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Chapter 23

Chapter 23

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Meiling chuckled, "Most definitely!" She sighed, "We really need to find Syaoran before he does something crazy."

"Yeah," Tomoyo agreed, "Hey, why don't you call Eriol? Maybe he knows Li's whereabouts, and besides you could give him the update."

"Hmm, that's a good idea."


"Where is he?" Meiling paced in the lounge, checking her watch for umpteenth times. "It has been a day, and he's not even home! Where did he disappear to! Argh, stupid Syaoran! What's the point of having a mobile when it's not even on?" Eriol chuckled lightly, his eyes twinkling in amusement. Meiling stopped and turned her attention to him. Her ruby eyes narrowed, "Whatdo you find so amusing? And whyare you so calm? Aren't you at least worried at all? What if he has an accident? Or he's drunk in some pub-"

"He's underage," Eriol inserted but Meiling acted like she didn't hear him.

"-where some girls could take advantage of him! Or…Oh my god!" she gasped, horrified, "Maybe he's thinking of committing suicide!" Her pacing continued even more frantic, her fingers busily punching buttons on her mobile. "Eriol!Stop being so damn calm, something might happen to him!"

Eriol stood up, halting Meiling from her pacing. "First, you need to stop pacing like some lunatic, and besides, it's giving me headache." Meiling opened her mouth to retort but he stopped her with his finger on her lips. "You need to stay calm and think rationally. Okay?" She nodded. "Good," Eriol smiled. "Now, take a deep breath. In and out, that's right. Breath in and out, and—" The front door clicked open, Meiling stilled and swerved her head to the doorway just in time to see a glimpsed of brown hair disappearing down the hall.

"Syaoraaaaan!" She screamed, rushing after him like a tornado.

Eriol closed his mouth. He shook his head and sighed, "Why do I bother?"


"Syaoran, open the door. Come on, open up!" Meiling knocked, which turned into a loud banging as her patience ran out. "Open the bloody door! Syaoraaaaaan!"

"Meiling," Eriol placed his hand on her shoulder, "calm down."

"I will notcalm down until he opens the bloody door! Syaoraaaa-hmph,"Eriol covered her mouth with his hand. Meiling slapped his hand away, and gave him an evil glare. "What the hell?"

"Temper will get you nowhere."

"I show you temper, yo—" Eriol covered her mouth for the second time. "Quiet," he removed his hand and knocked on the door, while Meiling crossed her arms over chests and fuming silently. "Syaoran, can you open the door for us?"


"Syaoran, we need to talk."


Sighing, Eriol knocked on the door again, louder this time. "Come on Syaoran, sulking doesn't suit you. Besides Meiling found something interesting about Sakura. She—" A loud bang of door closing resounded inside the room, and seconds later, the sound of running water was heard. Eriol rubbed his temple in slight frustration. He turned to Meiling and said, "I think it's best to leave him on his own for now. We'll talk to him again tomorrow." Eriol interrupted before Meiling could reply, "He will not listen to us now. Give him some time. Now, I suggest we retire to our own room. Good night, Meiling." With that said, he left for his room, leaving Meiling gaping after him.

Next day

It was 9 o'clock in the Li's household. Eriol was up and about, doing his usual routine. Now he was waiting for Meiling and Syaoran to come down for their breakfast, which were readied and on the table. Minutes later, he heard a loud shriek from upstairs. Eriol snapped out from his daze and rushed towards the source of the scream. He stopped right in front of Syaoran's door, which was wide open. He resisted the urge to groan, having an inkling of what happened, before stepping inside.

"Why did you scream, Meiling? And why are you…" his eyes surveyed the mess inside the room and shook his head, "…in Syaoran's room?"

"Why? Why?This is why! He's gone. Again!" Her ruby eyes flashed in irritation as she glared at Eriol. "You! Because of you! I didn't get to talk to him last night, and now he's gone!"

Eriol calmly said, "Have you tried calling him?"

Meiling gave in a what-do-you-think look, and shove a small black object in front of his face. "He left his damn phone!"

"I think you should just leave him be, for the moment. He just needs to sort his feelings out."

Meiling crossed her arms over her chest, "What's there to sort out? He loves her; she loves him, end of story." Eriol gave her an incredulous look.


He shook his head and sighed. "First, Syaoran found out that Sakura is Cherry. She kept that secret from everyone, including her own boyfriend. Now, I know that Syaoran's not a petty person, so that secret might've only infuriated him, a little, but nothing more. But then, he saw her with that man, hugginghim, in front of himself no less. Now, put yourself in his place, what'll be your first reaction?"

Meiling blinked, and gasped, thinking back to her conversation with Tomoyo.

"You'd slap them both and then curse them to hell before asking for an explanation?"


"Now, do you get what I'm trying to say?" Meiling nodded.

"What are we going to do? Syaoran needs to know about Touya and Sakura."

"We wait for him to come back, and then we'll talk to him. Okay?" Meiling sighed in resolution.

"Alright, when he comes home."

- X -

Syaoran had felt bad for ignoring his cousin and best friend last night. He knew they meant well, but he just wanted to be left alone until he figured out his feelings. He had tried to sleep last night, but sleep evaded him, so he just gave up sleeping, and left the house when the dawn breaks.

He drove to the top of Shinto Hill and had stayed there for three hours, lying on top of his car bonnet with his hands behind his head, staring into the distance. He had been contemplating his feelings and found that he wasn't angry at Sakura for not telling him about her alias. He assumed that she must have a reason for her secrecy, and he'd wait until she was ready to tell him herself, however…However, the intimacy she had shown with that man was what made his blood boiled. He didn't want to acknowledge it but he was…jealous. He didn't like Sakura hugging or be close to any man but himself. He had to admit that he had reacted irrationally, unlike his usual cool self. And now that he thought back of it…he internally winced at how harshly he had treated her that day. And then the conversation with Eriol, and Meiling the day before made him think that Sakura was not that kind of person. She was too…innocent for such act. Besides that…Syaoran wanted to smack himself—she couldn't be cheating on him. She had always blushed when he held her close or kissed her. Her bright emerald eyes were so honest, and her face was like an open book.

Syaoran sighed. He was an idiot. And now, he had made her sad, even cry! He really was a cold-hearted man, confirming his reputation, but that meant nothing to him; he only cares for what Sakura think of him. He just hoped that she would forgive for his idiotic action.

He felt considerably lighter now that he had figured everything out. First thing he needed to do was—growl—eating. Then he'd call Sakura, pleading for her forgiveness. And then call home. Meiling had probably drove Eriol crazy with her ranting, about him, by now.

An hour later, Syaoran was back inside his car with a full stomach. He reached for his mobile phone at the usual spot but grasped only emptiness. He then remembered he left his mobile in his room, and he had no change for public phone. With only a solution left, he drove to Sakura's house. He quickly got out of his car before he could change his mind. He pressed the door bell and waited. When no one answered, he pressed it again. He repeated a couple of times but no one answered. With a disappointed feeling, he headed for home.

As soon as he parked his car and stepped into front entrance, he was greeted by the sight of a calm-looking Meiling? Resisting the urge to raise his brow, he greeted her, "Hello, Meiling. Are you waiting for me?"

"No, I'm just standing here to look pretty. Of course I'm waiting for you! Come to the lounge, Eriol's waiting in there." Syaoran followed her lead. He didn't know what to expect from her. She had already acted out of her normal self. Nodding in greeting when he saw his best friend, he sat himself far away from Meiling.

"What is it that you wanted to talk about last night?" Syaoran started.

Meiling's brow rose, "So now you want to talk about last night?"

Eriol rolled his eyes. "Not now Meiling. Anyways, how are you feeling, Syaoran? You've been gone for most of the days. I'm assuming that everything's fine now, since you're home."

Eriol, as usual, was spot on. He had wondered if he was easy to read or Eriol was just too astute for his own good. "Yes, everything's fine now," Syaoran confirmed.

Eriol nodded, "Good. So, what are—"

"—you going to do?" Meiling finished, eagerly waiting for Syaoran's reply.

"I planned on calling Sakura but I left my mobile—" Meiling tossed his phone to him. "—thanks. Ten missed calls…all from you?"

Meiling shrugged, "You were missing this morning, and I was trying to contact you. It'd have been more but I found your phone. You shouldn't put on silent by the way."

"Then how did you find it? Never mind, I don't want to know." Syaoran could just imagine the state of his room. "Since I didn't have my mobile, I drove to her place but no one was home. And then I came here."

Meiling was disappointed that Sakura wasn't home. The two would've make up by now, but then she remembered that Sakura slept over at her brother's. Which reminded her…

"... that I have something very important to tell you! I was going to tell you yesterday but someone was too busy sulking—"

"I did notsulk!"

"—to talk to me. Anyways, we, as in Tomoyo and I, went over to Sakura's house to talk but she wasn't home." Her eyes briefly glimmered in mischief before it quickly disappeared, and continued, "It turned out that she slept over at the hotel with Touya."

"WHAT? Hotel? Touya?"Syaoran stood up in anger.

Eriol let out a small chuckled. It was so typical of Meiling trying to rile Syaoran up. "Sit down, Syaoran. Meiling hasn't finished her explanation."

Syaoran reluctantly sat back down, "She better have a damn good explanation then."

Meiling let loose a small giggle. "Sorry cousin, I just couldn't resist teasing you." Syaoran's anger started to fade, as he looked at her in confusion.

"You were just pulling my leg?"

"No, I was telling you the truth."

"What the hell-?"

"If you'd just let me finish," Meiling interrupted. "As I was saying, her dad told us that Sakura was with Touya. Now before you go off, again. Touya and Sakura did not have a relationship like that!That'd be just eww!"

"Then who ishe?" Syaoran snapped.

"Her brother!" Meiling blurted out. Eriol kept himself from chuckling at Syaoran's reaction to the news. The Li's heir was close to gaping like a fish but it was gone in a flash.

Syaoran slumped down on the couch. "So all along…" he groaned, "I was jealous over her brother!"

"Ah ha! So the great Syaoran Li canget jealous," Meiling teased. "Wait till I—"

"You'll do nothing, Meiling," Syaoran cut short, glaring at his cousin.

"Sheesh, this is what I get for helping. Not even a thank you!" Eriol chuckled.

Syaoran rolled his eyes and got up. "I'm retiring. Good night."

Meiling was still mumbling when Syaoran called out at the door, "By the way Meiling, thanks."

She grinned at her Syaoran's back, "Anytime cousin."

- X -

The next day, Syaoran woke up from a peaceful sleep. He felt well and rested for the first time after his misunderstanding with Sakura. Today he had a plan. He'd go down to Sakura's house and talk to her, and ask for her forgiveness. He should've trusted her more. With that in mind, he went downstairs for breakfast. Minutes later, Meiling and Eriol joined him at the table. They greeted good-morning to each other before starting to eat.

"So, I'm assuming that you're going down to Sakura's house today?" Eriol asked.

Syaoran swallowed before replying, "Yes."

Meiling smiled happily, "I wish you good luck. Oh wait, Sakura might not be home though. Remember she's with her brother?"

"I forgot about that," Syaoran said in disappointment. "I couldn't reach her either. Her phone was off since last night."

Meiling waved his concern away. "Don't worry so much. Even if she's not home, her father is home. I'm sure he knows where she is."

Twenty minutes later Syaoran left the house.

Meiling sighed, "I hope they make up. Syaoran's so miserable without Sakura."

Eriol smiled in assurance. "Sakura's a lovely girl. I'm certain that she'll listen to him."

"You're right. I—" Her mobile rang. "Hi Tomoyo," she answered.

"Meiling, I've got a big new!"

"Good new I hope,"

"NO! I can't believe it but—oh my kami! I just—"

"Calm down, Tomoyo," Meiling said making Eriol look at her in concern.

"Something wrong with Tomoyo?" he mouthed.

Meiling shrugged, "Let me ask her," she mouthed back. "What's wrong, Tomoyo? Tell me."



"Sakura's gone!" Tomoyo blurted.

"Gone? What do you mean gone?"

"I went over to her house this morning since I couldn't contact her. I met her dad and he said…he said Sakura's at the airport!"

"Airport? Sakura went to the—you don't think she…" Meiling trailed off.

"I don't know but she was so sad…maybe she…Oh Meiling, I don't want to lose my best friend, again!"

"You won't lose her, Tomoyo. I—Oh kami, I have to call Syaoran! He's on his way to Sakura's."

"Oh no!"

"I call you back, okay?"

"Okay, tell him to hurry to the airport. It might not be too late!"

"Will do, bye!" Meiling hung up. She then pressed a quick dial to Syaoran's number.

"What's going on?" Eriol asked in confusion and concern.

"I tell you later. Syaoran! Where are you now?"

"…Change direction and head to the airport…."

"…Sakura's at the airport!" She cut short.

"…I don't know! Just hurry there, okay!" Meiling placed her mobile back into her pocket. She turned to Eriol. "Let's go to the lounge. I feel so drain."

- X -

Syaoran arrived at the airport in a record time. He rushed inside the building, looking left and right. Since it was Saturday, the airport was crowded. He ran from one check point to another. So far, he couldn't find her.

Please don't let me be too late. Oh Sakura, don't leave me!

Arriving to the second last check point, he didn't see her and was about to give up hope when he spotted a familiar auburn hair. His hope flared up again.

"SAKURA!" He shouted, running towards her in a full speed, ignoring the look from the crowd. "SAKURA!"

Sakura snapped out from the daze and looked up. "I thought I heard my name…" she mumbled softly before shrugging, pulling the luggage with her as she continued walking.

"SAKURA!" This time she stopped and searched the crowd. The voice sounded like…she shook her head. It can't be him.…

Sakura then blinked in surprise. She could see a familiar chocolate hair in the crowd running to her direction, "Syaoran?" she whispered his name. Confirming herself that it was indeed him, Sakura's eyes began to water again. No, not now. I can't see him now. Sakura grabbed her luggage and quickly rush away.

Seeing that Sakura was trying to get away; Syaoran increase his speed. Once he was close to her, he reached for her elbow, stopping her. "Sakura."

Sakura let go of the luggage. "Let me go," her voice quivered.

"Blossom," Syaoran said softly. He spun her around until she was facing him.

Sakura avoided looking at him. "Let me go, please," she pleaded.

"Never," he said and pulled her into his embrace. Sakura struggled to get away.

"Please, just let me go. I—I can't do this," Sakura sobbed into his chest.

"I'm so sorry Blossom." He hugged her tighter, inhaling her unique scent. "Forgive me. I was stupid and harsh to you. That day I…my feelings were in turmoil. I was surprised, happy, angry and…and jealous. For days, I had a suspicion that you were Cherry, and it was confirmed at the Shinto's Cup." Sakura stiffened and tried to pulled away but Syaoran just held her close and continued.

"I was surprised and upset. I don't really care that you're Cherry but why couldn't you tell me? Why did you keep that secret from me? Are you trying to mock me and your friends? I was upset for a while but you must have a reason for this. I know you don't like to lie. I planned to talk to you after the race but then…you were with that man."

Sakura looked up, "That man?" she asked in confusion.

"After the race was over, do you remember hugging a man?"

Her brow furrowed as she thought back to that day. "The only person I hugged that day was…Touya. But he's my brother, I don't understand."

"Ah," Syaoran's lips tugged upward a bit. "But I didn't know that. To me, you were hugging a stranger, a man, who I didn't know. Your intimacy was making me angry and, for the first time in my life, jealous. I took my confusion and anger on you. I was harsh to you and I made you cried. Forgive me." He kissed her forehead softly.

"I'm sorry too, Syaoran. I didn't realise I hurt your feelings. I didn't mean to lie to you or anyone but I made a promise that I won't tell anyone about my alias. I'm so sorry," she said, tears ran down her cheeks.

"Don't cry, Blossom." He said, wiping her tears away before pulling her into his embrace again. "You can ignore me or…hate me but please, don't leave."

Sakura placed her hands on his chest, pushing him a bit and looked up at him in confusion. "Leaving? What are you talking about, Syaoran?"

Syaoran opened his mouth to reply but someone interrupted with, "What the hell do you think you're doing?"

Syaoran's brow rose as he stared back at the familiar looking man who stood behind Sakura. "Hugging my girlfriend, you got a problem?"

"WHAT?" Touya roared, trying to pull Sakura out of Syaoran's arms but Syaoran move her out of the way. "Sakura, why the hell is the brat calling you his girlfriend?" Touya spat out the last word in distaste.

"Are you stupid? Don't you know what girlfriend means?"

"Don't act smart with me brat.First, you let go of my sister right now. Second, you are NOT my sister's boyfriend. She doesn't have one!" Touya's voice rose. Sakura buried her face into Syaoran's chest in embarrassment.

"Where have you been, brother?" Touya's brow twitched. "We've been going out for a while now."

Twitch, twitch.

"We even kissed a couple of times." Syaoran pulled Sakura back and kissed her lightly on the lips as a demonstration. Sakura went pink in the face while Touya lost it, and jumped at Syaoran.

Syaoran smirked as he, with Sakura in his arms, manoeuvre away from him. Touya was steaming in anger, muttering ways to kill a certain Chinese brat. Ryo, who was watching the incident from the beginning, burst out laughing. It was the first time someone, aside from Sakura and Maho, could make King lose his cool. But of course, since Sakura was involved, it made the situation worsen.

Touya turned to Ryo, his brown eyes burned with irritation. Ryo swallowed his laughter; he didn't want to face the King's wrath. Touya took a deep breath, his anger still present, glared and said. "I said let her go."

"Never," Syaoran glared back straight at him, while tugging Sakura close to his body. Touya's eyes narrowed. However, before the situation worsened, Sakura did the damage control.

"Touya, you're going to miss your plane."

"You're coming with me. I'm not leaving you here with the brat." Sakura sighed. She loved her brother to bits but sometimes…sometimes his over-protectiveness was frustrating, not to mention annoying. However before she could reply, Syaoran interrupted.

"She's staying with me. You can go, alone."

Touya's temper was rising again. Sakura gave Syaoran a you're-not-helping look before she turned to her brother.

"Touya, you'll miss your plane." He gave her an I-don't-care look. Sakura sighed, she hated to do this but desperate time called for desperate measure.

"Don't make me tell Kaho about that certain night…"

Touya stilled, and he looked at Sakura in surprise. His sweet, innocent little sister was, dare he say it…blackmailing him?Blackmail? He just couldn't believe it! Someone must be influencing her…

"You!" he pointed his finger at Syaoran. "How dare yo—"


Touya's mouth snapped close. Sakura was serious. He sighed, he knew it'd happen some time but it was too soon. His sister was growing up. He sighed again.

"What's going on? What happened on that night?" Ryo asked in curiosity.

Touya shot him a shut-up-before-I-kill-you look. Ryo gulped and shut his mouth. Touya turned back to Sakura and reluctantly admitted this defeat. "Fine, you win. This time," Sakura sighed in relive. Touya glared heatedly at Syaoran. "If you break my sister's heart, I'll break more than just your face."

"That'll never happen. But you have my word." Syaoran promised.

"I'm satisfied…for now. Come here, Squirt." He beckoned her. Sakura went over to him and embraced him.

"You be good alright. Don't let the brat touch you okay? And no more kisses."

Sakura blushed and smacked him on his chest lightly. "Touya!"

He smiled and ruffled her hair one last time. They said good bye to each other, then Touya and Ryo, proceed to the gate.

After the two men left, Syaoran started. "You know when I saw the luggage besides you…and when I thought you're leaving me. Everything stopped functioning. I couldn't breathe, I couldn't think and I felt like my heart stop beating. It was the worst feelings, and I don't want to feel it again. I don't think I can live without you. I love you, my Blossom."

Emerald eyes shone brightly with unshed tears. Sakura smiled beautifully at him, "I love you too, Syaoran."

Syaoran stroked her face gently, before bending down and kiss her passionately on the lips. Minutes later the couple broke apart. Syaoran opened his mouth to say something but a sound of squealing stopped him. He searched the crowd and nearly missed if the person wasn't jumping up and down, squealing. He groaned out loud. Now he knew why it sounded familiar.

"What's wrong Syaoran?" Sakura asked her face was still flushed from the heated kiss. Seeing her like this wanted him to kiss her senseless again but he refrained himself. Now was not the time but when they were alone… now that was another story.

"Syaoran? What—"

"Sakuraa!"A loud squeal interrupted, and then Sakura was pulled into a tight bear-hug. "Oooh that was the sweetest, not to mention hotscene, I've ever seen!"

"Ca—n't br—reathe!" Another set of hands pulled her away. Sakura quickly breathe in as much as air as she could.

"You're killing her, Tomoyo! Think of my cousin!"

Tomoyo laughed sheepishly. "Sorry Sakura, I was just happy!"

"What are you three doing here?" Syaoran asked in annoyance. They just had to interrupt his moment with Sakura.

Eriol chuckled, having inkling on what Syaoran was thinking. "Meiling dragged me here with her, not that I mind, since I'll be seeing my lovely Tomoyo," he smiled, glancing at Tomoyo who blushed. Sakura let out a small giggle at the scene. Meiling rolled her eyes at Eriol before turning her attention back to Syaoran.

"I was worried about you. Who knows what you'd do. I mean—"

"Thanks Meiling," Syaoran interrupted, "but everything worked out. Now, why don't you three go somewhere else and leave us."

"You want some alone time, eh?" Tomoyo giggled. Meiling just grinned and Eriol smirked.

Sakura blushed, while Syaoran shrugged and said, "Yes I do, now go!"

"Sheesh, let's go Tomoyo, Eriol, we wouldn't want to be third wheel." Meiling turned to Sakura and winked before leaving with the Tomoyo and Eriol.

"You know, you're even more beautiful when you blush," Syaoran said gazing at Sakura causing her to redden even more. His smile turned into a full grin. He pulled her into his embrace and kissed her lightly on the lips before leading her out of the building.

A figure quickly hid behind a pillar. Their eyes twinkling madly, a smile turned into a huge grin before turning the blinking red light off. "Ohohohoho, I think I should re-start my Sakura's collection…"


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