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Chapter 10: The Final words

Athena had been sitting on her bunk, Mouse finally agreed to sleep in his own room, when Spot had entered her chambers that night. Athena, though she had been in the Lodging house for more than a week, was quiet surprised at Spot Conlon entering her room this late at night. He attire consists of cut of trousers and a green buttoned shirt which exposed his bare chest. Athena smiled at the sight which quickly disappeared.

"Hey. Something up?" She asked him.

"No. I just need up you to come with me tomorrow night." His voice was deep and commanding but Athena ignored it.


"Because I said so."

"So?" She looked at him, her gaze showed him that she wasn't easily commanded and Spot huffed and ran a hand through his hair.

"Because Im having a meeting with the other Leaders and I need you to explain to them about Roan's army and how we can defeat them." Athena rolled her eyes. I'm no more than a little snitch! But Athena thought. If they did gather enough boys to outnumber Roan, they could defiantly show Roan whose boss and no doubt that he already replaced her, so there was no point in going back and she actually liked it here, surprisingly. She looked back up at Conlon.


"You ready?" Roan asked Oliver as her turned up the hood of his midnight black cape. Oliver smiled sinisterly as he pull a gun, his knife and some other tidbits that might help him into the waistband of his trouser.

"Alright so Conlon and Athena are going to be meeting at the Tavern around Eight. The boys are going down to Medda's for a little party night, curtsy of Lily, who convince Medda to arrange it. So while the boys are out, you will slip into the lodging house and hide. Once Athena and Spot get back, wait for her to enter and do whatever you have to do to get her out and bring her back." Roan explained wickedly to Oliver, who shared the same evil glint in his eye as his Leader. The two were ready for anything, and bringing home Athena would be something to be prepared for.

"Alright. Being her home. Whatever the cost."

The Tavern was a ramshackle, rundown, hovel of an pub located on the outskirts of Brooklyn. It wasn't much to look at and no respectable man would enter that pub, but it was cheap, and affordable in that matter which welcomed its shady character. The tavern was poorly lit, dirt covered, the aroma of beer, smoke and musk hung heavily in the air. It wasn't the most ideal place for the five teenagers to meet but it was secretive and far away from the rest of the boys. When Athena and Spot had entered, Athena gaged due to the heavily smelling room. Spot's hand found its way to her hand and grabbed it. His hand was strong and calloused. She looked down but before she could say anything, he had hastily moved inward, letting the Tavern swallow them whole. Athena's heart rate increased the whole time, her stomach fluttered the whole time. She tried, harder then anything else, to ignore the strange feeling that had coursed her stomach and flowed her veins. The two made their way to the back room, ignoring the cat calls and whistles from the drunken men whose thought were vile and disgusting. Spot pushed the rotting door opened and revealed a smaller room, that was colored an ugly beige, the molding a dark rotting wood. Two door were on either side of the room, a fake golden plaque that had dirt staines covering it. One read Back Door, the other read Package Room. Spot turned towards her, his eyes darkened by the dim lighting. He put his finger to his lips and pointed to the floor, showing her to stay here. He disappeared through the door and Athena waited, in the dim light, with no one but the vacant room.

Some time had passed before Spot's pale blonde head stuck out between the rotting wood door and the framing of the wall. He smiled, his hand outstretched to her. she hesitated but took his hand, confused. She entered the room and could feel the shocked and appalled eyes on her, burning her skin with the uncomfortableness. A crate sat in the middle of the room, as well as small chairs, packaged goods surrounded the perimeter of the room. Jack Kelly, Red and Leo stood up, their bodies ridged and the air gave hostile feel. Spot coughed and everyone turned their gaze towards him.

"Um. Boys, this is Athena Boyce, ex bird for Roan." he emphasized the Ex part, symbolizing something Athena couldn't put a finger on. She smiled uncomfortably and gazed the flooring. Athena stared up to an outstretched hand.

"Red Sanders. Leader of Staten Island.'' Athena soften slightly and shook hands with the leader. Jack shook hands as well. Leo still stared at her, his mouth a-gaped and his eyes showed a shock. He finally walked up to her and kissed her hand.

"Ms. Boyce. We meet again." His voice was low and husked. Athena glared slightly but pulled her hand back, trying to keep her cool. Spot looked between the two.

"You two know each other?" Spot asked curiously.

"I've had the pleasure of being a survivor of Athena's skill." He sneered. Athena reddened.

"Well if you'd have just paid Roan off I wouldn't have had to come after you." She retorted. Spot pulled Athena towards the table, making Leo return to his former position.

"Athena has been so kind as to inform me of Roan little army. Any you heard of it?" Spot asked around. Everyone but Leo shook his head.

"Yea. Some of me boys have asked me if I'm going to but I declined."

"Alright. So what are we gonna do about it?" Jack asked.

"We gonna make our own army."

Night had fallen over Brooklyn, and even though a moon glowed heavy and luminiated in the dark sky, the atmosphere was still muggy and despicably hot. The white light from the smatter stars in the sky brought no relief from the nighttime summer heat. Spot and Athena had left the Tavern and were running in the darkened night streets. Spot hand not told where they were going, but the adrenaline from the mystery was giving Athena a drunken amused spark in her veins and her eyes twinkled in the light. She had asked him several times in fact on where they were going but Spot, clever as he was , gave no hints on where they were going. They reached the bayside of Brooklyn, a tall, well standing building was built with light and music filled the air around them. She gave Conlon a curious look and he smiled mischievously. He tugged Athena inside, making her stumble. The place was filled, a bar lining the whole room, booths lined in another corner and a huge dance floor along with a platform took up the space. A live band was playing and people from both middle and lower class filled the place. Spot dragged her to the dance floor, Athena trying to back out. Athena and Spot face each other. Athena smiles a fake hated but happy smile. Athena looks and find Spot taking her right hand in his which starts to trembling. He puts his left and onto the small of her back.

"I don't know the steps" Athena mutters nervously. Spot smiles

"Just move with me. Don't think." He says calmly. Athena closes her eyes as the two to dance. Spot starts and the two start to dance Spot twirls her around, sashaying with her and the two get into the dance more. Athena opens her eyes and starts dancing. Spot sees an opening in the platform and gets on it. He starts a simple tap move and looks at Athena. she copies his move correctly. Impressed by her skill, he tries something a little harder and she copies it exactly. He shouts in excitement and does some more. He grabs her hands and they twirl around in a circle. Soon the two become sweaty and tired and Spot pulled the two outside.

Athena's laughter rang through Spot's ears. It lit his eyes up, as the two ran towards the Brooklyn Bayside. The sand squished between their feet and toes, the salty smell filled their nostrils. The two ran on the shore, the excitement and adrenaline from the dance coursed through their veins, pumping blood made their hearts beat fast. Spot and Athena's feet became watery sandy as their feet touched the cool water line, their trouser became wet up to the ankles. He looked at her before splashing the salt water at her. She elicited a cry of amusement as she tried to protect herself against the water. She splashed back and the two soon were in a battle, attempting to drench the other. The water came to their shins as the two ran in the water, the black water swirling around them. Spot lunged at her, the water swallowing them whole, a water exploded up as if it were an underwater volcano exploding to the surface. The water volcano died down and was left with ripples, peacefully on the glassy surface. The surface broke again as Athena's hot red hair pulled towards the surface, creating a fiery glow in the dark bay side. She gasped for breath like a fish out of water and swam towards the white sand shore. she laid on the sand, making it cling to her like fly to flypaper. She closed her eyes and breathed in slowly and deeply, listening to the sounds of the waves crashing and retreating on the shore. Athena looked up and could not see Conlon. His white blonde head was not bobbing in the dark water. She called out to the night and only silence greeted her with an unwelcoming aura. Athena got up from the sandy beach and looked for him. She halted a few inches before the water's edge and called for him. A few seconds later she espied something, a pale blonde head stood out against the black water. She saw him under the light of the moon, treading the black water, bobbing up and down like a buoy. A slight smile crossed her lips in spite of herself, and she simply watched him from afar. He then swam toward her and met her on the dry, sandy shoreline of the bay and stood, water dripping off his body, his trousers and grey shirt clinging to his body. He cocked a brow under and smiled at her. She smiled and chuckled softly, her breast rising and held her gaze.

"What?" She questioned, cocking an eyebrow at him, his eyes show'd a nervous position in them and his hands were twitching in nervousness or anticipation. He stepped towards her and Athena stepped back. He tried again but she dodged his moving body. Regret and disappointment lingered in his eyes. His arms reached out and grabbed both of her forearms, trapping them at her sides. In one big burst of lightning emotion, Conlon placed his lips against her's and kissed her, hungrily, deeply, passionately. He leaned over and Athena was dipped slightly, Spot's hand on the small of her back while the other possessed her forearm, holding it limply but firm. The moon emphasized the silhouette of the two, their bodies darkened by the light, like a picture. Spot pulled her back up, Athena's mind clouded. She felt drawn to him, as they kissed she felt his light bond them. She then started to enjoy the kiss, the desired passionate feeling was overwhelming. As the kiss deepen, her eyes opened and suddenly the reality of her set in. Her eyes widen like a scared animal and she moaned in struggle as she pushed herself off of him. He stumbled back, his eyes widen. Athena's body became ridge as she looked at him, her mouth forming an O, her eyes gave slightly angered stare. He started towards her, she backed up.

"Athena..." He reached out to her, she pulled back and shook her head, scared of what to become. She shook her head as he slowly walked towards her his arm held out to her. In fear of everything that just happened, the moonlight, the energy, the kiss. She ran. She ran as if hell hounds were on her tail. She didn't look back. She didn't want to. She just ran. She ran, like the coward girl she once was.

He kissed her. He kissed her and she enjoyed it. He kissed her and she ran. She ran, scared. Ha! She was scared! That's a thought! The Great Athena, running away scared from Spot Conlon kissing her. Ha! Who would of thought that! SHe was THE Athena Boyce! Master of the dark, assasin in her time. She was in her prime! And her she was! Crying like a some scared, hopeless, little girl. SHe was not a little girl anymore. She was not the girl she was when Roan found her! SHe was the great Athena Boyce! She built up that reputation and her she is, ruining the hard work she did for some kiss! That was not her! That was not Athena Boyce!

Athena raised herself from the bunk bed and began packing things into her messenger bag. Her mind clouded, her eyes slightly blurry. She grabbed her belonging and didn't think twice of her choice. She jumped when a cold voice entered the room.

"Running away? Are we?" Athena jumped at the voice and grabbed the dagger that was laying on the bed. She held it out like a sword to the voice. The figure behind the doorway appeared and there he stood. Oliver, his eyes mocking, a smile hung on his lips, giving away that it had a secret that can not be told.

"Oh put that thing down Athena. Your going to hurt yourself." He joked at her. Athena did not lower the dagger but held it firmer in her hand. He leaned on the closed door.

"Why are you here?" she asked him, not breaking eye contact.

"Im here to take you away. Away from here. This Hello hole and bring you home. From Roan's orders." He smiled and stepped towards her. She held the dagger even firm to the point her knuckles turned white. He smiled at the struggle her body was fighting against itself.

"And what makes you think-"

"Because I can see it. I can see it in your eyes. I see fear in your eyes. Your scared of him. Your scared of losing yourself. Your scared losing the friends and trust you so desperately kept up with. But now, Athena Boyce, I am here, to take you away from all that. Im here to take you away from this Hell hole." He threw open a window from the room and stepped out. He held out a hand to her, a smile of distrust hid behind the fake fa├žade of Trust that his smile portrayed. Athena looked around the room she once shared in the Castle. She looked back at Oliver. He was right. Was she scared of Spot, or was she really scared of losing herself... Had she already lost herself, or was there still some of the old her left in her new found blood. She bit her lip and decided. She ran over to the table that laid in the corner and grabbed the old notebook that was of Conlon's. Papers fell as she rushed back to the window, oblivious to them. She looked back into the room as Oliver stepped out of the window with her bag. She sighed and turned away with a sad glint in her eye and a regrettful feeling in the pit of her stomach.

And that night, marked the night Athena last ever laid eyes again on Brooklyn, the Castle or Spot Conlon, again.

He Thought She enjoyed the Kiss. He though She enjoyed that night. Regret consumed him. he thought she actually...loved him or that he almost admitted his feeling for her. But he was oblivious to the bigger problem. She left him, without saying goodbye.

End Of Part I