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I always have been a good driver, since the moment my dad, Carlisle taught me how to drive I was a natural. I love driving, but I especially I love driving my Volvo.

Since I got my car it seems every girl in high school wants me, well that's not exactly the truth, they have always wanted me but now that I have a shiny new car, they seem to like me even more.

Since the moment I entered high school, I've wanted to be a senior, I can't wait to become a doctor, it has always been a dream of mine and the fact that my father is one just makes things a little bit better.

Obviously, on the first day to the rest of my life, I had to wake up late. It was simply meant to be I suppose, but let me tell you this, I never run late, I'm always on time and this is annoying me greatly.

As soon as I step down from my room into the kitchen, to grab a glass of milk and an apple, I see mom sitting on our kitchen counter.

"You're late, honey" Said my sweet mom with a concerned tone. "It's your first day of school Edward, that can't be too good."

"I know, I know mom, I'm leaving now" I said rushing through the door.

I'm pretty sure I heard a very high, "drive safely", she was being absurd, she knows exactly what a good driver I am. As I go down the street I realize how empty it is, not that there's traffic in tiny little Forks, but there's no cars whatsoever.

I heard a tiny beep coming from my phone and as I looked down to get it from my jacket, I opened it.

"Where r you? Alice is teasing me and I'm bored. J"

That was the master mind of Jasper did I really need to know that information? Besides he knows Alice is like my little sister I don't need that image in my head, what could I do if I was there, tease him too?

"I know, I'm late. Fuck off"


Next thing I know, there's a girl, no one I have ever known, in the whole four years I've lived in Forks, and well she's fat. No scratch that, she's thick. And she has the prettiest hair I have ever seen.

What the fuck, I'm now describing hair? And when I realize what's actually happening, while I thought about the faceless girl, I'm about to hit her and she doesn't even realize I hit the brakes and my car makes an awful noise with my tires and she turns around and the moment I see her face my car stops, but not far enough to not knock her down and I hear a big thump against the concrete.

I don't know what to do, I should be a nice person and get out og the car and see if she's okay, or even alive but I'm scared and I do the only thing I can think of. I pick up my phone and dial the only number I can think of.

"Dad, don't freak but I'm pretty sure I just ran over someone, what do I do?" I said with my voice shaking.


Well said dad, well said.

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