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As soon as I enter the school I'm already thinking the pro's and con's of homeschooling. Maybe mom would go for it... yeah, that'd not work out too well with my erratic mother, and maybe Charlie feels because he's the Chief I have to go here.

As I walk down the busy school's hallways I think about how different things were back home, I knew my place and how I'm supposed to act, and people mostly left me alone.. I felt so out-of-place here, I wasn't good making friends, not that anyone really wanted to be my friend anyways but at least I was sure if they tried, I'd suck at it.

When I got to the principal's office I noticed the nice old woman in the counter. Trying my best to make a good impression with someone who maybe could get me out of P.E.

"Hi, I'm Isabella Swan, I'm Chief's, Charlie Dwyer, new stepdaughter, today it's my first day here and I was wondering if I could get my schedule, and if you have a little map so I could get around, and um do sophomores take P.E?" I said with my normal voice but talking way too fast to be normal.

"Whoa, slow down honey, I'm Mrs. Cope, nice to meet you" she answered while she laughed a little. "I know exactly who you are, it's not an often occurence we get new students, how you liking Forks?"

"It's all so green" I said without thinking. Would that be rude to say? I have never been anywhere out of Phoenix, the plane here was actually the first one I took in my whole life.

She laughed really loud now. "It is, I suppose so, I have always lived here so I guess I've never taken any double look to the color."

Now I felt really awkward and I just knew I was red as a tomato. "Um so, can I please have my schedule?" I asked shyly. "Of course sweetie, here you go. Have a nice day" She said too brightly to be so early but I nodded and got on with my day.

As the day went by I felt a lot of looks on myself, people really had no manners at all. Or at least the ones I had met so far the only nice girl I can recall was one named Angela, she sat next to me in my algebra class, she seemed like a very smart cookie if you ask me.

When lunch time came, I really had no appetite, and the thoughts of other people staring at me while I buy my lunch really has no appeal to me. In the course of the day I've noticed I'm the only girl who passes 5'8 and probably a size 8.

I felt like the biggest coward possible, and most importantly I felt too vulnerable for my liking, so I did the only thing that I thought it'd save me all the embarrassment.

I hid in the bathroom.

While I was hiding in the bathroom, three girls came in and started talking. "Have you seen the new whale?" asked one with a really high-pitched voice. "Ugh, yes disgusting, can't she go to Sea World or is too little for her?" asked another one while the other two giggled. "I wonder if she someone has ever liked her..." "Why would anyone like her,dumb Jessica" said the one with the high-pitched voice.

"The boys are gonna have a field with her" "Oh yes, just wait till Newton and Yorkie get a hold of her they'll make her life a living hell, I can see it clearly!". To say that I was freaking out would be an understatement, and as lucky as I am of course I'd start to breathe very loudly.

"Knock,knock" said Jessica as she opened the door. "Oh look it's Shamu! Speak of the devil and it will appear." I had no idea what to respond, did she just compared me to an orca? No one had ever been this mean to me, and if they had not in my face.

I knew my mouth was wide open, that just made them laugh even harder.

"Look you big fat dumb bitch, I don't know who you are or why are you even here, but let me get this straight with you. You're just as ugly as they come and you stupidly came to where I rule, this is my school and you'll get out of my way every time I walk pass you if you even want to graduate."said the one with petite body and chin-lenght black straight hair.

"For your information my name is Bree, and that one over there is Jessica and here is Lauren. If you know what's good for you, you'll stay away from us and you'll eat here for the rest of your high school life" said Bree, so slowly it seemed like she was talking someone who didn't know English.

And with that they left the bathroom, making me feel much more miserable than any other mean little kid has ever made me feel, more than the stares and whispers as I walked by, even worst than when I went shopping with my mother for a dress for her wedding and nothing could fit me.

I don't really know when exactly I started to cry, I don't if it was as soon as they knocked on the door or when she called me Shamu, but what I do know is that I had to get out of Forks High School, and fast.

I'm pretty sure I ran ,out of the bathroom and straight to the parking lot, if what I consider running, was called running indeed. But whatever I do instead of running, I did just that. I felt a few stares while I ran but no one stopped me or got in my way and for that I'm thankful.

Now walking as fast as I could to my new house, which I now realized I hadn't even payed attention to the path to get there, I walked very much lost looking for a house I was almost sure it was blue.

Something caught my eye, I don't remember well if it was a butterfly or a light but I remember walking through the street and paused for a few seconds that felt eternal to look at it. I knew I'd get in trouble, or at least I was almost sure. My mom wasn't very demanding about anything, but her new husband was indeed the Chief, so I'm sure he'd make up for her, after all I was living in his house now.

Maybe if I told them what happened they'd not be too mad now would they? I mean.. my first day was hell.

I think I spent too much thinking about the if's and maybe's because I'm pretty sure I was hit by a silver Volvo.

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