The next morning, the sun was shining high in the morning sky, with the flickies singing as they flew threw the air. The sun shined through the window of Sonic's room, waking him up. The hedgehog didn't bother opening his eyes as he sleeped on his trademark shoes and sped of toward the bathroom. Grabbing his SONIC toothbrush and SONIC toothpaste, he began brushing his teeth as he finally opened his sleepy eyes, seeing his normal Black-and-Red fur in his reflection.

Sonic's eyes widened as he spit out his toothpaste in shock. "What the…?" He asked himself in confusion. His usually-cobalt-blue fur and quills were now Black, with red stripes on his arms, leqs, quills, and around his eyes. He even had fur on his arms and chest, with a triangular patch of white fluffy fur on his chest. The most striking detail were his ruby red eyes where his emerald green eyes used to be. Thankfully, his spikes were still droopy, his muzzle was still peach, and his shoes and gloves were still normal. "What happened to me? I look Shadow, now!"

Sonic immediately dashed out of the bathroom, leaving a reddish-yellow energy trail as he sped out of the house, grabbing a chili-dog as he passed through the kitchen.

He burst into Tails Lab. "Tails! Tails?"

"Uhh…" He heard Tails say in hesitation. "Sonic? I think we have a problem."

Tails walked out of the shadows of the lab, revealing that something happened to him, too. His golden fur was now red and his sky-blue eyes were now purple, but the most unusual thing were the spikes on his fist, and one of his twin-tails were missing!

"Tails…? What happened?" Sonic asked. "We look like Shadow and Knuckles!"

"I'm not sure what happened to us, but I bet Eggman has something to do with this."

"No kidding." Sonic replied. "So, are you gonna use that brain of yours to find out what's going on?"

"I would, but uh… Sonic?"

"Yeah, Tails?"

"I don't remember what any of this stuff is anymore." Tails said as he gestured to all the stuff in his lab.


"WHAT THE *&^%?!"

Shadow stared at his reflection in Rouge's mirror (which took up the whole wall.) His fur was blue and his eyes were green, and the fur on his chest and arms were gone. If it wasn't for the gloves, shoes, quills flared up, and the facial expression, some might confuse him for a certain supersonic hero. Rouge stood next to him, her platinum white fur was now pink, and her eyes were now green.

Shadow's expression darkened. "The doctor… how dare he do this us." Before he could say any more, the inhibitor rings on his wrists vanished, but Shadow didn't seem to care. If anything, it seemed as if Shadow's expression relaxed a little.

"Shadow, your rings-" "Don't need them, anymore." With that, Shadow stormed out the room, wanting to find and possibly destroy a certain egg-shaped madman.

Back at Tails' Lab

"So what your saying is that we now have Faker and Knucklehead's powers and they have ours?"

"Basically, yeah."

Sonic smirked, a mischievous look on his face. He glanced at the rings that had just appeared on his wrists. "Might as well make the best of this situation."

Tails looked confused. "What do you mean? …Sonic, what are you doing?"

Sonic had dipped his hands in hair-gel and was now spiking it upwards. With a click of the heal, his Power Sneakers had now transformed into red Air Skates. "Don't worry, buddy." He grabbed a few buckets of paint, and started painting his red, white, and yellow air skates Black, white, and red. "Just going to have a little fun."

"But Sonic, don't you want to find Eggman and figure out what's going on?"

"You can handle that, "Knux." I'll be back soon."

"Shadow" skated out of the lab.