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A large grin was plastered upon Naruto's face as he watched his scantily-clad teacher hold the last piece of her ensemble; a Namikaze Slave Collar that, upon being worn by the crimson eyed beauty before him, would bind her to the head of the Namikaze-Uzumaki clans, more specifically, himself.

"Go on, Sensei," The blond encouraged her eagerly. "This is the very last piece. I'm sure you'd prefer to have it on before they come, rather than have them witness you putting on my collar, right?" She still hesitated slightly, so he pressed just a little more, hopefully not screwing all his hard work up.

"Don't worry, I know you'll look amazing wearing it, a powerful and skilled Kunoichi who can only be bound by the collar of her love." Her eyes had lit up slightly, a her blush still going strong. So close, so very close, one last bit to push her over the edge, cementing her decision and resolve. "I doubt my dad would have been able to resist had he seen you in it, he probably would have taken you right then and there, regardless of the consequences those actions could have brought."

Her old infatuation still lived, apparently, as she couldn't get in on fast enough, her fingers fumbling over themselves in an effort to place the collar around her neck. Smirking at how well it was all going, Naruto walked over, pulled her onto her knees, and put it on the furiously blushing Jonin.

"There you go, all done." He gave her a brilliant smile. "You look great, how do you feel?"

"Like a dirty slut." Came her mumbled response, causing his grin to widen.

"Oh?" Asked the pervert. "Is that a bad thing?" Her ear was brushed by his lips as he leaned down to whisper the next part. "Do you like feeling that way?"

A tremor was sent down her spine, bringing with it shivers of delight. Whether it was from the hot breath in her ear and on her neck or the words that had been spoken by his lips even she didn't know. What she did know, however, was that it occurred once more when he spoke again.

"I bet you do, don't you? You love feeling like a dirty slut, one ready to serve her master whenever he asks, regardless of the place, time, or situation. You enjoy the feeling of being helpless and weak, of someone else taking control. You live for the idea of someone doing things not with you, but to you. That is, after all, why you dedicated yourself to my father, no?"

Not trusting her voice, Kurenai shamefully nodded, hanging her head in embarrassment. While her head was down, her eyes refusing to meet his gaze, he allowed his own to wander her delicious form.

Pale, supple, skin covered the lean muscles of her toned body, causing the red of her undergarments and the black of both her tights and gloves to stand out in sharp contrast. Her breasts, almost completely exposed to the world, were firm and full, hardened pink nipples straining and poking against the red fabric of her top, demanding to be released from their accursed confines.

Her raven locks hung down, covering her face, seductive crimson eyes, luscious red lips, and purple eye shadow lost behind a wall of obsidian, from which poked out two adorable cat ears. Her kneeling position and the ashamed expression he knew she wore gave her an appearance of submission only increased by the collar proudly hugging her neck. The feeling of having such a proud and powerful Kunoichi kneeling before you in what appeared to be submission was unexplainable, but Kami did Naruto love it.

"Come on, Sensei, it's nothing to be ashamed of, lets go sit down, okay?" He gently grasped her hands and began leading her over to a tree, despite the fact that she really didn't want to move at all. It was as if something within her was urging her to listen to the blond teen, regardless of what she wanted, almost like her instincts were telling her that he knew what she wanted better than she did, compelling her to head his word.

Well, if I sit next to him he's more likely to stare at my breasts than between my legs. She tried to justify her willingness to listen to the boy, a boy who mere minutes before had not only seen her completely naked, but had inserted two dildos into her, whom she let insert two dildos into her. What would her friends think?

Actually, she only had one real friend, Mitarashi Anko, and quite frankly, the snake mistress would probably approve of this. She had been trying to get her laid for the past few years, after all, and this was the closest she'd gotten to that yet.

What would her parents think of her actions? Being an orphan, Kurenai didn't actually know her parents, but that didn't mean she didn't have parental figures in her life. Well, a mother figure, she had kind of wanted to bed, even at thirteen, that woman's husband, the one who probably could have been a father figure.

Yes, Uzumaki Kushina was her mother figure, what would she think about this?

'Good girl, Kurenai-Chan, make my Sochi a man and give me lots of grandbabies!' Erm, maybe that wasn't the best person to imagine disappointed in her. Blushing a far deeper scarlet than she had in this past morning, she tried to get Kushina's voice (which would repeat the same basic message of 'Sleep with my son' in various ways) out of her head.

Suffice to say, she didn't succeed, Uzumaki were way too damn stubborn, even in death.

The fact that it was a temperamental redhead Uzumaki woman only increased that infamous stubbornness.

Having reached the tree where Naruto had already managed to sit down against, she turned and made to sit down beside him in the grass.

Of course, the second her exposed rear touched the chilly and damp carpet of green she remembered exactly what it was she happened to be wearing.


It wasn't so much the cold as it was the rubber up her ass being shoved even further into her.

'She screams like a girl.' Thought Naruto with a smirk and small chuckle. 'Cute.'

Reaching out to his teacher, who was currently laying on her side, shivering from the cold but too focused on the rubber dildo that had been rather roughly shoved further up her ass to notice such, he grabbed her arm and pulled the woman into his lap.

"There you go, Kurenai-Sensei!" He cheerfully announced. "Now that you're on my lap you wont be cold anymore. Her cheeks red, she replied, eyes glued to the ground in front of them.

"Y-yeah, thank you, Naruto." He cleared his throat and she realized what she had forgotten.

"Ah! I mean, N-naruto-Sama." He gave her a dazzling smile that she was barely able to see from the corner of her eyes, electing a larger blush from the black-haired beauty.

"Good girl, Kurenai-Chan." Praised the blond. Thoroughly embarrassed far more than she had ever excepted to be in her life after under half an hour alone with the Namikaze heir, she turned and buried her face into the crook of his neck in an attempt to hide herself from the world-

And help her ignore the hands caressing her thighs and rear.

Though, for reasons that escaped her grasp, she continued to allow it without resistance or protest. In all honestly, she felt it was kid of nice, too.

"SENSEI?!" The disbelieving shout, no doubt about the scandalous position she was in with her students and how little she was wearing, awoke Kurenai from her short nap on her Genin's chest. Idly, she noticed that Naruto's hands had not ceased in their exploration of her upper legs and lower back, a quick glance allowing her to see his smirking visage, his cerulean orbs looking into her own crimson eyes with unveiled amusement.

Cheeks matching her eyes quite nicely, she turned to face her shocked Kunoichi, Ino seemingly more so than Hinata, who merely seemed surprised, either at them being in this position, being in this location like this, or at having actually seen them Kurenai didn't know. Either way, Hinata didn't seem bothered at least. In fact, the young Hyuga almost seemed…excited? She tried not to think to deeply about that.

Ino had regrasped her understanding of language and the ability to use it, pointing an accusing finger towards her Sensei and shouting;


Anger smashing through her embarrassment, Kurenai shouted right back in indignation. "I am not!" She cried. "This was the price for his silence about the…..erm…." Helpfully, Naruto supplied her with a word.


"Ah, yes, thank you. This was the price for his silence about the mishap that occurred the other day." She gave a huff, crossing her arms under her chest, which gave everyone there an even better view, the Kunoichi more than Naruto, much to his own disappointment, and was enough for poor, un-innocent Hinata to faint with a furiously bleeding nose. "It wasn't like I WANTED to be doing this."

She paused for a moment, as if she had just been enlightened. "And that reminds me" Continued the Jonin. "You are not to speak a single word about this, to anyone, ever, am I clear?"

A smart person would have answered in acceptance, recognizing not only an order from a superior, but the death-threat of an ashamed woman who would do anything in order to keep a secret buried within the darkest abyss in existence until the end of time.

The young Yamanaka heiress, while certainly not stupid, was a girl in her early teenage years who happened to have a…erm…'Strong Dislike'…of anything she felt to be perverse. Because of that, she didn't spend much (any) time recognizing such, replying immediately in a tone just as heated.

"Yeah! You're clearly a perverted Shotacon! And here I thought you were an ally against Naruto and his perversity! No wonder you didn't stop him from molesting Hinata-Chan, all you dirty perverts stick together!"

This instigated a fiery conversation between the two pervert-haters (Which was weird considering Kurenai loved his father, who was a rather large pervert, and, from what he had heard, saw his mother as her own, and his mother was an immense pervert. On that note, would she be his 'Nee-chan'? Oh, he was so going to be using that when the two of them were alone together.), and Naruto was more than happy to ignore the two Kunoichi shouting into each other's faces in favor of his favorite groping target, an unconscious (For real, this time) Hyuga Hinata.

With barely restrained glee, he sprinted towards the downed girl. It only took him a moment to decide what to do with her. Pulling a marker from Kami-knows-where, he started removing her clothing, in the presence of three oblivious Kunoichi.

Yeah, he had fucking Fullerene balls and the luck of gods. It was no wonder even Jiraiya paid his respects to the 'Divine Naruto Shrine' and wore a small charm around his neck depicting a swirl within a heart, said to help one in matters of love, sex, and in anything that may be considered perverse. Namikaze-Uzumaki Naruto was THE man, he truly had no equal.

Finished with his task, and having re-clothed the girl (Minus unnecessary things such as her panties [Orange, he was definitely going to reward her for that] and bra [Also orange, she was such a good girl.]) he called out to the two who were still fighting, probably only a minute or so away from trying to each other alive.

"Oh, leave her alone, Ino." He shouted, waking up Hinata, who, while knowing something was wrong about her clothes, was unsure about her missing garments. "You shouldn't get after her for something she didn't really have any control over, it just isn't right." The girl huffed, crossing her arms and turning away from the group.

"Whatever, today's physical training, isn't it? Let's get it over with."

"Yes, let's begin." Said Kurenai, nodding, her embarrassment fully gone (for now, at least). But still, even with it gone, she still felt a flush in her cheeks, a fluttering heat in her chest. Only one thought was currently going through her head at the moment;

He stood up for me, he defended me and my honor, he cares.

In her mind, Kurenai couldn't stop herself from merging the images of Naruto and his father, a son with the soul of the man she loved within him.

To her, they were now one in the same.