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Chapter 1

"I'm sorry Sakura,"

"But dad, why can't I stay here? Touya will be here." Sakura argued.

"Touya is old enough to take care of himself but you're not," Fujitaka explained.

"I'm 17! I can take care of myself just fine!" Sakura looked at her father, pleadingly. He sighed and sadly shook his head. She turned to her brother as her last hope but he also shook his head. She bit her lip and ran upstairs into her room.

"Dad, I don't mind really. Sakura can stay."

Fujitaka shook his head. "You'll be too busy with the University and your part time job. You won't have time to take care of her."

"Sakura's old enough dad, she'll be fine."

"No, Touya. Did you forget that sometimes you stay over at the Dorm?"

"But I—"

"No. My decision is final. Sakura's going to Hong Kong with me next week."

Touya sighed, and nodded. He excused himself and went upstairs.




"Squirt, it's me. Open the door."


Touya knocked on the door again. "Sakura, open the door."

A sniffled was heard from the inside. Touya sighed. "I give you 5 seconds to open. If not, I'm going to knock it down." He then started counting down but stopped at 3 when he heard a click.

Sakura opened the door silently. She walked back to her bed and lied down, facing away from her brother. Touya pushed the door wider; he stepped inside and then closed it. He stared at his sister's form on the bed and sighed. He walked towards her and then sat down next to her.

"It's not the end of the world, Squirt. You can come back here during school break or I can visit you. No need for the water works."

Sakura sniffed. "But it's not the same. You won't be there."

"You're such a baby, Squirt," he teased, ruffling her hair in affection.

"I'm not a baby!" she retorted in anger, her sadness momentarily forgotten. Touya smiled in amusement.

"Sure, sure…baby Squirt." Sakura huffed but her mouth curved into a small smile.

"You promise you'll visit?" she asked in a quieter voice.

"Of course, nothing will stop me from visiting my baby Squirt."

"How many times do I have I to tell you, that I'm NOT a baby or a Squirt!" She glared angrily at him but it only caused him to laugh.

"I don't like you anymore," she crossed her arms over her chest and turned her back to him. Touya smiled in enjoyment.

"Now don't be like that." He ruffled her hair again and pulled her to him. Sakura sighed, leaning on her brother.

"I'll miss you Touya, even if you're an annoying, overprotective big brother."

He paused for a minute, before he said to her in a warning tone. "That reminds me, if I hear that you have a boyfriend…the brat is a dead meat and you will be locked in, never to see the daylight again, understand?"

Sakura sweat dropped. "Anyways," she changed the subject. "Can we have one last race?"

"You need to ask? I won't let you leave without one last race with me, which I'll win…again," he smirked.

"Whatever Touya," she huffed.


3 Nights later

A pink Spider weaved through the two-way roads of downtown. Eighty, ninety, one hundred… the driver didn't lay off the gas until the car was going over one-twenty, and even so, the car continued to accelerate. It was moving so fast that it looked like a pink blur to a bystander.

Sakura grinned in gleefulness. Just a bit more and she'd reach her destination and win the race. Then suddenly, out of nowhere, a black blur went past her. Her jaw dropped in surprise before it turned into a frustrated frown. She sighed. She had lost yet again.

Upon reaching the destination, she did a perfect 180 degree turn, the tires screeched as it came to a stop next to a black Spider. Turning the engine off, the pink door opened. Curved tan legs emerged from said door, followed quickly by a lean but curvy body covered by a pink halter top and a black skirt.

She walked to the black car, and stopped right next to the driver door. Her arms crossed over her chest, and waited. Her feet tapped the ground in irritation but the door remained closed. She tapped the window. Finally, after what seemed to be forever, the engine was turned off, and the door click open. A tall figure stepped out with a smirk adorning his face.

"Don't say it," her eyes narrowed warningly.

"What? That you've lost...again?" He grinned. Sakura stomped her feet in aggravation.

"One of these days, Touya, I'm going to beat you!"

"Keep on wishing, Squirt. And one day, it might come true," he smirked.

"Argh!" Touya laughed heartily.


Some time later, the Kinomoto siblings were seen sitting next to the lake. Sakura sat with her knees tucked underneath her chin staring at the dark lake, while Touya lay down on his back next to her with his eyes closed. The two sat next to each other in a comfortable silence.



Sakura sighed. "Nothing,"


"Hong Kong is fun right?" Sakura asked after several minutes of quietness.


"They'll have racing there too right?"

"Yeah…and don't forget what I've taught you."

"I won't," she promised.