Chapter two

I woke up to Fluffy whining turns out he just wanted to go outside I stood there watching him sniff the ground. I couldn't stop thinking about Bishop I found it odd that he just came over to get the truth out that I'm a werewolf. I sniffed the air I perked my head up I turned my head to find my good friend Jacob.

"Hello there." I smiled at him.

"Hey thought I stop by to say hi I just came back from Bella's place." He frowned.

"Let me guess Edward was there." I rolled my eyes.

"Yeah I wish it was me she was married to."

"I know." I patted his shoulder.

"Anyway moving on so how've you been?"

"Me oh I've been good just hanging around." I chuckled.

"That's good so what do you have planned today?" He smiled and put his arm around me.

"Nothing really just thinking did Bishop ever stop by your house yesterday at all?" I gave him a curious look.

"Now that you mention it he did come by he said something about you going back in to time to fix something and that if you do he'll go after you."

"Really!?" I ponder for a moment.

"Yeah I found it odd he told me that you told that you were one of us but yet he knew all along."

"Yeah he said he just wanted to make sure it's true how come you never told me he was vampire I mean I knew but still why didn't you?"

"Because I knew that you knew that he was vampire man that was a mouth full." He laughed a little.

"Wow some friend you are just joking by the way." I gave him a friendly push.

"Hahaha very funny." He gives me a friendly push.

"I'm just saying I'm serious about going back in time though and I was wonder if you and your pack or whatever can come with me to keep me safe?"

"Sure why not where going to need to get the vamps on our side though…" He sighed.

"Hmm I know one and I know a werewolf to you can get the others while ill get these two."

"Okay…so when do we start?"

"Tomorrow!" I snapped my fingers.

"Ok then I'll meet you here and wait for you command."

"Ok then see you tomorrow then."

The day went by rather fast I plopped down on the couch eating dinner watching mindless crap on the TV. I heard a knock on the door I looked out the window what the…Why is Bishop here again. Just ignore I flicked the TV off and went slowly upstairs to my room I locked my door and sat in front of it. I heard him unlock the front door and come in I sat there in front of my door staying as silent as possible. I then here his footsteps slowly coming up the stairs oh know I thought.

"I can smell you can't hide from me forever in fact your right behind this door."

"What do you want from me you freaking creeper!" I covered my mouth crap why did I do that.

"I'm here for a reason to prevent you from going back in time." He takes out a key and unlocks the door with it.

"I don't think so not unless you can catch me!" I jumped into the air turning into a wolf and ran out the door.

"Why you little..." He went after me.

I ran down the street the next thing you there's a car door in my way and I smack into. The whole world went spinning like crazy then I see three wolves coming toward me wait that looks like Jacob why are there three of him? My eyes where getting heavier and heavier finally I was out like a light.

"Whoa what happened ouch my head hurts Jacob is that you?" I slowly woke up.

"You hit your head on Bishops car door left a good mark on there and yes it's me."

"How long was out?"

"Oh I say a good two days oh yeah some guy called you he wanted me to let you that the time machine is done. So you're still going through with your plan hey?"

"Yup sure am did you get those vampire that you knew on our side?" I rubbed my head.

"Sure did I even have the werewolf one and that one vampire you where talking about."

"Great let's get a move on." I got up really fast "Ouch my head." I clapped my hands on top of my head.

"Ok let me call them to let them know." He ran over to me to help me out.

"Thanks." I smiled at him.

"You are welcome madam."

He gently placed me down inside my car shut the door he got in from the other side and drove off to the nerd's house. Anyway we got out of the car walked up to the door I knocked on the door and heard his footsteps.

"Hey there I see you're feeling well." He smiled at her.

"Yeah my head hurt still but ill manage anyway I'm here cause you called me while I was out saying that your time machine is ready." I walked in his house.

"Oh that's right follow me it's out in my laboratory."

"You actually have one of those?" I titled my head.

"Yeah I do!" He laughed.

"Wow you a true nerd." I giggled.

"Anyway where here go right on in."

We walk into the garage which was turned into this laboratory that he was talking about. There it was this huge glomming machine in the corner there was a tube like thing that you step into. I walked over and started examining ever inch of it I couldn't believe my eyes it was an actual time machine.

"So yeah you wanted to go back to the Revolutionary war right? Where the American's battle the British army. The one where we are fighting for our independence….I can see that I'm boring you with my knowledge." He stopped and looked at my face.

"Sorry go on." I sat down on a chair.

"Ok let's see here where should I begin the American revolution began as war between Great Britain and the united states of course you all ready knew that but did you know it grew into a world war between Great Britain and us, France Netherlands, and Spain on the other side. British Parliament insisted it had the right to tax colonists. Resulting Taxation without representation which of course was illegal." He looked at both of them they dozed off a little.

"Sorry about that I didn't mean to doze of something about taxation without representation and all that." I got off the chair.

"Warning once you make the British army win the whole world well change including America its self are you sure you want to do this?" He got the time set on there.

"I'm sure of it." I nodded my head.

"Let's see here time period set for 1776 that should hopefully get you somewhere let's see here location Fort Moultrie that should get you close by them."

"I sure so hope so anyway ill wait there for Jacob and the rest of the people if I'm not there come and find me." I looked right at Jacob with a worried look.

"Don't worry I well be careful for now see you there." He nodded at Max to turn it on.

"Wait! I'm going to need some clothes to blend in with!" I shot a look at Max.

"That's right hold I think I have just the thing." Max went over to a box full of clothes.

He pulls out a British uniform how convent I thought to myself he just so happens to have a British uniform in that box.

"What the how on earth did you get that!?"

"Well I was British officer last year for Halloween and as you can see it is real want to know how I bought off of this one website but anyway that's how I got it oh and here's the helmet for it."

"Wow you are a nerd and why where you dressed up as one for Halloween?" I crossed my arms and narrowed my eyes at him.

"I wanted candy so I went trick or treating anyway just put this on and get in the time machine."

"Okay okay jeeze." I grab the uniform and put it on.

"Ready?" He asked.

"You bet bring me back in time oh and Jacob bring him with you and grab all of my friends I'm going to need them."

"Okay I well." He smiled at me and walked out the door.

"Why do I have to go?"

"Cause I consider you as a friend now and I'm going to need you brain." I rolled my eyes.

"Okay so are ready for me to send you back in time now?"

"Yes I am flip that switch NOW!" I said enthusiastically.

"Okay..." He went over and pulled it.

I'm not entirely sure if I got that fort right or not I got it from a friend of mine so if I did I'm sorry I well fix though if I did.