and he looked away. Hibari smirked by the herbivore's reactions and he was totally amused. "If this is your first time seeing another man's body, I wonder how you would react if you saw another man's lower body." He said. Tsuna gasped and turned bright red. "P-Please stop saying those words." he said. Hibari is really amused by this herbivore's reactions and wished to see more. But he thinks this herbivore will cry if he pushed any longer so put the thought away.

"Anyway-" Tsuna started to changed the topic, "I want to thank you properly Hibari-san." Hibari, surprised by the brunette's sudden words, frowned and asked, "Thank me for what?"

"Well, you did help us a lot." Tsuna said.

"I didn't help you if that's what you're thinking. I merely wish to satisfy myself." Hibari answered.

"Still I want to thank you. You showed the true meaning of pride. You taught a lot of things and you let me handle the fight with the Vindice. So I'm really grateful to you." Tsuna smiled so bright that Hibari was taken aback. He let out a small smile came out of his mouth and said, "Then I supposed I should say You're Welcome." Tsuna was shocked to hear such words from Hibari. Really, what's with everyone today? First Reborn, then Mukuro, and now Hibari? Is the world really coming to its end?, Tsuna thought. While he is still arguing in his mind, he didn't notice Hibari coming near him. "I hate to interrupt you arguing with your thoughts but I still abhor to be ignored by herbivores like you." he said.

"What? O-Oh sorry. It's just that-" as Hibari came forward, Tsuna step backwards. They kept on like this as Tsuna back hit's the door. Hibari put his arm on either side of Tsuna's head and asked, "You were just?". Tsuna gulped before answering, "I was just wondering."

"Wondering about what?"

"About why Mukuro is exceptionally nice today?"

Hibari scowled at the said name and produced a scary aura. Tsuna slightly whimpered and shivered as a cold feeling creep under his skin. He couldn't focus since the beautiful body he was seeing a while ago is actually right in front of his eyes and he doesn't know how to react. He had forgotten that Hibari hates Mukuro and that it was stupid thing to say his name. "S-Sorry." he said. Then suddenly Hibari's mood changed and his dark aura disappeared. Tsuna gave out a sigh of relief and relaxed a bit. "Anou, Hibari-san, what are you doing?"

"What do you mean?"

"Well, this is kinda an awkward position and-" Tsuna blushed as he tried to continue his sentence.


"And w-well, I, ah, -"

Hibari is really enjoying his reactions. Then he had an interesting idea. Hibari grabbed both of Tsuna's wrists and kissed him. Tsuna's eyes widen as he felt Hibari's soft and warm lips touches his. He felt comfort and he felt safe. He closed his eyes and enjoyed the feeling not caring why this is happening. As soon as Hibari noticed Tsuna's tensed shoulders relaxed, he licked Tsuna's bottom lip, causing Tsuna to gasped. Hibari used this chance to enter his tongue and explored Tsuna's warm cavern. Tsuna moaned softly as Hibari kept on exploring every inch of his mouth. Hibari smirked at the herbivore's reaction and he kept yearning for more. Then his tongue poked Tsuna's tongue as if asking it to play. Tsuna tried to resist but he later obliged. They kept on kissing until the need of air became huge. They parted gasping and a string of saliva is still connecting them. Tsuna blushed so bright that he almost fainted. Because of the sudden out of air he almost tripped but thankfully Hibari caught him. He sat on the chair as Hibari lied on the bed. "Why did you-" Tsuna started but a knock from the door interrupted him. "Kyou-san? Are feeling well already?" It was Kusakabe Tetsuya. Hibari's right hand man. Hibari replied with a 'hn'. "That's good to here. I'll be at the cafeteria for a while so please don't do anything reckless." Kusakabe said. "I'll be leaving now Hibari-san, please enjoy the bento." Tsuna said as he was nearing the door. "Give my thanks your mother." Hibari said. Tsuna nodded and left.

As soon as Tsuna left, Hibari sighed and thought to himself. Why did I do that? Why don't I don't know if I should be satisfied or disappointed by the brunette's reactions? Hibari push the thoughts away and tried to find a peaceful sleep.

Tsuna was having the same thoughts on his way home. Just when he thought everything was getting better. Now he is totally confused. He sighed and said, "Well I guess Monday would be a long day."

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