This is another BTR story I decided to write. It's James and Katie, it's an idea I had and decided to write. I hope you guys like enjoy.


Guilt tugged at his heart as he watched Katie, her brown her straight and dull, her complexion pale. It was his fault, his fault her eyes could barely stay open as her eyes skimmed over the thick book in her hands. She was too young for this, he was aware of that, but he had done it anyway.

She looked up hearing him enter the bedroom, closing her book she got onto her feet with difficulty, holding a hand over her large with pregnancy stomach. She gently smiles at him, making him relaxed quite a bit.

The bedroom door slammed and locked behind him, neither of them seemed to notice.

"How was your check up?" She asks him tiredly. He moves forward and takes hold of her arms and steers her towards the tiny bed, made and pressed neatly to the far wall.

"It went great," his sarcasm is thick. "My libido his high, I can go on and make more babies for these nasty fucks." He gently sat her down. She looks at him and frowns, unhappy with his tone and behavior.


"Don't alright, what I'm doing to you Katie, it isn't… it's awful."

She looks as if she wants to say something, but her eyes go to the clock on the wall over the bed. "They're going to take her outside to play." The girl got back on her feet and waddled around him. "I wonder how big she's gotten." She makes it to the window by the table.

"Well, since yesterday, not very much." He commented dryly. He watched her as she grinned happily out of the window. How she could be happy, he had no idea. Watching your child grow up behind a prison's window, and carrying her for nine months and only meeting her once as she's being snatched away.

That memory was fresh in his mind even after almost a year and a half.

"She's in a really pretty dress today. Come look!"

He only does because it would make her sad if he had refused. He easily peers over her head, down at the large backyard, with its perfect green grass, sand box, and swing set. He catches sight of the toddler wearing a pink frilly dress, waddle about, and her hair long and dark brown. The child below is their first born child, now a year old.

"They're treating her well." Katie observed her voice cracking. She leaned into him, sniffing quietly. "They're treating her well, right?"

Wrapping his arms around the girl who had just turned seventeen a few months ago, he nodded. "Yes, of course. They wouldn't go through all this trouble of… making us do this if they weren't going to take care of the children."

A year and over a half ago, they were taken. At the beginning they had no idea why, but then they were filled in to the horrible truth. They were to be the birth parents to children and then hand them over to a man and woman who were unable to have children. They wanted to pick what their children would look like, both man and woman had dark hair and dark eyes, so James and Katie had been perfect choices. They wanted their children to be in perfect health conditions, so they locked them up and monitored their every move. They hadn't even cared that the girl they chose was barely sixteen.

They had refused at first, of course. He was not going to sleep with a girl he considered a sister to him. She was barely sixteen. But then the beatings started, mostly to him harsh lashing that he would barely be able to stand up from. He would be thrown back into their bed room after, bleeding and in pain, and Katie would cry over him. Then she begged him just to do it, for he wouldn't be in pain anymore. He had refused.

The beatings got worse and Katie would nurse him, and soon all they had was each other in a lonely painful world. They had made love because they wanted to, and she had gotten pregnant. Her pregnancy had been rough on her, she was sick a lot, and sad. He tried to make her feel better. He felt beyond guilty for getting her pregnant the first time. Now she was pregnant again and their child would get taken again.


"He's going to be a big boy!" Laurie Casto gushed as she looked at the monitor and the image of the child.

Katie lightly squeezed his hand and he lightly squeezed it back. His eyes going from the monitor to Laurie Casto and her husband David Casto, standing on the other side of Katie. He hated them.

"Yup, everything seems to be going well." Their crooked doctor said. "Growth and everything is on point." He gave the Casto's a smile. "I say only a few more weeks."

James's eyes go to the guards in the tiny room, and the guns on their hips. Katie began to sit up once the crooked doctor handed her something to wipe her stomach off with. He helped her.

"This is exciting." Laurie cried happily. "Tell me if there is anything you want, food, clothes, blankets, a TV and I'll send it to your room." She moves closer to Katie. "I'm so happy for this new miracle."

All James can do is bit his lip, his hands shake with fury. Katie gives his hand a squeeze.

"I…" Katie quietly says. Her eyes go to James briefly. "Can I meet Melody?" She asked referring to their first child.

Laurie Casto pales and looks at her husband who is shaking his head. "Oh God no, that would only confuse her. Also, it wouldn't actually do you any good but make you sad. I think it would be better if you didn't."

His heart breaks when he hears Katie loudly sob.

"Hey," he looks at the couple. "Let her meet her once, you don't have to tell who she is!" He tells them with barely contained anger.

"Absolutely is not going to happen." Laurie gritted out angrily. James takes a step up glaring at the woman; he is instantly grasped by the three guards. His hold body shakes with anger as he tries to tug his limps out of their hands.

"Don't hurt him!" The girl with child cried. "I don't need to see her, James. She's right, it's a bad idea!" She was hyperventilating a little. He instantly stopped his struggling and was let go, he moved back to her side. He took her hand and squeezed it. His own sadness making him want to cry.