Emo Danny?

"I need a new image. Can I borrow your PDA?"

"Get your own thing, dude." a certain techno-geek replied, clutching his PDA.

His dad had just left after dropping Danny off in school with his hazmat suit on the shoulders of his dark-haired halfa sighed unhappily. That orange hazmat suit was really uncomfortable. It was starting to itch too. That was when an idea popped into his head.

He grinned before turning his head to his friends."Guys? I'll be right back." He ran behind a tree and transformed into his alter-ego, flying off to where Sam and Tucker presumed to be his house.

They looked at each other, shrugged and walked towards the school doors as the bell rang, signaling the start of class.

***Ten Minutes Later***

"Star Benson?"

"Like here."

"Kwan Lee?"

"I'm here."

"Mikey Travis?"

Mr. Lancer sat by his desk, taking the attendance. He came across the name all readers have been waiting to hear.

"Danny Fenton?"

The door knob turned slowly and opened revealing a teen dressed in a dark attire.

He had on a black t-shirt, not too baggy so his abs were visible. He had a dark brown leather jacket, stormy grey jeans, and black sneakers. His skin was albino white in contrast with his clothes. A skull ring was on his forefinger, a silver chain around his neck, his hair swept to the side, covering his left eye. There was only two words to describe him as: Hot & totally badass.

He smirked at the potbelly teacher and said, "'Sup."

"Mr. Fenton?" the teacher asked, an eyebrow raised. The boy nodded in affirmative.

The students were shell shocked. Since when was Fenton so well built and sexy? The men in class gave him envious looks as he passed by while the girls swooned and blew him a kiss.

He dumped his bag on the floor and dropped himself onto the seat between Sam and Tucker. He grinned as he turned to face them.

"So, am I awesome or what?" The effects were immediate. A love struck look appeared on Sam's face and Tucker started crying on his arm bawling.

"Why? Why must all the ladies love you instead of me? Why?"

Danny smiled in triumph. "Mission success."

Hi! Again! I just finished re-watching the episode '13' when this idea popped up randomly in my head. So I was like 'Well, what the heck. Why not?' And the result was this. Hope you like it!