QuidditchAddict1234: Hey everyone! I'm QuidditchAddict1234, but you can call me Soph. Just Soph. No Sophia, Sophie, Fifi, Sofifi, Sofifi McMuffins or anything like that.

Ender: Someone's called you SOFIFI MCMUFFINS?

Soph: Yes. Their head was ripped off.

Ender: That's... nice.


Ender: I'm going to hide in a corner now.



Soph: Anywhoos, this is kind of a prologue to the real story. The rest is letters.

Ender sighed. His eyes were red and puffy. There was a very small box of letters he'd never opened sitting on his lap. He was miserable. But he had a mission.

He had to find her. He would travel any distance, go any length. He'd found her letters and now it was time to read them.

No backing down now.

'I'm going to find you, Savvy, I swear,' he thought. And he ripped open the first letter.