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Chapter One- Coma

The mechanical whine and beeps of the machines bounced off the walls of the small, confined, windowless, starch white room. They had an eerie effect; created a strange uneasiness within you. Rattled your bones, made you jump, the cacophony of noises put you on edge like that infamous music from Jaws.

The machines and the noises they made, however, had become the theme of his life. Everyday, every minute that he could spend, was spent here. All of his spare time, allowed or not, he came here. The white walls had become his best friend, many nights turned to days with the walls listening to his every word and bouncing back to him. Regurgitating everything and spitting it back in his face- essentially he was yelling at himself.

The tattered, raggedety, three-and-half legged chair had become accustomed to his hunched form, where he held his head in his hands; palms pushing into his eyelids creating exploding lights.

Tonight he sat in the corner, far away from his usual place at the right side of the bed. He was tired, his bones ached and eyes burned with redness and the need for sleep. Yet he didn't feel tired; just felt devestated, confused, lost, not sure where to turn or what to do. He stayed awake running through all the facts they've learned since then, what plans of action they could take. A shot at a Son had to be repaid- you don't get away with something like this.

At the same time, no matter how much he replayed everything and rechecked things- none of it made sense. He felt the need to do something, to atone. Yet none of this was his fault, he knew that but he couldn't stop. Couldn't stop blaming himself.

Right now he wished for a window, to be able to look at the night sky, the stars, the moon, and anything else that added to the charm of the night. Being able to just watch the sky was something he enjoyed immensely, the appreciation for the simplicity of the lives the stars lived appealed to him, an appreciation he thought no one else shared until that one night, all those years ago soon after they first met...

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