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You Got It All Wrong

Ch. 2: What Did I Do Now

Roy could hear the sound of water dripping and the smell of rotten fish mixed with shit but all he saw was darkness. His head hurt but why? 'What happened think danmit think' He remembers leaving Ollie's after talking with Dinah about Wally's surprise. 'Lets see I was heading home... took the alley as a short-cut... ok that was a bad idea... then...then OUCH... my head but I don't remember being hit.'


2 Hours Earlier:

Roy and Dinah were in the livingroom picking up scatter brochures for different vacation spots and romantic get aways. "Thank you Dinah, I hope Wally enjoy the surprise." Dinah smiled she loved having Roy around now if only she can have both her boys in the same room with out fighting for 10 minutes her life would be complete. "Anytime Roy you know I'm more the happy to help, besides its your's and Wally's three years anniversary. I know you want it to be perfect for him." Roy had a soft smile that not many get to see on his face, "That true but I also think we need some alone time together. No caps, no mission, and no mother-hens!" Dinah laughed knowingly.

"OH LUCY I'M HOME!" Came a voive down the hall. "We are in the livingroom," she called back."We? Who is this "we" you are...talk...ing...a...bout..." Ollie stopped in his tracks noticing Roy was this we and he was in his livingroom with his girlfriend looking at brochures? "Oh what cruel fate is that I come home to fine my son and girlfriend planning to run away to..." He picks up a random brochure they missed, "Fiji together! Oh how cruel this is and I bet little Wally doesn't even have a clue." Dinah takes the brochure from his hand and playfully hits him on the head with it. "This is for Wally's and Roy's anniversary. Right Roy?" She turned back to face Roy but was shock (well not really) to fine him gone.

Roy was walking down the street looking down at the two choices they narrowed it down to. 'Hmmmm I wonder which one would he like better?' Roy thought. 'Buzz...Buzz' he grabbed his phone from his pocket, "Hello...Oh hey Wally...Yes I'm on my way now... No I didn't forget the milk... Yes I'm getting it now... Ok love you too bye" 'Shit' Roy stopped at the nearest store and ran in to get the milk.

'Ok now I got the milk I can finnally head home.' Looking down at his watched he noticed how late it really was. 'Shit! it is almost 11:30 he is soo going to kill me' Roy thought as he picked up the pace. He turned down an alley way that was the quickest path to thier home. Roy never noticed the shadow following him until it was to late. He felt a sudden pain on the the back of his head then he saw nothing. Splatter milk was all that was left behind.


Suddenly he heard foot steps enter the room heading straight towards him. "I see your awake," his kidnapper said. 'Wait I know that voice it can't... never mind I should have known, but what did I do now?' The blindfold was quickly removed revieling a very piss off Barry. "BARRY WHAT THE HELL!? WHY DID YOU KIDNAP ME AGAIN!?"


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