Chapter 3: Reasons

Tsuna's gloomy mood and hurt feelings is actually easing up. Sure Mukuro's and his grand entrance in the Tea Leaves Garden was quite embarrassing, but since it's too early, there were less people in it. So he's having a really hard time processing things to lead his two strongest guardians to fight. He just stared at them wide-eyed remembering what Mukuro and he had done to make the prefect this angry.

- - - Flash Back - - -

Tsuna tried his best to disappear in Mukuro's arms so he could avoid the stares that the people were giving them. Mukuro placed him in a seat near by window that has a view of a wonderful garden. The garden is composed of lavenders, roses, and different tea plants. The tea house smells like freshly made tea so it eases his feelings a bit. Mukuro sat on the opposite chair of the table and rests his chin on his palm. "So-" he started.

"Tell me why you're about to cry a while ago?"

"I wasn't abou-" Tsuna cut off as he saw the look on Mukuro's eyes. His eyes are full of concern despite the smile he carries and he has such big eye bags. Tsuna touched his cheek and said, "Are you tired?"

Surprised by the sudden question, Mukuro's grin faltered and his eyes widened. His gloved hand touched Tsuna's warm hand on his face and said, "Thank you for your concern Vongole, but I'm fine."

Mukuro closed his eyes and felt the warmth of Tsuna's hand. He held his hand and removed it from his face and gave a heart-warming smile to Tsuna, who smiled in return. "Stop calling me that. I have a name you know." Tsuna said. Mukuro raised an eyebrow and said, "And what should I call you? Tsunayoshi-kun, Tsuna-kun, or you'd rather like to be called Tsu-kun?"

Tsuna blushed at the last name stated. He was sure Mukuro wasn't aware of that. "Apparently I am." Mukuro said with a smirk. Tsuna pouted before saying, "It's rude to read other people's minds."

Mukuro chuckled and ruffled the boy's hair. It was soft and silky smooth despite its ability to defy the laws of gravity. Tsuna's blush is now subsiding and he's starting to feel comfortable. A waitress went to their table and asked for their orders.

"I'll have Oolong tea and he's having strawberry milk." Mukuro said with smile that made the waitress blush. She wrote it down and asked for snacks but we refused. After clarifying one last time, she nodded again and head back to get our orders. After she left, Mukuro heaved a deep sigh and turned to Tsuna.

"Now, back to our topic. Why were you about to cry a while ago?"

Tsuna tensed and said, "You said I don't have to explain."

"True." he agreed with a nod then smirked. "But I said that a while ago."

"That's not fair!"

"What's not fair?"

"That um-, you didn't-, ugh. What's the use?" Tsuna said miserably. Mukuro smirked triumphantly and leaned forward. Now it's Tsuna's turn to sigh before explaining everything. "Well you see, last night-"

And he told Mukuro all the happenings that happened last night. He told him everything he felt, even that scary dream. Mukuro listened patiently and frown every time Tsuna would wipe a tear away. After Tsuna was done, the waitress came and delivered their orders. "Sorry it took so long. We had some technical difficulties." she explained. Tsuna nodded and smiled softly at her. She bowed before heading back. Mukuro sipped his tea while Tsuna drank his milk. They drank in silence until Tsuna noticed the time. It read 7:30. It took Tsuna a whole 5 minutes before realizing that he only have 30 minutes before - no scratch that, make it 25 minutes - school starts. "HIEE!" he shrieked. Mukuro chocked his tea and the other customers looked at them at the sudden shriek, wondering what was wrong. Tsuna tried to stand up quickly before falling back down again, Curse my injured leg! he thought.

"What is it? What's wrong?" Mukuro asked worriedly. Tsuna looked at him and said, "School is about to start!"

Tsuna was in a panic. Being late means being bitten to death and being bitten to death means seeing Hibari, And I'm sure I'm not yet ready to see him again. Mukuro heaved another deep sigh before carrying Tsuna in his arms. "Well we better hurry then?" he asked teasingly with a mocking smirk.

"Hiee! It's okay, I can walk on my own." Tsuna protested, squirming from Mukuro's grasp. "True. But this place is a kilometer away from your school."

Tsuna's eyes widened. "What?" he shrieked again.

"Hold on tight!" Mukuro said as he carried him towards the door. Tsuna tightened his hold on Mukuro's neck and Mukuro tightened his hold on the brunette, afraid that he might fall and injure his self again. A kilometer? You've got to be kidding me! How fast were we going?! Tsuna wailed in his mind. "Fast enough to reach your school in time." Mukuro answered his questions, not turning his gaze away from the road. Tsuna pouted again and looked at Mukuro. He chuckled his famous chuckle and said, "I know. It's rude to read other peoples' minds. But how could I not when you're so adorable when you're nervous?"

Tsuna blushed furiously and hid his face in Mukuro's chest. Mukuro ran all the way to Namimori until they were just a few meters away. When Tsuna notice this he said, "Mukuro you could bring me down now. The school's near and I think Hibari-san won't like it when he sees us together."

"Why?" he asked cocking an eyebrow. "W-Well, em, I-I think that-" Tsuna stuttered then that got him thinking. Why? Why would Hibari-san care? Perhaps because he just hates Mukuro? But even him was not sure of that. When he couldn't find an answer, Mukuro puts him down. Then he turned around was about to leave when Tsuna said, "Wait I-"

Then Tsuna tripped and was about to say hello to he hard road if it wasn't for Mukuro catching him. They both landed on the floor with a loud 'thud'. Tsuna got up and said, "S-Sorry. I-I didn't mean to."

He bowed a thousand times before Mukuro stopped him and said, "It's okay."

Tsuna smiled gratefully until Mukuro smirked and said, "You know you act like your idiotic self-proclaimed right-hand man when you do that."

"E-E?" Tsuna looked at him confusingly. Mukuro merely shrugged and ruffled the boys hair before grabbing his hand. Surprised by the sudden movement, Tsuna 'eep'ed, face beet red, and asked nervously, "A-Anou, w-what a-are y-you doing?"

Mukuro tilted his head to the side and said, "What does it look like? I'm holding your hand."

"I-I get that. W-What I mean is, w-why are you holding m-my hand?"

"Oh that! I'll walk you to school" Mukuro said cheerfully. "Eh? Why would you do that?" Tsuna asked, a little suspicious. "Can't I?" Mukuro asked cutely, though Tsuna could feel shivers down his spine. Finally he gave up and said, "Sure but please don't engage a fight with Hi-Hibari-san."

"You should tell that to him, not me."

"Sigh. I guess you're right but, why do you have to hold my hand?"

"Because if I don't you'll fall again. Honestly, to think that you are much stronger than me and me helping you, a mafia boss to be specific. I must be losing my mind." Mukuro said as they started walking. Tsuna flinched at the sudden comment. He could still remember the reason why Mukuro had hated the mafia all through his life, and now here he is, a guardian of a pathetic mafia boss. "Does helping me disgrace your ego?" Tsuna asked, his bangs hiding his eyes. Mukuro looked at him for a while before saying, "No. In fact, I'm actually enjoying it. Though I don't know why."

Tsuna smiled and blushed at this. At least he doesn't hate me, he thought happily. Mukuro smiled back at him and then they're off to Namimori Middle.

- - - Flash Back Ends - - -

Argh! I can't see why Hibari-san would suddenly attack us like that. One minute I'm chatting with Mukuro, the next thing I knew, tonfas and trident are clashing with each other! Tsuna panicked in his mind. And what does Mukuro mean when he said Hibari-san was jealous? He couldn't be jealous of me and Mukuro, could he? After all he did reject me last night. His trance was interrupted when he sensed a flying tonfa came to his way. He was about to dodge it but his injured leg prevents me him to do so. Instead, he closed his eyes and prepared himself from the sudden impact.

But the pain never came as he heard a small hiss. He opened his left eye and was shocked to see Mukuro in front of him. Mukuro groaned a little and said, "Are you alright?"

Tsuna could only nod in response. He's still in the midst of shock that Mukuro had protected him. Then he suddenly burst into tears. Mukuro looked pained and shock when he saw the brunette crying. He wanted to comfort him but the pain on his back made him weak and fall onto the said boy. Tsuna caught him this time and said, "Will you stop worrying about me for a second?!"

Mukuro was shocked at the sudden anger. He was about to reply when Tsuna interrupted him. "Will everyone stop protecting me?! I can take care of myself very well, thank you very much. Am I okay? What kind of question was that when you're the one injured?"

Tsuna is now crying and Mukuro felt guilty, while a certain skylark felt jealous of all the attention being given to the pineapple and felt irritated of being ignored. "Are you okay Mukuro?" Tsuna asked worriedly, this time a lot more calmer. Mukuro smiled before saying, "Yeah I'm oka- urgh,"

Tsuna panicked when he saw Mukuro's pained face. "Come on, I'll take you to the hospital." Tsuna said confidently and helped Mukuro up despite his injured leg. "No you won't." Hibari said suddenly. He was so quiet that for a moment, Tsuna had forgotten that he was there with them. "Eh? Why's that?"

"You're skipping school without a valid reason. That's against the school rules." Hibari stated plainly. Tsuna could feel his vein popped. Rules? There's an injured person here and he all he cared about is rules? Tsuna thought angrily. He was about to protest when Hibari cut him off. "The school's Disciplinary Committee will take care of him."

Tsuna looked at him, shocked at the sudden order and a little guilty for being angry. He smiled and thought to himself, Hibari-san is a kind person in his own way. He used violence so people would fear and obey him, only so he could protect them. He sure is an aloof cloud huh?

"Is something funny herbivore?" Hibari hissed. Tsuna gulped and shook his head violently. Hibari scoffed and ordered his men to take the pineapple herbivore to Namimori Hospital. Kusakabe and his men took Mukuro from Tsuna, who fainted probably because of fatigue and pain. Before they could leave Tsuna said, "U-Um anou, may I come with you?"

"I already told you that-"

"That it's against the rules to leave the school without a valid reason, I know."

"Then why do you insist of leaving?" he asked, a look of hurt in his eyes.

"Because it's my fault that he's hurt! Besides, I could use that opportunity to have the doctor check my leg." he said, turning his gaze to his right leg. Hibari thought for a minute and said, "Then you may go."

Tsuna brightened up at this and said, "Thank you Hibari-san!"

"Don't shout." Hibari replied as Tsuna covered his mouth. He spun his heel and went inside the Namimori building. Tsuna can only watched him as he disappeared from the brunette's sight. "Sawada-san?" Kusakabe called. Tsuna looked at his direction. It seems that they managed to put Mukuro in a stretcher and is now waiting for him. Tsuna nodded and followed them suit, wondering what made Hibari that mad. Was is my imagination or I saw Hibari-san's pained eyes?

He was about to enter the ambulance that he hadn't notice until he was called by Kusakabe, when a familiar soft voice called, "Mukuro-sama?"

Tsuna turned around to see Chrome in her Namimori uniform holding her school bag and trident close to her chest, a look of worry in her eyes. "C-Chrome."

"Boss." she bowed a little and said, "Is Mukuro-sama alright?"

"I-I think he is but we'll take him to the hospital just to make sure."

"Um, anou, m-may I come?"

Tsuna looked at Kusakabe with pleading eyes. Kusakabe thought for a moment, Since he already let Sawada-san come with us, another one wouldn't be too much trouble, I hope. He cleared his throat and said, "I understand."

The two brightened up us they went inside the ambulance.

Hibari is having a bad day and the worst mood ever. First, he couldn't sleep at all last night because he kept remembering that brunette's face. He didn't mean to say those words. In fact he was delighted that the brunette loved him. Because at that same instant, he also realized his love for the boy and as much as he doesn't want to, his pride always gets in the way. He wanted the brunette so badly but he can't. The truth is - and believe it or not- Hibari is afraid. He's afraid that he'll love the brunette so much that he might hurt him. Hibari is a selfish man. What's his is his and nothing could ever change that.

This was proven true this morning when he saw the pineapple head together with his- um, the herbivore. He knew he shouldn't have lose his temper like that, but emotion took control of his actions and before he knew it, tonfas and trident were clashing. He frowned as he remembered the scene where he almost hit his dearly beloved. He hates to say this but, he was thankful the pineapple herbivore had saved him. It took all his strength to suppress his relieved sigh when he saw his herbivore safe. He was starting to calm down but it was drove away by jealousy when the brunette decided to be with the pineapple. Why do you insist on going with that herbivore? he thought miserably to himself. Why do you insist on leaving my side?

He rubbed his aching temple as he went inside the Namimori building, aware of the herbivores curious stare. He ignored it and kept on walking until he was in front of his office. He flunked down in his seat and started working despite his paper works. He sighed as the image of the herbivore's face flashed his mind. He didn't know why, but he kept remembering his face. Each expression he made that never failed to amuse him to no end. "I've been sighing a lot lately." he stated loudly to no one in particular. He kept reminiscing about the a certain brunette that brought light to his life. The only person he dare protect besides the city of Namimori. How he was hurt when he saw his pained and confused look during the Shimoun battle, how he couldn't bare the sound of his pained voice during the battle with that Daemon bastard, and how he held his pride than help them or rather him, during the rainbow representative battle.

He realized he started developing feelings for the brunette after the battle with Byakuran. It's true that the brunette's herbivore friends are annoying him to hell's end, but he couldn't careless about them. As long as he could see him from afar and sometimes have a good satisfying fight, that's more than enough for him. But when he understood his feelings and learned that the brunette felt the same way too, he couldn't help but want for more. Damn pride, I should bite it to death, he hissed in his mind. His trance of thoughts were disrupted when a certain sun arcobaleno came through his window and landed gracefully on his desk. "Ciassu." Reborn greeted.

"Akambo" Hibari greeted back. Reborn smirked at Hibari's current state and said, "You seem at lost. Is something bothering you?"

"I believe that is none of your concern." Hibari snapped. Reborn's smirk grew wider and said, "Oh? Could it be that it has something to do with my dame student?"

Hibari's eyes widened at the mention of the herbivore and turned it back to normal, but it didn't go unnoticed by the sun arcobaleno. Reborn's eyes glint with excitment and said, "Thought so. But I didn't come here for that."

Hibari looked at him and said, "Then state your reason for coming here."

Reborn's aura became serious before tipping his fedora to hide his eyes and said, "I want you to watch over Tsuna."

"And why would I bother myself with a useless herbivore?"

"Because you care for him more than anyone else." Reborn deadpanned. Hibari shifted from his seat and stood up, his knuckles clenched and embedded on his desk. "I don't ca-"

"Stop lying to yourself Hibari. You know you love my student but you won't admit it to yourself."

Hibari growled and snarled, "I do not love him."

"Time will always repeat itself but-" he paused then continued, "But that will always depend on you. Whether you will let it or you will fight it."

Hibari's eyes widened at the statement, this time not bothering to hide them. He looked down on his feet as he remembered his childhood.

- - - Flash Back - - -

A boy about the age of seven has short raven hair and steely blue eyes, headed towards his house. Their house couldn't be called a house since it's a mansion. It look exactly like the one his having in the Vongole base, 20 years on the future. He slid off his shoes and went over to the kitchen to see his mom cooking. He went over to his mom and hugged her. Her mother is Hibari Kazumi and she has long black hair and warm blue eyes. She stopped her actions, smiled sweetly at her son and said, "What's the matter Kyou-kun?"

"Some kids from my class got beaten up because they didn't want to hand their lunches to the bullies." he replied with no emotion in his face, but his mom knew better. It's not like him to care about others' business, especially about herbivores as her son would love to call them. She hugged her son and said, "And?"

Kyouya hid his face in his mom's tummy and said, "Then their fathers came and save them from the bullies."

Kazumi went silent after this. With that single sentence she knew exactly what her son's problem. Kyouya is yearning for his father. A father that he had look up to but alas, faith has its cruel ways. Not long after Kyouya's fifth birthday, his dad died because he was targeted by the mafia. The Hibari family is known throughout the mafia world because of their riches, pride, and being the direct descendants of the first-generation cloud guardian, Alaude.


Hibari Masanori, is a man of peace and justice. You couldn't escape him once he has you in his grasp. He'll show you no mercy once you committed crime and disturb the peace. He is a resident of Namimori, husband of Kazumi and father of Kyouya. He has messy dark brown locks, pale skin, thin lips, steely blue eyes, and average height and body measures. Basically he's the dark brown haired version of a Ten Year Old Hibari Kyouya. But unlike his son, he uses a double edged sword that can eb separated and he shows emotion to those people around him. He might be sometimes rash but he never does things without reasons. Just like his name Masanori, it means great peace and justice. It's because of that, that people respects him beyond compare. In return, he kept Namimori safe and free from his troubles in the underworld.

He met Kazumi after he saved her from some robbers that belonged to a weak yet aggressive family. When they looked at each other. there was some spark that could be seen in there eyes. Most people would definitely tell that it's love right? Well in this case, no. They had a constant bickering about who's saving who and who doesn't need to be saved. Nevertheless, they made up, they fell in love and they decided to get married and have a family of their own.

After marrying Kazumi, he cut all his ties in the mafia and decided to retire and settle down to have a normal family. He had seen the real world behind its mask. He wouldn't let his family see this kind of world even if it meant his own life.

After 2 years of having a married life, Kazumi finally bore him a child. He was the happiest man alive when Kyouya was born. He has his mother's raven hair and his steely blue eyes. He smiled sweetly as he carried his son towards his wife, not caring about whether or not to ignore the ominous presence. He sat beside her and laid the bundle on her. He said, "What would you like to call him?"

Kazumi thought for a moment before saying, "Kyouya."

"Kyouya? As in 'skylark'?" he asked bewildered. "Why not?"

"Why so?"

She smiled and softly patted the boy's head before saying, "Because I want him to roam freely, without anyone controlling him. I want him to grow up with the strength of protecting himself."

Masanori smiled sadly before saying, "Kyouya. What a wonderful name."

Then he turned towards his wife and said, "Kazumi I-"

"Don't get me started."

"But I-"

"No." she stated firmly. Masanori could only sigh, he knew that his wife is sick. He looked down on his feet sadly while she smiled sweetly at him. "Don't be sad my love. I'm still here, aren't I?"

He nodded still not looking at her eyes. "You can't get rid of me that easily, you know."

"I'm not trying to get rid of you. Goodness what makes you think that?"

"Well the way you are staring at your feet, it seems that you're more interested them than in me." she said teasingly. He gave her an are-you-kidding-me look and said, "You are one interesting woman."

She smirked and said, "I wouldn't be Hibari Kazumi if I wasn't now, would I?"

He gave low chuckle and looked at her directly in the eyes. He sighed before saying, "I'm just worried. How will I explain everything to Kyouya once you're gone?"

"He'll understand."

"How do you know?"

"Because, he's the spawn of me and you."

Now it was Masanori's turn to smirk. He kissed his wife's forehead and whispered, "He'll be one hell of a kid."

They both laugh wholeheartedly until the doctor came to check his wife's condition. She smiled warmly at them said, "It seems that your wife's condition is in no danger as of yet. Which is amazing for someone who has serious heart disease. I also checked your son's condition and I'm sure he didn't get your sickness. He's one strong baby."

They both let out a sigh of relief. The doctor bid them good bye and left the room. They both looked at each other and decided to sleep, since it's already late.

For four years, Masanori watched his son grow from a cute little child to a strong yet still cute child. He likes to read and preferred to be alone than to play with other kids. He couldn't blame his son though no matter how worried his wife is, because he himself is like that when he was Hibari's age. Kyouya may not look it, but he's a spoiled kid. His parents will give him anything he wanted and go anywhere he wanted to go while he gave them outstanding grades in return.

One day, young Kyouya saw his dad holding a weapon that's hidden inside their attic. He approached him and said, "Dad what's that?"

Masanori didn't look up but he answered, "It's a double edged sword, son. This could be separated when needed and I used it when I work before. I-"

Then he covered his mouth realizing what he had just said to his son. He looked at him and said, "I-uh, um."

Kyouya couldn't comprehend the thought that his father is stuttering his words out., because his father, never stutter. He looked at him and said, "Yes?"

Masanori didn't find any harm in telling his about his past life. He knew Kazumi would've agreed with him. After all, she hates lying to her son. He sighed and began telling his son the stories of his past life. Kyouya's eyes widened in excitement as he listened to every word. After his father was finish, he looked at him expectantly and said, "Will you teach me how to wield a weapon?"

"What? No! Kyouya weren't you listening? My previous life was dangerous."

Kyouya turned serious and said, "I was dad. I never said about joining the underworld. I wish to wield a weapon of my own to protect those who are important to me. You wouldn't live forever dad. Once your gone, I promise to take good care of everyone."

Masanori looked stunned at his son's answer. He was not, expecting those words to come out from the mouth of his four-year-old son. He is one hell of a kid, he thought before smiling warmly at his son. Then he said, "If that's your reason then I'll teach you. But refrain of thinking of my death in the future."

Kyouya brightened up at this and smiled at his father before hugging him. Masanori laughed as he patted his son's head and said, "You are free to choose which weapon you will use."

The boy thought for a moment before pointing at the picture of silver tonfa on the wall. Masanori looked questioningly and said, "You sure?"

Kyouya nodded that earned a nod of approval from his father. "Then I'll get you one by tonight. Be ready at 6 a.m. sharp and we'll start training."

With that, the father and son left the attic, without noticing their home's light watching them from the side. She smiled sweetly and said to herself, "You may have my looks but you have your father's determination and personality. What a troublesome yet loving combination, she thought.

That night, his father had given a pair of metal tonfas that's right to his size. Before giving it to him he said, "When you're older, I'll give you a better one but for now, use these."

Kyouya just nodded and smiled gratefully at his father.


After six months of training, Kyouya finally mastered the perfect way of wielding a tonfa. No one dared crossed his path during school nor did anyone dared to fight back whenever he's having one of his moods. He had grown so attached to his weapon that its as if it's a part of his body. He wield them like his apart of it and it complies like it understood him. His father was so proud whenever they are having their training.

One day, Kyouya was surprised to see his father holding his own weapon. He stared at him while his father chuckled and said, "You didn't expect to always go easy on you, did you now?"

Kyouya smirked at this and lunged at his father with his new found confidence. Finally his father had acknowledged him as a worthy opponent. They fought for another hour and a half before he heard his mom called, "Boys 10 minutes before breakfast!"

They both stopped, both bathing in their sweat, and both panting, gasping for air. They looked at each other and headed for the showers before going to the dining room to eat breakfast. As they sat on their seats, they gave said their grace before digging in. They were having a peaceful dinner until Kazumi started coughing. She kept on coughing for a while more until his son noticed the blood stains on his mother's hand. She saw him staring and waved it off, as if telling 'nothing to worry about'. Masanori saw this and said, "You better go have a check up."

She finished her coughing and washed her face before saying, "There's no need for that. I'm perfectly fine-"

"No you're not and you know that." he said with a pained expression on his face. They both looked at each other, both staring for different reasons. Kazumi is staring to tell his that there's no need to go that far while Masanori is staring to show that he's worried even though he's aware of his wife's condition. Unbeknownst to them, Kyouya is staring at his parents, completely oblivious of the atmosphere. He promised that he has to know what's wrong with his parents later, with or without their consent. He was snapped away from his trance when both his parents sighed.

Then they smiled at him and Kazumi said, "Kyou-kun are done eating your breakfast?"

He nodded. She smiled at him and said, "Would you like to go anywhere else?"

He shook his head. "Eh? Why's that?"

"You look tired."

"But I'm no-"

"Besides, I don't have anywhere in particular I want to go to. Being home is fine." he said before smiling warmly at her. A smile that only his parents could see. They both looked at him and nodded their heads. He excused himself and went to his room.


Once Kyouya was out of hearing range, Masanori faced his wife and said, "How long?"

She looked at him, processing the meaning behind that simple sentence. Then she said, "I still got 10 more years of my life if my condition won't worsen. 15 if I got lucky."

He looked at her with pain and worry, the same look he gave her earlier. "That's too short." he finally said. Kazumi chuckled and said, "Life's short and time's fast."

"It's not that fast." he argued. She arched an eyebrow and said, "Ho? Then, you do realized that it had been 6 years since you left the mafia?"

He looked shock and that's all the answer she needs. "See?"

"6 years huh? Felt like it was only yesterday." he said. Kazumi giggled and said, "6 years since you cut all ties with them yet you still helped them from time to time."

She paused and let out a breath before saying, "I'm proud of you."

"I'm not." he said smiling sadly. She looked at him and said, "And why's that?"

"I promised myself that I would never go back there unless in concerns my own family. By simply helping them, I'm already endangering you guys."

"What else is new? You were never good at completing your promises."

"This is no joke, Kazumi."

"I know but-" she paused again before saying, "I also know that you grew up in the mafia your entire life. You couldn't just turn your back to your old family, could you now?"

He looked guiltily at her. How his wife can read him like an open book continues to surprise him. He looked down on the floor and sighed. "Time indeed is fast." he finally agreed. She smiled triumphantly and was about to retort when Masanori beat her to it. "But that doesn't mean that it's meaningless. It's true that I had lived in the dark half of my life but that changed when I fell in love with you."

She blushed at her husband's words and said, "Me? What could I have possibly done?"

"Everything." he answered. "You who brought light and harmony to me. You have the beauty beyond any angel I had ever seen."

"You flatter me too much. Have you ever seen an angel?"

"You could say that. After all, I am pretty popular with the ladies."

Kazumi snorted and said, "Now your head is getting bigger."

Then he smiled warmly and said, "I always thought that it was me who had saved you from the robbers 6 years ago."

She giggled before saying, "You did silly."

He smiled and shook his head. "It was you who saved me from myself and the underworld. The lady who has the name Kazumi which means beautiful harmony."

She smiled back at her husband and kissed him gently before hugging him. "Guess we both saved each other huh?"

They just laughed softly and let the wind caress their skins and flutter the curtains.


Time passed and Kazumi's condition worsen. But thanks to a certain perverted doctor, she was saved. She no longer suffers from coughs and heartaches. You can't explain the happiness they felt once Dr. Shamal proclaimed that she is sickness free. Tears went running down their cheeks. Even Kyouya cried because of happiness. He had found out about his mom's condition right after that meal. He's the one who contacted the perverted doctor, against his will of course. But he made sure that the damn doctor wouldn't do anything to his mother before telling them.

You should've seen the look on their face when Shamal came to their house one day, proclaiming that a certain brat had called him about his mother's condition. They had their eyes wide while their mouths are gaping like fish out of water. Then Kyouya explained everything in one simple sentence.

"I found out about mom's condition and asked (more like threatened, but hey didn't have to know that) the perverted doctor to cure her."

They both stared at him like he was a new found specie. Kyouya was getting nervous but of course he didn't show them that. Then they both smiled and said, "Thank you, Kyou."

He smiled softly at them before his dad said, "How did you convince him? We've been asking him to cure your mother ages ago without trying touch her of course."

Kyouya smirked and said, "Let's just say I'm pretty persuasive."

Then he looked at Shamal and said, "Isn't that right? Trident Shamal?"

Shamal just shuddered and said, "Yeah, yeah, yeah. I won't do anything as promised in return you will ensure that your son, wouldn't try to kill me."

Kyouya's parents both smirked and said, "Oh I don't know about that. After all-" they looked at Kyouya then said, "-he is a little skylark that roams free without anyone binding him."

Shamal just sighed and said top himself, "My, what a family of sadists."

Masanori quirked an eyebrow and said, "What was that?"

"Nothing, nothing. Let's get down to business."

And that's how they managed to convince the young pervert and genius to cure there beloved light.


Today is Kyouya's fifth birthday and was rather special, as his mom would like to call it. Why? Because she said, "Because your birthday is the fifth day of the fifth month of the year. We should have an extravagant celebration now that your five."

"You don't have to do that. A simple meal is enough." he replied. His mother pouted and said, "Come on Kyou-kun, just this once."

Kyouya sighed and said, "10 years from now you're going to say the exact same thing to me."

Kazumi smirked and nodded her head. Kyouya sighed once again and nodded his head, earning a deafening squeal and a bone-crushing hug. He winced but he didn't complain. It's better than seeing he mother suffer. Then he saw his father watching them from afar and smiled gently at them. He returned the smile and watched his father go outside. Big mistake.

His mom released him from the death hug and said, "Come on. Let's follow your dad. He's probably waiting outside the car."

He nodded and followed her mother outside. He saw his father leaning on their car, eyes closed and lips curbed into a small smile. When he heard his family come out, he looked at them and waved. He was about to call them when he saw a passing car with a man leaning by the window pointing a gun at his son. He panicked as he saw the man pulled the trigger. He ran as fast as he could and shielded son using his sword. He pulled out his gun and began shooting at the running vehicle. He managed to hit the tires and the car started running wild before slamming hard on a post. He turned around to go back to his family but he failed to notice the man holding the gun shot at him. He fell hard on the floor as his back spluttered blood.

Kazumi and Kyouya, still regaining from their shock, heard the gunshot. They ran towards Masanori's direction and found him lying on the ground. Kazumi began crying crouched beside him and held him in his arms. "Masanori" she called. He didn't respond but he looked at her with pain his eyes. "Masanori! Masanori!"

He coughed and put his blooded hand on Kazumi's cheek. "I-I'm.. s-sorry... I.. put .. you... in... danger." he said, in between breaths and coughs.

"Shush. Don't talk okay? We're going to the hospital and, and we-we'll ask Shamal to-" she said while crying.

"D-Don't bother... I.. wouldn't last... longer..."

"Don't say that, come on. You promised that you would protect us right?" she said, a little forceful this time. "Why are you giving up?"

"You know.. I-I wouldn't... give .. up... if I could... still... help it..." he said, smiling sadly. The he turned slowly to Kyouya who's also crouched down beside his mom. "K-Kyou.." Masanori called. Kyouya leaned forward, eyes teary, and said, "Yes?"

"L-Looks like... you've got.. to take over... my... position... sooner than.. we anticipated..."

Kyouya is now crying. He hugged his dad and said, "I- I understand."

Masanori smiled sadly and ruffled his son's head. "Promis to .. protect your.. mom ... and this.. place?"

Kyouya nodded and said, "I.. promise.."

Kazumi, still sobbing, said, "You're really bad at completing your promises."

He smiled at her and said, "S-Sorry."

He took a deep breath and said, "I love you both. Re-Remember that..."

They both nodded and with that, Hibari Masanori gave his last breath and closed his tired eyes.


Hibari Kyouya wasn't the same after that. He became more distant and barely goes out of his room. Whenever his birthday would come, he would lock himself up and ignore his mother's inquiries. He blamed himself after that incident. He kept insisting that he wasn't strong enough to protect his dad. Everyday he would practice like there's no tomorrow and everyday he becomes more and more stronger.

Kazumi could only watch her son form afar. She whispered to herself, "You left to soon, Masanori. Our son still needs you."

She sighed and went downstairs to eat dinner. Then she remembered to get something from the trunk of their car. She went outside and was opened it. She was surprised to see a black leather box with a silver ribbon on top. At the bottom of the box was written 'To Kyou' in a handwriting she knew very well. She held the box to her chest and approached her son in their backyard.

She saw him resting on their largest Sakura tree. The place where they always rest whenever they will grow tired. She clutched the box tighter and wiped away the foreboding tears. She went over him and crouched down beside him. She patter his head and he immediately looked at her. She smiled and said, "Here. Your father left it in our car. I believe it's yours."

He looked at before accepting it. His eyes widened at the sight before him. It was a pair of silver tonfas, that has a secret compartment that held chains, and button that access spikes. Beside the weapon there was a small envelope. He picked it up and read its contents.

Dear Kyou,

I bought his pair of weapons for your fifth birthday.

I know it's a too early and these are too big for you,

but one day, I want you to use them as you fight for

your love ones. You and your mother are the most precious

to me. But this city had given me peace that I had longed for.

That's why I cherished this place. I'm a little sad that people

starts to destroy this place. You'll keep this city's peace right?

After all, you are my son. But I won't force you if you don't want to.

I'm proud of you, my little Kyouya. Always have and always will

Love, Your Father.

Kyouya gripped the paper tighter as he cried. His mother, crying as she read the letter, held her son into her arms. He sniffed and pulled away. He looked at the sky and for the first time in months, he smiled and said, "I won't fail you dad."

He picked up the box and looked at her mother. "So mom, breakfast?"

His mom smiled widely and said, "You bet."

And they went inside to have a peaceful breakfast, for the first time in months.

After that, Kyouya started reading about herbivores, omnivores, and carnivores. He decided, since he's the strongest person in Namimori, to be a carnivore and used his catchphrase 'I'll bite you to death' to those you dare tries to defy him and disrupt the peace. That's how he started calling weaklings herbivores, people who can withstand him omnivores, and those who are stronger than him carnivores, much to his mother's amusment.


Kazumi shook her tears away and looked at her son. "Ne Kyou-kun," she called. Kyouya looked at her and she said, "Do you remember what dad told you in that letter?"

He nodded before answering, "He ask me to protect this city and its peace."

"Right. Shouldn't you be protecting the other kids? So that the bullies would be afraid to do it again?"

Kyouya thought about this and said, "I guess so."

"Then what are you waiting for? Go get those bullies now so they won't disrupt the peace any longer."

He brightened up at these and smiled softly to his mom. He nodded and went outside to find those damn herbivores. Kazumi watched him in amusement and sorrow then said to herself, "My little skylark is growing up."

Then she went outside and looked at the sky before saying, "Don't you think so, Masanori?"

The wind blew her hair as if agreeing with her and she went inside to start her cooking.

- - - Flash Back Ends - - -

Hibari closed his eyes as his past memories flooded his mind. His trance was stopped when Reborn suddenly said, "Do not be afraid to love again. Your far more stronger than you know and it will be doubled once you have someone you really wanted to protect."

Hibari opened his eyes and smirked, "That goes without saying."

Now it's Reborn turn to smirk. He bowed his head and said, "So what are you gonna do?"

Hibari got up and put on his jacket before looking at the sun arcobaleno. The he said, "I'm going to get back what's mine."

Reborn's smirk grew wider and said, "As expected of the aloof and possessive cloud."

Hibari reached out for his phone and dialed Kusakabe's number. After the first ring Kusakabe picked up and said, "Kyou san! Is there a problem?"

"None. I want you to take over for a while. I want to be the one to guard the damn pineapple herbivore."

Kusakabe tensed at what could happen in the hospital and said, "As you wish and Kyou-san -"

"Yes?" Hibari asked impatiently. "Dokuro Chrome is also here."

Hibari sighed and said, "Who gave her permission to ditch school?"

"W-Well, Sawada-san could be really convincing and, and-"

"Enough. Get back here now." he said. Oh the things that that herbivore could do. "Yes Kyou-san!" he said immediately cutting the line to head back. Hibari put his phone back to his pocket. faced Reborn and said, "Leave."

"No need to be bossy. I'm already on my way."

With that, they both made their way to the brunette's location with two different reasons.

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