It would come to pass that Trinity would eventually reconcile with her parents, who finally came around to accept their daughter's life mate; mostly because of what they described as a "longneck stranger who came to them in a vision and convinced them that their daughter was meant to fall in love and become mates with the sharptooth Roary." Trinity thought the story was a bit farfetched, but Roary felt that some sort of divine intervention came into play, probably from The Force of The Primal Egg.

Eventually, a lot of the Great Valley residents who left for The Mysterious Beyond came back once they realized that it was stupid of them to fear what was going on in the valley with all of the cross mating. Some even said that they were "told" they had nothing to fear by a strange giant white puffy that looked like a longneck, and that they could go back to their home. When Little Foot heard of these stories, he smiled and looked up to the sky and said a silent "thanks" to his grandfather.

While Slooper grew to be a fine young male swimmer/flyer hybrid, Cera's two surviving babies hatched from their egg. One was a boy, and the other, a girl. She and Wendyk decided to name the male Donalk; and the female, Deena.

Roary and Trinity would end up having a child, as well, against everyone's expectations! Shortly after their first mating act together, Trinity laid 4 perfect eggs. While 3 of the embryos were stillborn, one miraculously survived. When the egg hatched, it revealed a strange threehorn/sharptooth hybrid. It was a male who had the body and head of a threehorn, but his tail and jaws were more like a sharptooth. They named the male hybrid Beetak, or "Bitey", as Slooper would call him. As it turned out, he was omnivorous! Which means that he relished in eating not only the plentiful greens his mother loved; but also the fish and grubs that made up Roary's diet.

Little Foot would get occasional visitations from his grandparents and parents, mostly through sleep stories; and this helped him greatly in being a great Leader to his unusual band of flattooths and sharptooths that made up the population of The Great Valley. The future looked very promising, indeed!