Missiles launching, Homing Attacking, Lasers firing, Sound barrier breaking. A normal day in Central City.

A blue blur speeding down the highway, faster then Sound. This was Sonic the Hedgehog. Chasing after the Hedgehog was an Egg-shaped evil scientist in a flying round hover-car with various mechanical weapons attached. This was Dr. Eggman.

Sonic swiftly dodged another round of missiles, snickering at the Egg-heads failure. "What? Am I too fast for ya, Doc?" He mocked.

Eggman growled in rage. "Grr… Hold still, you little pincushion!" He shouted, firing a large laser at his adversary.

Sonic jumped up over the beam.

Eggman piloted his Egg-Mobile in front of Sonic.

"Time for a change of pace!" The doctor began charging a large laser beam that will surely-

Sonic homing-attacked the Egg-Mobile.

…get destroyed by that meddlesome Blue Rat!

The Egg-Mobile began smoking, the special attachments failing and breaking. Eggman was boiling mad!

"Grrrr…. NO! Come On! WORK!"

"Catch you later, Mc. Nose hair!"

Sonic shot off down the Highway, leaving the Angry Scientist alone to simmer down.

"I HATE THAT THAT HEDGEHOG! That blue rat and his little friends always being a thorn in my side! Always using their powers to be 'heroes'!"

"The source of there powers is due to their innate chaos energies. Ironic, isn't it? The very power you try to obtain is the very power that is used against you!" spoke the voice of Orbot.

"Talk about being thrown right back at ya!" The voice of Cubot joked.

Normally the madman would yell at his annoying lackeys, but what Orbot said sparked a glorious plan to finally rid himself of that meddlesome hedgehog. The doctor's face slowly transformed from a sulking glare to an evil grin.