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Chapter 1: Hide and Go Seek

"Lilian Matron. Seventeen years old. Short blonde hair and hazelnut eyes. Orphaned at ten when her parents could no longer provide for her. Lived in an Bronx abbey until she was fourteen years old. Roan Jakeob found her hiding in an alley in a game of hide and seek. Second to be on the Bronx's specialized birds team."

"Stag James. Sixteen years old. Chestnut hair and blue eyes. Was born into a wealthy family until he was kidnapped at age thirteen by Roan and Oliver after witnessing a robbery and killing by their hands. Came a year later after Lillian."

"Athena Boyce. Seventeen and a half years old. Hell fired hair and deathly dark green eyes. Orphaned from birth and left in a cruel orphanage in Boston Massachusetts. Left at age seven, after rebelling against the teachers unfair treatment. Lived in various homes, alleys and convents. Learned how to steal and hunt at a young age. Found by Roan after conning Harlem newsies in a knife contest. Roan took her in and trained her as a spy, assassin and bird. First of the Bronx's specialized bird team."


"I got a job for you Boyce." Roan's voice was menacing, low, and dark in the dark, smoke filled room where Roan's business came through the rotting wooden door. Athena looked at him. A cigarette leaned against his lips. The ember center burned like the fiery depths of hell. Her green eyes met his black hole eyes, swallowing the green whole.


"Spot! Spot!" The Brooklyn King leaned over, his eyes followed the newsies, who was running at him as if the Devil was on his heels. A paper held in his hands. Spot jumped down from his Brooklyn Throne, his blue-grey eyes stared down the newsies.

"Spot! Here! It's...It's...from...Roan." The boy stuttered due to lack of air. Spot snatched the paper from his hand and turned his back towards the newsie. Rebel, Spot's second came beside him, clasping a hand onto his shoulder. Spot looked at him in annoyance and Rebel's hand removed itself from his shoulder.

Dear O' King of the Bastards,

Lets play a game...

Where we hid...

And you come find us.

Watch the shadows,

Never know what lurking behind them...


"You want me and my team, to sneak into Brooklyn territory, infiltrate his castle and find leverage. You're absolutely insane Roan, ya know that? How'd you even know we are gonna come outta there without getting caught?" Athena ranted and raved onto the leader. Roan smirked slyly and handed her a piece of paper.

"Follow that and you won't fail." He put simply, picking up his poker cards and resumed playing with the boys. They paid no more heed to her and with that, Athena Boyce left.

Frustrated, annoyed and enlightened.

Lillian, Stag and Athena leaned against the side of a building across the way from the Brooklyn Lodging house. Four boys chatted mindlessly near the front entranced. Athena looked at the map, she looked at it. It showed a back door but was labeled under non-entry. She looked at the diagram again and back at the building. She noticed the Leaders room on the map and looked for his window from where she sauntered out of the alley, her team in tow. Athena nodded at Lillian, who steered herself off towards the Brooklyn boys. Once the mindless boys paid heed towards Lillian, Stag and Athena took of towards the alley near the window.

Once the reached the safety of the alley, the two slid against the wall and looked up. A ladder four or five feet above the teenager's heads. They looked at each other. Stag crouched on one knee, his hands cupped and laid on top of his knee. Athena ran and jumped into his hands, pushing with the balls of her feet upward. Along with Stag's help she managed to grope the step of the ladder and pull herself up. Stag watched from below as Athena climbs up, making caution every couple of steps.

Athena lips pursed in determination and the lines of her face hard, Athena turned and grasped the rusted railing of the escape. With a strangled grunt, she pushed herself off her feet from the step and in one graceful motion swung her legs over the railing. She landed in a crouched position, as silent as a cat. She crawled slowly to the window. Her body pressed against the cold brick aged wall as she craned her neck to listen for anyone in the room. Silence only greeted her. Grabbing the pane of the open window she hauled herself up and climb through.

Still greeted by silence, Athena slowly, cautiously stood up in the room. She took in the surrounding area of the masters head quarters. The room was quite large. A bunk bed was shoved into the right corner of the wall facing away from her. The upper bunk appeared to have been hastily made by the owner of a boy, yet the measly bedding of the lower bunk was strewn about, the worn, thin sheets touching the dusty floor. A large cracked mirror stood no more than five feet from the bed and too-large drawers was adjacent to the bunks. Across from the vanity and companion to the beds was a bowed desk that sat tilted on four legs, a candle positioned upon it. A rickety chair was pushed out from the desk.

Athena decided to look over at what the desk had to offer in its secrets. Looming over the wooden desk, Athena shuffled through the papers on the desk, consisting of mostly letters to other Burroughs, Athena looked through the drawers. The first one consisted of a birth certificate(Athena assumed it was Conlon's), blank pieces of paper and a key to the Lodging house. The second drawer took some shimming and shaking but finally opened its mouth. Inside with a key. A lone key. It was gold and covered in dust and soot. Athena picked it up in curiosity.

"I wonder what you open." Athena questioned the key. It's silence gave her no answer as it would never betray the secrets it held. Athena turned to leave when she somehow managed to miss a draw. In the middle, was a drawer. Athena crouched down to it so her eye was level with it. She noticed the edging of a keyhole and looked down at the key in her hand. Wondering if the key had significance to the drawer, Athena pulled out her shaky hand and jiggled the key into the keyhole.


The tumblers unlocked and the drawer popped opened slightly. Athena's nails scrapped alongside the edges as she pulled the drawer's mouth open wide. Inside the mouth six drawing pads laid on top of each other. On five pad was inscribed with a borough's name. Athena picked up the first one, labeled Manhattan. Athena flipped throughs the pages. Facts of each newsie from Manhattan was scribbled on there. She read one of the names.


Date of Birth: January 3rd.

Parents: Emily and Sean Clauggh.

Origin: Ireland

Age: 10

Average number if papers sold: 50-65

Scale of fear:(1-10): 8

A drawer picture of the boy was next to the facts. The drawing itself was very good, very detailed. It showed a full body portrait of the boy. He had Ginger hair and light hazel eyes. He was wearing a grey shirt with a tan vest and grey trousers. Athena closed the book and placed it back in the drawer. Her lips pursed in curiosity and slight wonder, she rummaged through the books until she came upon the Bronx's pad. She scanned through and found Roan. His description was slightly different. It recorded all his acts and deeds. His actions and money income. A drawn picture of him but this one from a distance. His back was turned towards the drawer, his hand shoved into his pocket. It looked like a sunset and seem to be on a low rooftop overlooking the city. There were other pictures including a self portrait of him and one of him smoking, talking to a kid. Athena anxiously looked through the book a stifled a cry.

It was her!

A picture of her. A self portrait of her! She wasn't smiling and her messy, hell-bound fires hair was blowing around her. Her green eyes were haunting and her skin looked pale. She looked at the bottom of the paper and saw a signature. Unfortunately, the writing was illegible. She flipped the pages and found not one, but multiple drawings of her. They were all dated differently and each in a different setting. One was of her on a job, running across a rooftop. Another showed her with her friends, laughing and smoking. The last on showed her by the docks, the sunset dipping into the sea, dyeing the ocean. Athena tucked away the notepad in her messenger bag. Athena looked down at the sixth one. It had no name, nor did it even have writing on the front. She wanted to looked. Her hands reached down for it.