This is a breakdown of my original story into chapter to make it easier to read for all those who care to read it.

This is probably the most complicated story based off of the Land Before Time I've ever written. This takes place at a time where all of the main characters and their friends are in their mid thirties to mid forties, by human standards.

There are a few issues of racism, or "speciesism", some of the characters are confronted with in this story; therefore, those of you who do not feel comfortable reading scenarios about such things, I'd recommend you turn away from this story right now.

There is also a reference to homosexuality towards the end of this story. I felt it was necessary to make mention of it in the scene where somebody tries to urge Little Foot not to bless a mating between a threehorn and a sharptooth. I, personally, have nothing against homosexuals; and have had homosexual friends in the past; but again, if anybody who reads this do not feel comfortable reading about such issues, turn away now.

Also, being a Star Trek fan from a very tender age, I thought it would be nice to incorporate some scenes based off of elements from the show. For example, the gauntlet Roary goes through in his Rite of Passage into sharptooth malehood is quite similar to the Rite of Ascension ceremony Worf goes through during the Next Generation episode "The Icarus Factor". Another scene where Roary and Chief Berserker go on a Ritual Hunt is quite similar to the hunt Worf took a young Klingon boy on during the 2 part Next Generation episode "Birthright". Those of you who are big fans of the show, like me, will see this right away. There are also other elements die hard Star Trek fans will notice that are similar to that universe in this story.

In familiarizing myself with the Land Before Time universe, I came to see the sharptooth as the Klingons of that universe. That is to say, the hunters and warriors. Although no specific ritual relevant to them was ever portrayed in the movies or the TV show, I thought it necessary to portray such things in this story to show how similar they are to the flatteeth species.

There are also scenes of spirituality in this story that hints at my own Catholic beliefs, like the notions of "He" and "The Primal Force". However, this story is not a means by which I can preach to the masses, or hint at the existence of a "Life After Death" world, it is simply a story that I hope will be entertaining to all those who read it.

I'd also like to mention a couple of things in this story a lot of people may not grasp. The "pain sticks" the sharptooth use are actually bamboo poles. Those things can cause great pain when whacked across the back, as Roary demonstrates in his Rite of Passage ceremony. The long fanged sharptooth headresses Chomper and his family wear are actually the light brown skins of saber toothed tigers.

In conclusion, I'd like to thank all those who've read my previous stories, and who've offered their ideas that inspired my imagination for those stories. I also thank you in advance for reading this story. I sincerely hope you will like the choice you've made.

All characters, save my own, are copyright their respective owners.