One Day, Izzy was Gathering up for a Funeral for Bucky's Death and Cubby Built a new Ship that Looks Like Bucky, it should be Called "Bucky II", They are Happy about "Bucky II" Being Built

"It Sure is the Good Day with "Bucky II" Said Izzy

"I Know" Said Jake

At Jolly Rogers Bay.

"Look Captain!" Said Bones

"What, a New Bucky-like Ship" Said Kaos. (who took over due to Captain Hook's Death)

"Oh What Kaos" Said Glumshanks (Who Took over due to Mr Smee's Vacation)

"Oh Well" Said Sharky

Back at Pirate Plunge at Night when there Camping.

"I'll Tell you a Sad Story when Bucky Died" Said Izzy (Before she Gets Sad)

"One Day, Were Going to Mermaid Lagoon to Swim" Izzy Said

Izzy Continued "But, Captain Hook Is Here to Kill Bucky To Death" Said Izzy

Izzy Still Continued "He Poked Bucky in Holes and Causing him To Die, we Tried to Fix Him, But We Failed and We Started To Cry and I and Jake poked Captain Hook with a Hook in a Eye and He Died" Izzy Said and she is Finished

Jake, Izzy, and Cubby including Ollie begin to Cry in Tears: Jake Shreds a Few Tears, Izzy Shreds Too Many Tears, Cubby Shreds Two Tears, and Ollie shreds a tear.

in the Morning Jake and Cubby (who Stopped Crying) Went to Coconut fields to Get Breakfest and Izzy (Still Crying) Stayed at Pirates' Room Crying Non-stop, her eyes are Red from Crying Too Much and She Stopped Crying, her Eyes Turn back to brown, and Called Peter Pan, But She Started to Cry again and Peter Comes.

"Hey, What's Wrong Izzy?" Said Peter Pan

"I Told Jake and Cubby a Sad Story and Made Them Cry a Bit except for Me" Said Izzy (Tears are Coming Back on Her Eye)

"Say Mateys, Do you want To Cheer Up Izzy?" Said Peter Pan.

"Great, Be Look out for Golden Badoons, if we Solve the Pirate Problem Today, They will appear and We'll Put it in a Team Treasure Chest" Said Peter Pan

"I Got My Sword" Said Jake

"I Got My Map" Said Cubby

"Take Care of My Pixie Dust and its only for emergency" Said Izzy (Still Crying)

"Yo Ho, Lets Go" Said Jake

(after the song)

"Gee, Peter Pan, Were on The Stinky Swamp" Said Cubby

"I Know the Way! The Log we Crossed in last time" Said Jake.

Part 2. Coming Soon