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Claire blinked her grey eyes open, seeing the town lights going by.

Wait. Town lights?

She jerked up, almost hitting the car-ceiling with a giant headache.

"aw" she said, rubbing her temples, memories of the past hour flooding in "I know I wasn't drinking" she muttered to herself,

"Mornin' sleeping beauty" the man next to her said, tighten his hold on the steering wheel.

She could vividly remember him holding his wrist to her mouth. The thought alone made her go dizzy.

"Andie's…" she swallowed, feeling her throat tighten.

"yes." His one-worded answer seemed to hang in the air as Claire took a deep breath, feeling the tears sting in her eyes.

She hated losing a friend. Who didn't? to death.

"your name?" Claire offered after a few moments, after seeing his knuckles turn white and clenching his jaw seemed…plain dangerous.

Damon turned to look at the grey eye-d girl, her eyes seemed sincere, and red.

"Damon Salvatore"

"Claire Skye"

"clear sky?" Damon raised his eyebrow making a joke. He even surprising himself,

"if you're going to be this way – wait, where's my jacket?" Claire said, frantically looking around in the car for her leather jacket.

"here, it was on the table, so I figured" Damon shrugged, pulling the black item from the back-seat handing it to her.

"thanks.." she said, before sitting back in place, noticing the mirror for the first time,

"shit..awesome, just when I decide on finally wearing white" she touched the shirt where some blood seeped through.

Damon chuckled, before it dying and his eyes searching the empty, forestry road.

"where are we going?" Claire asked, toying with her 'believe' ring,

"the boarding house" he simply said,

"uh, no going back to the station" she said, shrugging the jacket on, getting her hair from under the shirt.

Some blood was on it too, as she made a face tying it back with the elastic she always had on hand.




"oh, no I heard you the first time. Why can't turn that steering wheel and turn back?" she challenged.

he parked infrount of the house, loud poppy music heard from outside.

That's when he remembered Elena's birthday.

"I fed you my blood, and you got vervain in your system."


"you should stick by to not die, till they pass your system"

"I'm not sleeping over"

"people die with vampire blood in their system they become Vampies, and we don't want a new vampy in town, so, I could compel you to forget all this." He said in a fake sweet voice

"why would I die now?" refusing to get out of the car.

"people tend to drop like flies around here." He said, reaching out and carrying her out.

"put me down" she fought, punching his chest.

Damon rolled his eyes as the girl struggled in his arms, even in a full blow party, no one seemed to care.

"Party's over" he said, putting Claire down by his side keeping a grip on her arm when she tried running away.

Groans where heard but no one moved.

"I said, Party's. Over. Go to your own homes!" he hollered. Which Claire must admit was scary.

That's what got the – barely dressed - teens moving.

Damon guided Claire upstairs. Ignoring her piercing glares.

"I'm going to my apartment" she said, spinning on her heels going down the stairs. When Damon popped up in front of her, threw her over his shoulder ignoring the protests.

He stopped for a moment, before whipping across the hall and flinging a door open reveling a rather spacious room.

"what are you doing here?" Damon asked harshly addressing a brunette in a white dress.

"Why didn't you tell me? Why did you keep it a secret?" the brunette answered back, her eyes else where.

"Can we not do this right now? I'm having a really bad night." He said, meaning his every word.

"All summer, every single time I came to you with a lead, you made me feel like an idiot for having hope."

"You were an idiot. We both were."

"Tell me what you know, Damon."

" I know you need to go back home, Elena."

"We're supposed to be in this together. Why didn't you tell me that you've been tracking Klaus' victims?"

"Because they're not Klaus' victims, Elena, they're Stefan's!" he snapped, "Get out Elena" she made small moves towards him, putting a hand on his cheek.

Claire pretty much felt forgotten, not that she wanted to get involved.

He flinched away from her touch, "go. Home. Elena." He measured his words.

The brunette looked as if she was slapped across the face as she made her way out and down the stairs.

Damon breathed a few heavy breaths before slamming the open closet shut. Making Claire jump.

Maybe that's the only thing that made Damon remember he had company. He turned to the slightly muscular woman that stood in the doorway. Just standing.

Damon ran his hand through his hair, "its only going to take a few days to get both the vervain and blood out of your system. Then you'll be freshly compelled back to doing whatever it is you were doing. And don't run away" He said in a detached voice.

Claire nodded, this wasn't the time to pick a fight.

"here's my room," he opened the door so she could step in, "the shower's over there, so make you're self comfy while I get back" he muttered, closing the door behind him.

There were many doors that possibly led to other rooms. And he lets her stay in his. Why?

She shrugged off, taking her hair out of its ponytail entering the shower.


Stepping out with a tiny red towel wasn't what she imagined doing. But here she was, remembering her blood-stained top.

Sure she was used to being in revealing things, even changing in public. But a black underwear set didn't seem like a way to walk out into a stranger's room.

Claire shook her head, hearing breaking noises. Her grey eyes traveled to the door, silently opening it and stepping out, wrapping the towel securely, keeping it in place by her hand.

She followed the noise up stairs to a room, the door was wide open.

Damon was there. Breaking various objects.

'people have different ways with coping with pain' she remembered her friend's words, 'some cry. Some act in denial. Some need physical pain to get their minds off of it'

Claire stood in that doorway for a while..before slowly closing the door making her way down stairs.

She remembered Andie telling her about Damon. All good, she seemed willing to do anything for him

Claire sighed, flinging Damon's closet open, grabbing the first shirt and pants her hands touched putting them on, not caring if they were a few sizes too big.

She walked out and opened a random door, hoping to find another bedroom. And she did.

She curled up in the bed, her arms wrapped around her legs as she felt a few tears in her eyes.

Andie wasn't her best friend or anything.

But she was a friend. She showed her around town, opened her apartment for her.

She remembered the first day she saw the bubbly woman. Back in her days of sport reportings.

Andie was by far the friendliest reporter claire ever met.

Tears escaped her gray's as she seeped into sleep.