Of Godsons, Orders and Time-turners

Four people are standing in an office one woman and three men with a small, sleeping child. They are gathered around what appears to be a shining gold locket, it looks brand new. The woman has long, thick curly hair and is gazing at the object with a prideful gleam in her chocolate brown eyes; it appears that the golden locket is hers.

"Wow that time turner looks good 'Mione, you changed the design as well didn't you?" says the dark haired man who is leaning against a tall well-muscled red head with burn scars on his forearms, on his hip rests a quietly sleeping child with golden brown hair that flickers from one colour to another. "Harry's right Hermione from what I know of time turners the old ones didn't look like this, it is very impressive" said the redhead agreeing with his husband. "Thank you Harry Charlie, that means a lot," replied Hermione smiling at the couple. Beside her stood another red head taller and lankier than the first, he wrapped an arm around Hermione's waist smiling, "My wife is a genius," he stated looking proud. "You're not at all biased are you there Ron," chuckled Harry.

Charlie was now holding the time turner, looking at it closely; inspecting every faucet of the piece before handing it on to Harry for is look with puzzlement written on his face. Harry looks up at his lover and notices the expression on his face, when he starts to ask a part of the time turner catches his eye, "Hermione," he asks. "Why is there a switch and what is it for, the one in third year didn't have one, I don't think so any ways?" Hermione looks at Harry and Charlie's confused faces and answers.

"Well, it switches the length of time you go back from hours to days to years and back again, though that said we can't quite get going back years right or going forward again which is another switch entirely ." She told them casually, as if speaking about the weather. The three men's jaws drop in shock, they stand there staring as if she has a second head, and Ron is the first to recover. He leans across to where his brother and Harry are standing to get a better look at the amazing magical device his genius wife has created from scratch. As he does so Charlie's finger catches on one of the many switches and the time-turner gets activated as Ron pulls it from the still frozen man. Before they get a chance to realise what is happening all five of them feel a pull from behind their navel like that of a portkey and they disappear in a flash of golden light. They leave behind an empty office and a confused secretary in the year 2001. They don't quite know where they're going but hope they land somewhere safe.

In the kitchen of Number 12 Grimmuald place a meeting of the Order of The Phoenix is in session. "Severus, your report please," asked an old man with long white hair and an even longer beard. "The Dark Lord appears to be planning something and had yet to have told anyone about it." Severus replied. "Now on to…" the old man started.


The whole room jumped, startled.

Well thats chapter one i've through it and changed some of it hope its ok i'll try and get the next chapter up by the end of the year hopfully by christmas but we'll have to wait and see.