Sorry, with the holidays and the exams, I couldn't find time to write. I just found time to write and plan on getting 1000+ words in. So… have a merry Christmas (or whatever holiday you celebrate) and a happy new year!


It's been seven years since mom came back from the dead. And we're going on a trip for my birthday. This year, it's only me, Marcus and Didyme! And even though they're trying, and failing, to surprise me, I know we're going Skydiving! "Are you done packing?" mom questioned. "Yeah mom!" I hollered. Mom did have a power, and it was making people happy. We loaded up the jet. And then off in the private jet we went! I rember when I discovered my love of thrills.

It was a cloudy summer day, perfect for vampires. Of course being mythical creatures with a need for speed we bought the fastest boat and Jet Ski. I wanted to go in the boat but they wanted to do vampires against half-vampire. So, unfortunately, me being unlucky crashed the boat into a rock and went flying into the murky lake. And I swallowed a fish. They were worried after a long minute of me chocking down live sushi. After it was down my throat, I resurfaced and shouted "let's do that again!"

Yeah, after that I wrestled a gator, jumped off of a motorcycle that was going somewhere around 200 mph, and lots more stuff. Yeah, looking back lots of it was really stupid. Well, your stupidity is always equal to or greater than your bravery. "You have to jump in five minutes!" Mom shouted. "`Kay!" I shouted back. And we were over the Canadian wilderness in those five minutes. And I jumped. That was the last thing I heard that wasn't the wind. It was exhilarating. When the ground came close, I tried to dispatch my parachute, but it wasn't working! "Shit!" I yelled, very loudly I might add, because I forgot to pack the extra chute. Then-


More blackness… she forgot her past at this point.

Even more blackness…

There. Finally, a light to end this darkness. The ringing in my ear was ignorable, but the vampire smell in front of me wasn't. I sprang up, my eyes snapping open, and ran. I saw two, a male and female mated, I thought while I ran faster than a bat out of hell. I could see them coming out of their shock, and running after me. I wish I could run faster. I thought with desperation. In no time at all, my wish was granted. Soon the vampires were far behind me, and I stopped to cover my scent. Then I ran some more. Until I was in Washington, I kept checking to see if they were behind me. I ran into forks, looking for a place to stay. I came across a big house in the middle of the woods, and I went inside. No one was home, so I ate an apple, and went upstairs to take a shower. Then I heard them. "Someone's in here." A male voice said, rather nervously. "Yes Edward, like we couldn't hear them without mind reading powers." Said a sarcastic female voice. "Rose, be nice to your brother. Besides, the person upstairs might be lost." Said a kind and motherly voice. "Emmett, I thought I told you to lock the door!" said a calm voice with an undertone of anger. "I tried too," said a male voice, "but I broke the lock. Besides we're vampires, what can hurt us?" I heard all of that after coming out of the shower. When the male voice was done speaking, and I was starting to get dressed, I heard a loud smack, followed by a "what was that for Rosie?" "That, was for letting… whoever's up there know that we're vampires, idiot." Said a very aggravated female voice, probably the same one who was sarcastic earlier.

I thought it was time to confront them, especially since they were about to come up the stairs. So, I (A.N. / right here I heard a voice calling me so I got up and ran for about six+ hours and I had a blackout.) slid down the railing, it was fun, and landed behind them. I think I scared them, because they jumped about three feet in the air. "Who are you." growled the fierce blond female vampire.

For the first time, I realized something: I didn't know who I was. I didn't even know my name. "I don't know." I responded truthfully." Is she telling the truth, or just a good liar?" I heard the blond male, who looked like the leader of this very large coven; ask the one with the bronze hair. He looked like he didn't know how to respond, so I spoke up. "You could've asked me, ya know. And when there are" I counted them, "… seven (!) Of you vampires here, why should I lie?" I questioned them.

After a while, the pixie like one spoke up, "she does have an excellent point Carlisle," and to me she said, "I love your belt, and I think it has moonstone embroidered in it." What? I looked down, "umm… thanks?" I didn't even know I had a belt on, much less knowing what it looked like. But it did have moonstone embroidered in it. "Well," I decided to break the awkward silence, "do you want to know what I rember?" I asked them. "Sure. Why don't we take a seat, everyone?" the leader asked. (A.N. / my brother is the most annoying… thing [he's not even human!] in the universe. And he needs a shower. That's about 2800 hours long.) "No, thank you though." I answered. Even though he seemed nice, I couldn't take any, and I mean ANY, chances. If they wanted to attack me, like the other two, I needed to be able to run. So I told them my story. Of how I awoke to find two vamps hovering over me, to how I ran away, leaving out my wish, and how I covered my scent, found this place and (thanking Emmett for leaving the door unlocked) grabbing the apple, taking a shower, overhearing their conversation, up to this moment.

"Well, how did you know that they wanted to attack you?" the bronze-haired one asked me. "Hmm… oh it was the dark, hungry look in their eyes that told me. And the fact that I had a huge cut running up my calf which was bleeding earlier. Don't worry though, I cleaned it in a lake a while ago, and it's no longer bleeding." To show them, I pulled up the bottom of my jeans to show then a little of the damage. Could hear the blond leader get up and go upstairs. "Oh, you poor dear, it must have hurt." Said the caramel-haired vampire, "well, you don't know our names, I'm Esme, Carlisle went upstairs, that's Jasper and Alice" she pointed to the pixie-like one and the one with scars "that's Emmett and Rosalie" she pointed to the protective blond one and the bear like male, who waved at me, "and that's Edward." She finished off by pointing to the bronze-haired boy.

Carlisle came back downstairs, holding a medical bag. "Excuse me, but can I run and get an apple, thanks." I didn't wait for an answer before I grabbed one and ran back. Human speed since I knew they would allow it. They didn't even eat human food. When I came back, Carlisle was setting up some doctor equipment. I knew for a fact that I didn't like doctors, only thing I rember (hehehe), so I did the only thing I could do. I threw the apple at him. He was turning to face me so… it hit him in the face. Everyone looked surprised, except Emmett, who looked like he was going to explode with laughter, followed by Jasper though… he looked more surprised than humored. Then the most amazing and luckiest thing happened. Carlisle started to chuckle. Now it was my turn to be confuzzled. "I think I broke him." I stated. Most people (and mythical creatures) would be very angry. And now he was laughing, while the others soon followed. When the laughter died down, Carlisle talked, with a few chuckles. "You are so going to get it." He finished with a semi evil grin. So I ran upstairs into the first room that I saw. Bad choice. It looked like an office, and the shelves were filled with medical journals, so I knew this was Carlisle's office. "Boo," said a voice in my ear, and I screamed. Then I began to laugh. He was tickling me! "Stop, please," I got out between laughs.

When he stopped, I rolled over (cause I fell) I saw his whole coven, some smiling with amusement, others laughing. I lightly growled, got up, and jumped over the railing downstairs. I heard a chorus of "no" and "stop" when I was mid-jump. There was a thud as my feet hit the soft carpet. Deciding to mess with them, I fell to my knees, and then just, well fell. I heard them trying to get past each other, while Alice (the pixie) decided to jump over the railing and check on me. I heard a soft "you okay?" while my shoulder was being shaken, gently.

"Bacon," I mumbled even though I knew they could all hear me. "Did she just say bacon?" I heard someone ask, like they were questioning my sanity. I jumped up quickly, and yelled "muffins!" Before running off to the kitchen. And the chase began. Seven against one, Very unfair. They cornered me there, by the flour and water. I don't know why I threw the flour and water at the one who was approaching me. It turned out to be Jasper, and he was a mess! He had dough dripping down his face, and when I looked him in the eye, I could tell he was shocked but still found this amusing. "Um… I think I should leave now." I said nervously, but before I could leave Emmett asked me something that stopped me in my tracks. "But why? You have two vampires looking for you, and you make this place a hell of a lot funnier." With that last word he looked at Jasper and started to laugh. And I mean shake the whole house laugh. Guess he just noticed Jasper's dough face. "Besides," Jasper piped up, "how can I get you back if you leave?" he said that with an evil/creepy smile that screams "mwahahaha." Finally Carlisle spoke up "if you stay, maybe we can find out your past. Or at least your name." that did sound nice, but if life was like this every day, I think I might lose my sanity. "I'll stay," I said, which was met by many smiles, "but, it cannot be like this every day, or I'll lose my mind!" I finished. That got a few chuckles.

"I'm going hunting, would anyone care to join me?" Esme asked. Carlisle, Emmett, and Rosalie left, leaving me, Edward, Jasper, and Alice. When they were out of earshot, Alice asked "why can't I see our future?!" well, she mostly shouted it. "Well, I'm probably not human, or vampire so that might be it." I stated. Wait. I just registered the last word. She can see the future. "Wait, you can see the future?! How many of you have powers?!" I shouted. "Only three. Me, Alice, and Jasper." Edward stated calmly, "you know Alice's, Jasper can sense and influence emotions, while I can read minds, except yours." He finished with a curious look in his eye.


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