Jane wasn't sure how to feel about this. I mean here were Harry's family in front of her. She couldn't say anything and it was awkward till she felt part strong arms around her. She closed her eyes for moment and grinned appeared on her lips as she open her eyes.

There he was...'

"CEDRIC" she said half yeled half just happy her long time friend was here. It was weird hugging a close but she could can of do it.

Ced pulled away after little bit before getting a good look at his friend.

'You look better" he said softly and she blushed.

"Oh shh... still fighting the war you know'she mumbled and he nodded understanding and one arm around to her.

'So they came i didn't think you came but she can help,j and maybe make more alive friends" he added the part poking her arm.

Jane groaned forgetting the rest but Cedric.

'Ghost are better friends, they are always there.. " she mumbled no really wanting to talk about it.

"Jane, what did we talk about " Cedric sighed and poked her yet again. She nibbled her lip mumbling how he sounded like her dad. He sighed and pulled her to the chair by the others.

'You can help us" Tonks asked after while making her look at her for moment. She was almost see through. You can tell she was sad..her hair was blue... her eyes were well dim.

"Yes..." she said softly played with her necklace.

"We... my.. Can you Tell my mom... that theres letter in the desk by her bed..its for Teddy and her..explaining..and " Tonks held back a sob and Remus pulled her close.

'Of course... " Jane said not looking at them. She felt their pain..if she did.. that was another thing. She found herself looking up for moment and hit her. Grief, regret and sadness all at once. She looked down and Ced rubbed her back.

Jane took out a paper and wrote it down so that she remembered. Tears going down her face.

"You okay" Lily asked worried about the young girl.

"She can see and feel death" Ced whispered trying to explain it well kind of of. And it worked well kind of.

'What.."Sirius asked confused.

" If Grief is strong..when person dies.. pain or whatever i can also feel it..also can see how the person died..." she said slowly. Not to be annoying but she hated to explain it.

Fred nibbled his lip "I'm sorry thats horrible..." he mumbled trying not to think about things.

James changed the subject.

"Can you talk to him our son...can...can you find a way for us to..." James tried to say

."There's a book" Sirius grinned getting up and others looked at him like he lost it.

"You read a book..have you even been to library" Lily asked and Sirius groaned.

"Once or twice but its in restricted section" he shrugged and Janes fought off a groan. She hated breaking rules...well even getting notice.

"I don't know if I can do that..." she mumbled and Cedric poked her.

"You are a hulfflepuff what is our saying Jany" he asked quitely and Jane rolled her eyes " I was 11 are you really going to " But Ced nodded "say it"

"A hufflepuff is loyal and true

always there for you

no matter what house

you mean a lot

always there for kind thought

so when you are needed

must not run"

"She mumbled some of it making Cedric grin.

"See..please help Harry tried to save me and" Cedric went off and had far away look.

Jane looked at others who were looking at her and felt like she should. That's why she mumbled yes and was getting sleep.

She exused herself leaving them talking as she heard to get to her dorm with out getting caught.

Harry couldn't sleep. It's not like he could sleep but he just...couldn't. He didn't know why he was starting at the map. He saw Jane's name leave the room of requirement. And he swore for just one moment he saw Cedric's.

He rubbed his eyes thinking maybe he needed more sleep. He looked at the map again and Cedric's name was gone just Janes moving fast as human can to the hufflepuff dorm room.

He put the map away and decided to try to sleep. Taking his glasses off he fell into a deep sleep.

Cedric watched Jane leave and turn to the others.

"That is quite a gift..are you sure its good idea for her to help us" Remus asked him as Cedric sat down again.

Cedric rubbed back of neck thinking what to say before looking at the others.

"Jane has been through a lot and seen alot.. Shes..shes brave, kind, smart and sly. I don't know why shes in hufflepuff i swear Gryffindor is better for her but she is shy..she cares and she won't stop helping you thats Jane" he whispered softly and Lily looked at him for moment.

"You were close" she said. It wasn't a question it was statement and Cedric nodded.

He was mentoring her..but things changed year he was killed. He found out her secret. Through she was scared and quite sad they had worked it out. But he knew that she needed someone not just a ghost friend.

"Just be patient.. shes not

that good with regular people...they called her freak a lot but i hope its gotten better. She doesn't like others to know what she is.. or about her." he mumbled but the others could hear him.

"Well we are not going anywhere" Fred shrugged and Cedric bit his lip.

Battle of Hogwarts May 2nd 1997

Tonks felt tears going down her face. She knew she was going to die. Thats why she wrote the later for Teddy and her mother. She didn't wanted want to go with out fight. And she didn't want to be without Remus. Remus was her rock and he was hers.

They stood close but apart as the force field that was protecting Hogwarts was slowly falling apart. They shared a look as death eaters and all that was working with Voldemort was breaking through.

"Remus.. I love you" she whispered before hearing "Avada Kedavra" was shouted. A Green light hit her after she took her husband's hand. And darkness came..she knew nothing more.