When I was asked to write about my hero, it was hard to choose one. There isn't just one person in my life that I would consider a hero. My dad was a good soldier, who fought for his country and died doing so. I think that he is a good elective. Then there's my mother, who was always there for me when I felt alone and missed my dad. She's a hero, too. But there is one person who showed me that no matter what life you lead, there is always hope.

He comes home every day, exhausted and feeling down, but he keeps a brave face. He makes sure to cover the bruises on his arms before he sees his parents. They are either sitting in the living room weakly waiting for him or in their rooms resting. They ask how his day is and he lies through his teeth saying that it was all right; for their sakes. His parents ask him what he wants for dinner, but he kindly declines saying that he would take care of it. At first they protest, but he manages to convince them that it was fine.

What his parents don't realize is that he's in a lot of pain himself, both physical and emotional. He just wants to make the pain end, but loves his parents too much to leave them like that. Even when they would fight, he fought through his sorrow; for THEIR sakes. This person never asks for anything but wishes the best for everyone else. I never thought I'd see such hope in anyone before, and it makes my common teenage problems seem ridiculous.

When I was with him last he said that he used to wish he was a superhero, so he better help others. What kid didn't? But now I realize that even though he didn't have superpowers, he was one of the greatest people I could ever know.

This kid, one of the greatest children this world can offer, is my hero.

It's not a very good essay (yeah, it's supposed to be an essay), I'll say that much. Please bear with me as I try to perfect my story a little bit. It may be a while before I get the next chapter in.