James held her hand tightly, a mask of worry over taking his pale features. This was taking longer than the first time; this labor was taking far too long – almost thirty-two hours now. He looked up at the team of nurses and doctors and back at the very pale girl lying on the table. He was surprised to find her watching him, her gaze focused intently on him. Sweat crusaded down her forehead, her flushed cheeks damp.

He attempted to smile at her, to reassure her that everything would be alright. It felt forced even to him.

"Heart rate has spiked dangerously high." A nurse reported.

He turned to look at the nurse, words bubbling on the tip of his tongue.

"The baby's heart rate has spiked?" The man in green scrubs asked – Dr. Thompson.

"No," the nurse confirmed.

"Then let's move on then, we can't lose this baby." Dr. Thompson said pulling his mask over his mouth.

James frowned; Of course all they care about is the baby. He moved closer to the girl in labor and pushed back a clump of light brown hair from her face. "You're going to be fine." He whispered, kissing the back of her hot hand. "I'm so sorry, Katie." He was sorry for getting her pregnant, again. Even if it wasn't a choice either of them really held, he felt very much responsible.

The girl shook her head and opened her mouth to say something, only for her eyes to skewer closed as another contraction ripped through her. A pain filled moan tore out of her lips.

"Alright, we need you to push, Katie."

The girl tensed her body for one final, harsh push, and the baby slid out into Dr. Thompson's steady hands.

"Good job," The man said.

The baby cried loudly, and James let out a breath of relief, his eyes counting the fingers and toes. He was healthy. A nurse wrapped the child in a blanket, and then handed the bundle over to Lurie. Anger bubbled inside him as the woman gushed and cooed at the child, his and Katie's child.

"Please," the girl beside him whisper made him look at her. Her eyes were closed tightly. "Is he alright?"

His heart ached. "He's fine," he assured.


James watched emotionally as the men put thick shutters over the window, and locked them. They then moved out of the bedroom locking up behind them. James shifted on their bed, glancing back at the quietly sleeping Katie. The girl was still resting from giving birth a few days ago. Usually should would have been fine by now but he was sure her slow recovery was more heartbreak than anything else.

They were closing them in, blocking their view to the outside and blocking anyone's view to see them, which meant one thing. They were having another one of their parties. It got him thinking.

When the maid came in around three, to bring their dinner he eagerly helped her with the tray. The young maid blushed, when he gave her a grin.

"Let me help you." He left her with only a pitcher of water as he gently sat the tray down on the table. The woman looked flustered but argued not as she also set the water down and turned, heading back towards the bed room's door. "Uh, Amy." He called out to the maid, who stopped; obviously surprised he was aware of her name. He lightly smiled and approached her, his eyes going briefly to the guard leaning against the wall across from their bedroom. The woman turned even redder. He bent forward, "Can you bring back some Tylenol for Katie?" The woman nodded and quickly darted out of the bedroom, locking it behind her.

James sighed. A few minutes later the woman returned with the bottle and held it out to him, he took it, making certain to brush his hands against hers. He grinned. She turned a dangerous shade of red and quickly left, not locking the bedroom door behind her.

James's grin faded. It worked. Now, they just had to wait until this party was in full swing. He waited an hour after the music – jazz, filtered up the vents to move. He quickly stopped his pacing and went to Katie's bedside, gently shaking her.

She moaned. "Come on, Katie." He gently said, helping her into a sitting position.

"What?" she quietly asked confused. James grabbed a sweater and made her put it on.

"We're getting out of here." He helped her on her feet and tugged her towards the bedroom door. She only frowned at him, not understanding until his hand landed on the brass handle and easily twisted it. He then poked his head out of the bedroom, looking both way.

"James…" Katie mumbled bewildered.

Ignoring her, he tugged her out into the empty hall and down the hall quietly. Turning left, first looking before going out. They could clearly hear the music now. Spotting a maid coming out of a room down the hall, James pushed himself and Katie into a bathroom just in time. Waiting only a few seconds he opened the bathroom door and looked out, exiting the bathroom, pulling Katie with him.

The maid was descending the twisting stairwell, empty baby bottles on tray. James watched her from the corner until she was all the way at the bottom. Quickly, James tugged Katie after him, quickly moving by the open place that overlooked the floor below, which they could easily have been seen by someone below. He gently pulled her into the tiny room the maid had come out of – a nursery.

They both looked around the blue and white nursery, with its farm animals painted on the wall. Both of their attentions quickly go to the white crib. Katie hardly wastes time moving towards the crib, looking down at the tiny swaddled baby in it, tears pouring down her face.

"We need to move now, Katie." The young man said watching her. "Grab pampers and whatever else you'll think we need, quickly. I'm going to look for Melody." The girl seemed to not even be listening as she took the baby out of the crib gently.

With one last look, James slid out of the bed room. Looking up and down the hall, his eyes landed on a door which read: 'Lil' princess's room'. He quickly slid into the nearly black room, if it weren't for the light on the nightstand near the crib.

He moved to the yellow dresser first, grabbing the bag sitting on top and filling it with diapers. He then went to the closet, grabbing the first coat he came across. A pink fluffy one. He then moved towards the crib slowly, he was afraid to frighten her.

As soon as his hands touched the child, her brown eyes popped open and stared up at him.

"Hi…" He whispered quietly, soothingly.

"Hi" the child said sleepily as he got her into his arms.

"Go back to sleep now." He whispered, rubbing her back. The child wrapped her arms around his neck, going back to sleep. Grabbing the bag James quickly exited the bed room and walked back towards the nursery, finding Katie waiting on him when he opened its door. The wrapped newborn in her arms and a bag on her shoulder, she was ready. "Let's go."

She nodded, looking afraid. He lead her downstairs quickly, there was no turning back now. The whole bottom floor was filled with fancy dressed people. They moved quickly through the home.

"Hey, what are you doing with that baby?" A woman asked loudly, making them move quicker. "Hey someone has to stop them!"

They exited out of a door and he quickly spotted a man getting out of catering van. He moved towards it and Katie followed, while the man was busy removing things from the back of the van, he checked the car for keys. They were in there.

"Get in," He quickly said to Katie who nodded, jumping into the van's other side. He laid the little girl between them before quickly jumping in. He quickly started the car.

"Hey!" The man yelled. James ignored him and pulled forward, around and darted out of the home's driveway.