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I guess growing up I never looked like all the other girls did. I was always entirely too wrong, hair tad curly and brown while everyone had pretty blonde straight hair. I was also too tall, always being at least a head taller than all my other classmates. But Most importantly I was, how can I say it nicely? Fuller of love Bigger than all the other girls, and boys, too.

And as As we all must know, being different in our childhood is almost like a curse to us, we either want to fit in and be accepted or just be left alone, but the silliest thing about me is, that I wanted to stand out from the crowd and be accepted.

And boy did I stand out, but not for the right reasons. I was always that girl who get teased from their classmates, the one that was entirely too emotional for her own good, and always tried to prove their acts to herself.

Yes, that was me, good old Isabella "Chubella" Swan.

I had always thought I had a good set of parents. They had met in highschool and married in their senior year,even though my grandparents didn't approve of this they payed their colleges and in their sophomore year I was born.

I have really good and happy memories from when I was little, maybe five or maybe six, but as I started to grow up I realized maybe mom was too quiet for her own good and dad was almost never home. They fought too loud and too often but always behind doors.

Phil would go away on business for a few days and come back while mom cried herself to sleep, it was hard to think that other mommies and daddies would not fight this way.

And one day after coming home from school, dad's things were all waiting for him at the door, all his shoes and shirts, his ties I'd wrap around my neck and would be too big for a little girl.

My dad never really came around after that time, sure there'd be few awkward phone calls and some woman named Victoria who always kept asking him where we'd meet. He always replied it was "too soon".

And with an absent father and a mother who now had discovered that she was still young and pretty, I was left to fend for myself.

While all my life was going up and down like a roller coaster, things at school didn't get better, and I didn't get skinnier by all means, and yes I kept getting taller and taller. I learned to blend into the crowd and never really speak to anyone unless I was spoken to first. To assume the worst in people and never look anyone at the eye. People at school were good at ignoring me, some I had gone to school with all my life and still called me "Chubella" but those were few and far in between, those I hid from.

All was sort of okay, I was aware of my place in school, and school just didn't pay any attention to me. Untill mom met some guy named Charlie, at a friends party and thought it'd be okay to get married and move us all the way from hot Phoenix to always raining Forks.

Charlie was an okay guy, didn't really look my way but was never rude to me, he seemed really in love with my mom and just accepted the fact she came with a kid of her own, either way he'd only have to deal with me two years before I left for college.

After the four-hour flight from Phoenix to Seattle and then an hour long plane rides from Seattle to Port Angeles. Charlie came to pick us up for an hour-long awkward ride to Forks. Charlie was the Chief of Police in Forks, and his house was a small two bedroom one bathroom house.

Mom seemed really in love with him and I'd endure just two years for her happiness. After all I had been pretty much the adult of our relationship since Phil left.

My first day at Forks High School was the thing I was dreading the most, with a population of 357 students, who had most of them been together since they were in diapers, I was sure to stand out. I was 5'11 and size 16 while most of other girls my age 5'4 and size 2.

Phil offered to give me a ride to school the next day on his way to the station, still not being used to his company I just gave a small smile and nodded.

I woke up at 5 A.M since I couldn't sleep the night before, I spent it tossing and turning all night, I got up and took a shower, put some black jeans and the only long-sleeved blue sweater I owned and some converse.

As I looked myself in the mirror I realized how plain-looking I was, even ugly. How my brown eyes were dull and oh so plain, my skin was so pale you could almost see through it and I was bigger than most girls, the only pretty thing about myself was my hair, it was mid back and had natural curls and natural red undertones, the only thing that got better with age.

I heard a soft knock on my door.

"Can I come in?" Charlie asked softly from the other side of the door. I nodded without realizing he couldn't see me and opened the door instead.

"Oh you're ready. Could we go?" he asked again, "Yes" I said in a whisper.

"You're really shy, aren't you?" inquired Charlie again as we walked out of the house and into towards the cruiser. And just before I can pen the door for myself he opens it for me, I blush instantly and whisper a thank you.

As he gets into the cruiser I realize he looks a lot as my father, and I could easily be mistaken for his daughter.

"Forks is a nice little town, I know a couple of people at the school, and I've talked to all of them and asked them to keep an extra eye on you, I really hope you like it here, I care for your mother a lot and maybe we could get close while you live here. I really want you to feel comfortable in the house and around me. I hope that's okay" he says.

I think that's the longest phrase he has ever told me. " I really want to like it here, I promise I'll try" I say to him. "Thank you Bella, I really appreciate it".

The short 10 minute drive goes by quickly, I mostly just stare and the un-natural green looking trees before seeing the high school parking lot, not wanting to add extra attention to myself I ask Charlie drop me just before the entrance so I can get there walking.

"Have a nice first day, kiddo. I'll see you at dinner" Charlie says while I close the door, I give him a shy smile and nod. I wait for him to drive away before walking to the school.

The minute I try to walk down the street a silver Volvo passes by next to me, getting me splashed by water. "Ugh,that's exactly what I needed." I say in frustration. I take a big breath as I walk through the school's door.

I really hope this is not some kind of event telling me how my next two years will be like.

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