If you had told Arthur –Grumpy Brit- Kirkland that he would be moving into a town full of animals, he would have probably laughed in your face and strolled off. But… when this truth becomes a reality, what is a man to do?

Arthur Kirkland, twenty three years old and a rather grumpy Englishman walked into the train cabin, sighing and sitting down. His mother had forced him to move out and when he couldn't find a suitable place to live, made him go and live there.

Now, Arthur wasn't much of a complainer, actually, scrap that. Arthur was a complainer, a large one at that, and what had ticked him off about this certain village was the fact he would be there only human resident. This whole town consisted of animals… Animals!

One would think a town like this would never exist, but, low and behold Animal Village was the place for him. Or so his mother had said when she had placed that letter in his hand with a house address and town name.

That followed by her giving him the bags he had packed prier before pushing him out of the house, and then waving goodbye too the taxi containing such person who had a scowl on his face and his arms crossed like a child.

Here he was though, on the train alone, it must have only been about eight o'clock in the morning, and the sun was slowly starting to rise, yawning slightly the Brit stretched his arms, taking in the view outside. Silently looking at the scenery that unfolded around him, any scowl that had been there before, had gone.

Interrupting Arthur's amazement was a slight tap on the shoulder, turning around Arthur had come face to face with the first of many animals. Eyes widening he slowly took in the looks of the creature in front of him.

From what he could tell, it was a cat, a strangely coloured one Arthur noted. It had a partly blue face, arms, tail legs and tail, but other than that and the insides of it's ears the cat was white. It seemed to be sporting a red chequered shirt and jeans. Red eyes looked curiously at Arthur before the creature smiled, holding out it's paw and speaking at last.

"I'm Rover, it's nice to meet you Mister, are you moving or something?" Nodding slightly and shaking the cat's hand Arthur replied.

"Y-yes, I'm new around these parts and am moving to, Animal Village." Reassuring himself that was the name of the Village, he slowly glanced down at the envelope that was on his lap before continuing. "It's nice to meet you too, R-Rover, I'm Arthur, Arthur Kirkland."

"Okay Arthur, would it be alright if I sat with you? It's more exciting sitting in pairs, or so they say, right? I promise, I'm not crazy!" Arthur chuckled slightly before nodding.

"You can if you would like." His rather thick British accent rang out towards the cat, patting the train's seat cushion slightly, motioning for him to sit down.

Rover slowly hopped onto the seat, smiling with that still curious look in his eyes.

"Where are you from?"

"Britain" Simple and short, Arthur replied quickly before muttering something about train staff and looking back at the Cat. Although the curious look turned into a more questioningly one and he spoke again.

"Where's that?" But before Arthur could give a reasonable answer another animal stumbled into the train cabin. Their face looking downwards as to the point where the duo couldn't see them and light murmurs emitting from them was all heard.

"What's wrong?" Arthur questioned, frowning at the second animal before looking at Rover.

"That's Blanca; her face seems to have rubbed off again." Shaking his head in disbelief Arthur looked back to "Blanca".

"Mmm?" Said animal in question turned around revealing fully just how blank her face was. Walking over, she sighed. Placing a few coloured markers into Arthurs hands the animal nodded.

Looking again at Rover, Arthur gave him a questioning look before sighing himself. The train hit a slight bump causing the cabin to jump slightly, almost knocking the markers out of the Brits lap.

"She wants you too draw her a face." The answer was quick and clear, but still managed to leave Arthur looking like his mother had just asked him to spend a week with his brothers and sister, who, in Arthur's defence, did treat him badly most of the time.

"W-what!?" Flushing slightly in embarrassment, Arthur, his eyes wide, questioned. "Y-you're not kidding, are you…"

Rover shook his head. "She can talk if you at least draw her a mouth, but eyes and a nose would also help greatly. Blanca always loses her face, and then get's whoever's on this train or at the local villages to draw her one. The variety of faces she puts up with, I would know because she's on this train all the time. But, so am I."

Finally giving in, Arthur opened the first pen he could pick up, which coincidently was his favourite colour green. It was then he continued to draw large eyes, changing the colour to black for the insides, a small black nose and a red w shaped mouth. He finally added black whiskers before smiling slightly to himself at the creativity of her face.

"Done." At those words Blanca's face finally came to life, a huge smile adorned it as she danced around the cabin.

"Thank you, thank you!" she chirped. "How do I look?" Rover laughed patting Arthur on the back.

"Great, right Arthur?" Said person nodded in response, laughing also.

"That's good, see you two later." Blanca then proceeded to walk out of the cabin still smiling away.

Finally able to look outside again, a completely different sight filled Arthur's eyes. Many small houses covered what seemed to be the village. Gardens and Forests, a shop and a tailor also from what Arthur could see. The village was fairly large, and was near a large beach.

Shortly after the train had reached its destination, Arthur stood up shaking Rovers hand.

"Goodbye." He muttered, smiling at his first animal friend.

"See you around." Replied Rover, quickly picking up his suitcases Arthur left the train. Just what was waiting for him around the corner?