Chapter Six

I slumped around in the room thinking of a plan to get out of this place just in case my friends don't save me. I looked over at the window that was in my room I wonder if this window could get me out of here. I just need to find out if it can open hmm I walk up to it. I unlocked it placed my hands on it then it slid open before I could crawl through it I hear a knock at my door. I ignored it I decided to pretend that I was asleep. I hear the door open trying to listen to see what he was going to next but nothing happened he just closed the door. I tossed the covers off went back to the window this time being successful I crawled out the window. I stared walking away from the house I shivered it was cold outside I could see my breath when I exhaled. I was walking along the road shivering like crazy it felt like Antarctica. I knew it was dangerous to be out this late so I trended carefully make sure I didn't step on twigs or leaves. Then I thought it would probably be a lot safe to turn into a wolf. I felt warmer knowing that I had fur coat now to keep me warm in this freezing weather.

{Everybody Body Back At the Fort}

"We have to go rescue her!" Jacob yelled at them.

"How we don't even know where she is even William doesn't know." Silver shot him a glare.

"Where going to go find her and rescue her." I shouted "She's like a sister to me I'm not going to let her be with him." I looked at them.

"Okay okay let's get the team ready then." Silver gave up auguring with him.

"Alright let's put a search time out." Jacob went and gathered everyone up.

"OK now that we have everyone lets split them up into groups." Silver looked at the handful of people.

"Alright let's do this. Aidan,Bella,Max you guys are together. Silver,Josh,Stephanie you guys are together oh and Jennifer you go with them. I well go with William. Alright lets split!" I stared walking to the door.

{Back with Penny}

I sniffed the air dang it he found out that escaped but where is he I can smell him but there's no sign of him. I turned around nothing there then I smacked right into him I shook my head and looked up.

"Thought you could get away did we?" He tied me up.

I wanted to run but I just stood there when he was finished tying the rope around my neck he began to walk. I stood there not wanting to budge he looked back to see me sitting there he tug harder and I fell flat on my face. I picked myself up and began to walk very slow I fell a couple of times because he tug the rope so hard. My head hung low the rest of the way tell we got to his house. He tied me up next to him at his desk I laid there wishing I was with William again I stared at the door waiting for something to magically happen. I must have fallen asleep cause when I woke up the sun was out. I stood up and stretched out when I slowly began to move away from the desk I felt a slight tug. I forgot that I was stilled tied to his desk I rolled my eyes I looked around and found him in the kitchen. I smelled food being made then I realized that I could easily slip out this thing if I turned back into my human form. Why didn't I think of this sooner? I took the rope off and let it fall to the ground with slight thud Which caught Jame's attention. He came up to me smiled then put his hand on my cheek which I slapped away.

"Good morning sweetie." He said.

"Don't call me that." I shouted at him.

"I can call you whatever I want anyway come and enjoy breakfast." He pulled a chair out.

I looked at the chair I hesitated a little but my hunger took the best of me I sat in the chair and waited for the food. He placed a plate in front of me with bacon on then he placed a cup full of steaming coffee right next to it.

{Everybody Body Back At the Fort}

"Jacob we've been searching for hours theirs no sign of her!" Stephanie looked at him.

"Yes there is I now just picked up her scent!" I glanced over at Aidan.

"Your right I can smell her two!"

"You two must be crazy I cant smell her!"

"That's because your not a wolf like I am." I turned into wolf to follow her scent.

"Come on we have to catch up to him there's no time to explain right now."Aidan picked her up and ran after Jacob.

The others followed Edward picked up Jennifer while sliver turned into wolf and Bella picked up Max. Josh turned into a wolf and grabbed a shocked William and threw him around his back he knew that they a had a ton of explaining to do. Jacob stopped to wait for the others to catch up he knew he was getting close to where Penny is. After a mile or two they deiced to stop and set up camp.

"Alright lets get some sleep were going to need all our strength for tomorrow." I looked at them.

I watched the others slowly fall asleep the only one who didn't was William I walked up to him.

"Hello." I sat next to him.

He looked at me.

"I know what your thinking yes I'm a wolf yes they are true and so are Vampires not to mention Penny is a wolf to." I looked at him.

"This all to crazy I think I've gone insane or something drank to much wine." He looked at Jacob as if he was just an illusion.

"Your not going crazy its all true everything that I said."

"OK I believe you its just so much to take in."

"Good now get some sleep your going to need your strength for us to go find penny." I patted him on the shoulder.


I was got put in his room so that way he can watch me more carefully his room had no windows which sucked. I sighed I just wanted to be with my friends and the one I love which is William. I sat on the bed looking down at the ground for awhile and then I laid down and slowly fell asleep. While I was sleeping I couldn't help but feel like he was laying there watching me. I slowly woke up and turned to see him smiling at me I just went along with it and smiled back. I had a plan that I didn't like ill just pretend that I like him tell William comes saves me. I did the unthinkable I leaned in and kissed him it was as much as I could do gotta stick with the plan. He then grabbed me and pulled me closer to him he whispered in my ear

"I know you would come around." I smiled at him and cuddle up right next to him and slowly fell back to sleep. The next morning I went outside with him watching me of course I was looking for any signs of William or maybe one of my friends. I sat there in the grass waiting there for them to come by. I stood up began to slowly walk away from the house then making a break for it. Then I got caught again struggling to break out of his grip I screamed and kicked the air.

"You might as well give up there sweetie."

"You know me I was only doing that cause I like it when you chase me." I wanted to smack my face so bad.

"Really do you know."

"Yes I do its quite fun." I rolled my eyes.

He put me down once we got inside I tried running back outside but it didn't work out very well. I sat on a chair with my arms crossed looking at him like I was reading his thoughts or something. Then I heard something outside it sounded like Jacob I rushed over to the door flung it open to see him running toward the house. Then I saw the others behind him I smiled I turned around to see him coming to get me. I broke into run I ran toward Jacob then I fell and got caught.

"JACOB HELP ME!" I screamed out.


I got dragged inside and locked up in the room I pounded the door hoping it would break then I kicked at it.

"LET ME OUT OF HERE NOW." I slammed my hand into the door. Ouch I said to myself.

I gave up and slumped against it then I hear William voice ask "Where is she tell me where she is now or ill cut your throat open."


Then heard a fight break out I had to get out of here to help but how? Then I hear the door unlock. It was William who unlocked the door I couldn't believe it I ran right to him and gave him a nice long hug. "Where is he?" I looked up at him.

"Oh don't worry we got him tied up." He looked over at him.

"You just messed with the wrong the guy. Oh and I should of told you this sooner but I have a army of vampires and where going to take over this place once and for all! Once this place is under our control you'll have to listen to us and Penny you well be mine cause once we win you'll have a choice. That choice well be you can stay with me or you can die I suggest if you don't want to die you stay with me."

"Ill never stay with wanna know why cause where going to win once and for all cause we got the Americans on our side." which I knew was a complete lie but looks like where going to need them.

"Wait what are you talking about..." William looked at her with shock.

"Shush yeah that's right we have the Americans so were diffidently going to win. Anyway for right now your coming with us as a prisoner."