i dont own victorious or any of the sort

just trying something new.

a cade dribble.

She had thin arms and the palest, softest skin ever. She was so cold all the time too, like touching snow. She hated it. Her hair was black with strands of blue and pink. She had the eyes of the greenest grass. And her lips round and soft, glossed with her favorite lipstick. You'd open her mouth with your mouth and you were flying. Her breath on your mouth was the best drug. She wouldn't kiss you back though, no, she wasn't holding back either. She just didn't want to kiss you. She had a boyfriend and you knew this too well. Her hands on your stomach pushing you off, that always broke your heart. Although, the part that comes after this tears you into a million pieces. When she opens her mouth and you hear that softness in her voice that would make you numb. Every word she would throw at you, every letter, every breath, like a million daggers into your chest, into your heart, your head, your arms, your legs, but you're numb. You can't feel it. You can hear her but you're not listening. You're just watching her lips move. Mouthing each word. You blink and she's gone. You're not numb anymore. She was the adrenaline in your veins, pulsing through your blood. She was the addiction you always gave into, and now she's gone. That's when it all kicks in. But this is just the beginning, because once you blink again, it was all just a dream. A terrifying dream, enough to be a nightmare but she's an angel in a dark place. Nothing with her in it can be considered bad. But you knew it wasn't good, this dream is the kind that when you wake up you start trembling and your back is drenched in cold sweat. Your slightest move feels like needles going through your skin. You knew it was bad. But you're already so deep in the thought of her, you went back to bed to dream of her again. She was the addiction you always gave into. She was the best drug.