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I heard Marcus and Didyme plan to leave me. A plan began to form in my head, and it was how to get Marcus to stay, one that involved lies, love, and death, for my HUMAN sister (REMBER THAT WORD!). When night fell I talked to my sister, since Marcus would be out for the night I brought out phase 1. "Didyme," I called out. "Yes" she replied. "you know, I know Marcus has an inability to have children, and I know how badly you want one, so why not consider having one with me?" I questioned, knowing she would say yes. "Yes, yes, YESSS!" she squealed, while knowing all of the Volturi in the castle could hear. Quietly, we slipped into one of the guest bedrooms and made love. After her blissful sleep I warned her not to tell it was me who gave her this gift, for it will surely be taken from her. I knew that once she started to love the child she will die from giving birth, and Marcus wouldn't leave, or die, I would make sure her last wish would be that Marcus and the baby lived on, no matter what. I somehow knew that this child would be special, kind of like a sixth sense.


One fateful day, Didyme said she was pregnant, a month later she died giving birth, her final wish was that I would keep living life, and take care of the child. She wanted to call her Isabella, but I just wanted to destroy it. I handed the monster to Aro, and tried to save her. Nothing. Then after hours upon hours of trying, I just grieved. Later I carved a beautiful stone coffin, fit for my queen, and put her in. then I built a tomb and put her in it. Then I rushed back to the castle. "Aro!" I screeched with rage, "Let me destroy the Monster!" "Marcus, wouldn't you want to honor her dying wish?" He questioned me, like he was questioning my memory. "Yes…no….I don't know!" I shouted. To me it seemed the world wanted to avenge the wrongs I have done. First Didyme, then the murder being protected. Why Didyme? "Can I at least see the child?" I asked. "Of course" Aro answered. Then he showed me an exact copy of Didyme, but as a baby. Even the eyes. The big brown eyes and brown hair, the soft complexion, the facial features… It was all there. I swore to protect Bella; for she was the only one that could compare to her beauty. "She looks just like her." We all knew who I was talking about. From that day on we spoiled her like a princess. Because she was the Volturi Princess, we knew our half vampire princess needs to be seen as a full vampire. So we spread the rumors after we discovered her powers. Which are quite powerful. Oh I forgot to tell you, I can't tell you what they are, I promised to let Bella tell you. Anyway long story short, first I hated her, now I love her.