The Characters from the past with their future selves present will be in italics: E.g. Harry and Harry.

Upstairs, in Ron and Harry's room on the second floor, were Hermione, Ginny, Ron, Harry, Fred and George they were sitting on the faded, dust covered carpet playing exploding snap. After a few rounds they decided to move on to a different game so, they were packing up the cards and Ron was setting up the chessboard complaining about being hungry, when they heard a knock at the door, they opened it to discover Remus. "Would you all come downstairs to the kitchen please?" he asked them politely. They stood and dusted off their trousers nodding to indicate they would, confused as Mrs Weasley would shout up that the meeting was over on most nights so that they could have dinner, they followed Remus down the stairs wondering what was going on and why they were being requested to join.

Meanwhile in the kitchen it had been decided that the time travellers should be placed where you couldn't immediately see them from the door way. So as the teens were ushered into the dreary kitchen by Remus, and shown where to sit by the others, they were greeted by the sight of the time travellers for the first time, none of them were quite sure who they were looking at though they were familiar they couldn't quite place from where they had seen them before all except the toddler who they couldn't place at all. All of a sudden Hermione gasped wide eyed, money clinked as it changed hands, chuckles broke out as she stammered, "b…b…but that's not possible" she trailed off muttering incoherently before getting a look that Harry and Ron associated with her running off to the library. "So you're us I mean your; me, Ron, Hermione and Charlie from the future and the kid I'm guessing is Tonks' 'cos his hair keeps changing colour, though why I have him I don't know. Am I right?" said Harry surprising everyone present. "Don't look so surprised, I'm not thick you know and really it's obvious, how many people with black hair, green eyes and a lightning bolt scars on their foreheads know a family of redheads and if Ron and I are there odds are so is Hermione plus no offense but I don't know many people with hair like hers and Charlie is the only Weasley with burn scars up his forearms before you ask." He giggled at the looks on everyone's faces before blushing, Weasley red, mortified. Everyone laughed. "Nope I did not giggle it didn't happen," Harry started to mumble under his breath causing Sirius who was sitting next to him to laugh harder.

After everyone had calmed down, though Sirius kept chuckling, Harry confirmed Harry's guess. "If I'm his mother who's his father?" asked Tonks tilting her head looking curiously at Teddy. Harry thought for a second before replying, "A man who trusted me enough to make me Godfather and as you're not together currently and I don't want to cause any embarrassment, but I will say this you married him before he came along." Smiling at Harry Tonks nodded her head before thinking, "That narrows it down" she muttered to herself.

"Um … I guess you want to know a few things about us and about what has happened so I guess I should start by saying that the war has been over for a few years where we're from. We are currently 21," Ron said gesturing to himself, Harry and Hermione, "and Charlie is 28, so ask away." They looked nervously around the room waiting for someone to speak. "How many do we lose?" croaked Harry looking them straight in the eye. Everyone held their breath wanting answer but dreading the reply. "Too many, whole families were wiped out they say the first war was bad but the second was worse." Harry said softly almost inaudibly, with a dark shadow in his eyes, but everyone could hear it in the deathly still room. "The Dark Lord will rise again with his servant's aid, greater and more terrible than ever before," murmured Harry voice carrying in the silent room "Trelawney was right." Harry looked at him grimacing at his words "Not the only time she is Harry you best remember that", Sirius perked up at those words, "You know, he told you?" Harry wouldn't look at him, Ron answered "Yes, but after he lost someone who meant the world to him." Sensing a difficult subject for the group of them Sirius wisely dropped it, his mind was racing though, someone who meant the world to his godson. His face lost what little colour he had anyway when he realised, 'Me, he loses me'. Remus was the only one who spotted the devastated expression on Sirius's face as dinner had just been served, "What's wrong Padfoot?" Clasping his shoulder to provide his friend with a little comfort already knowing the he might lose him. "He lost me Remus, Harry lost me. I failed him and James and Lily," the two men were so preoccupied with the realisation they didn't notice Harry walk up to them. "You never failed me or my parents. You were there when I needed you the most but it hurts me to know I have to go back and will never be able to see you after this, just make sure little me knows he's got you, both of you to count on, ok." With that he walked off to eat his dinner, leaving stunned Marauders in his wake.

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