Chapter Seven

I walked into the fort smiling its good to be back I said to myself I then turned around to see William. I gave him a huge smile and hugged him I buried my face in chest not wanting to let him go. Then I heard my friends pretending to cough I turned and gave them a group hug.

"Thanks guys for saving me!" I tighten my grip on them.

"Your welcome!" They all said.

"I love you guys!" I smiled at them.

"We love you two!"

"Especially me." he said tugging me to him.

"Aww I love you." I looked into his eyes.

"I love you two." He said planting a kiss on my lips.

"Get a room!" Silver shouted and smiled at me.

"OK I well haha do a little bit of love action if you know what I mean." I nudged her.

"Haha yeah you two have fun now." She pushed us up of the stairs.

"Wait what I was joking!" I turned around to go back down only to be stopped by William.

"Where do you think your going." He pushed me up the stairs.

"Uhhh well you see I was only jok..." I got stopped by him kissing me.

"I wasn't though." HE said pushing me through the door onto the bed.

The next morning I woke up laying right next to William I shook my head only to realize I got a pounding headache. I slumped back down and looked at the ceiling

remember everything that had happened last night. I groaned which made William wake up and turn to see me. I sighed while rubbing my head I looked at him and smiled.

"You weren't joking at all." I whispered while looking into the ice blue eyes.

"Told you I wasn't joking." He whispered back to me.

I took a deep breath the only thing that ran through my mind was well he ask me to marry him? I don't want myself to get a bad reputation around here after what happened last night and all. I looked at him giving him a look that said ask me to marry you. I waited for him to respond but nothing came out guess ill wait later then. I got up to get ready for the day besides I have work to do I did say we have the Americans on our side or should I say the Continental Army. I got a horse saddle and ready the only thing is how am i going to explain that a army a vampires are trying to kill us? I sighed trying to think of a logical explanation to explain all this maybe im going to need proof that's it! I ran inside and grabbed Aidan to help me out with this hole explaining thing just got to warn them that Aidan is a good guy. We hopped on our horses and headed out to find them. I then remember something from my history class this guy named Benjamin Martin is the leader of the Militia and he and his group are hiding in the old Spanish mission in the swamp. I arrived there with a surprise i get knocked off my horse i fell right into the water with a splash. Turns out someone tried to shoot me! I get dragged up to the shore along with Aidan I complete forgot that im dressed like a British solider.

"Please I can explain just give me a chance!" I screamed out.

Everyone looked at me they were shocked to hear a girl's voice I then hear someone say let her go! Turns out it was Benjamin himself he bends down to my level to talk to me.

"Your going to think I'm crazy if I tell you what I'm about to say." I looked up at Aidan.

"What could possible make us think that your crazy?" He looks at me with a curious look.

"Well here it goes first off there's this guy name James Bishop and well his a Vampire turns out that he has a whole army of vampires to try and kill us...Soo we need your guys help along with the Continental Army to help stop them from taking over the whole world."

The next thing you know i hear laughter all around us I just wanted to get up and leave when Aidan all of a sudden ran across the water and kill squirrel by sucking its blood out. He then came back and looked at everyone who stood there tromitized one of them looked at me and asked if i was one. I shook my head and replied with "No I'm a werewolf." In which I ran and changed in front of them. I looked at them there where well more then just tromitized now. I reverted back to my human form I walked up to Aidan and asked again if they'll team up with the British. Benjamin agreed to help us now we have to go talk with General at the Continental Army. I guess I'm staying for awhile then ill write a letter back to them saying that the Benyamin's Melita agreed to help us all we need is the Continental Army to agree.

"Thanks guys I know this is crazy and a lot to take in trust me I know right now i have friends telling the British the same thing so your not alone."

They all just looked at me trying to think of something to say but they were still in shock. It was quite for the rest of the night I was lying on the ground looking up at the sky that was covered with branches from trees. Hope this plan works out like i want it to i sighed and fell asleep.

"Are we ready for this!" I shouted at them.

"Yes we are." Gabriel shouted back.

"What about you Aidan are you ready?" I looked over at him.

"You bet i am lets do this thing!" Aidan smiled at me.

"Good lets see here remember the General is going to be shocked at first like you guys but im sure well come up with something for him to agree to help us."

We took off I gave my letter that i wrote this morning to a teenage boy that joined up with Mitlita. He took it and rode off in the opposite direction It didnt seem to long to get to the continental army camp at all at least that's what I though anyway. We walked into the tent only to find Colonel Harry Burwell.

"Where the General?" Benjamin asked.

"Dont know!" He looks over at me.

"Oh this is Col. Marksin."

"Is there a reason why she is dressed like a British solider?"

"Well that's why we're all here we have something to tell you ill let Col. Marksin here take over."

"OK well here it goes first off there's this guy name James Bishop and well his a Vampire turns out that he has a whole army of vampires to try and kill us...Soo we need your guys help along with the Continental Army to help stop them from taking over the whole world." I looked at him his face well was shocked I kind of expected that. "I know it sounds crazy but you...Aidan show him what you got." I looked over at him.

He did the same thing he did back at the old Spanish mission got a squirrel and killed it with his teeth then i showed the whole army what I was. It took a days after days for him to agree to help us but he finally said yes. Great it worked out perfectly although im shocked that it worked. Now i just need to check back on how Jacob and Edward did with the convincing. Aidan and I waved goodbye for now then we rode off back to the fort.

"Were back!" I came through the door.

"Yesss your back." Stephanie came running my way.

"Oh my god your BACK!" Jennifer did the same thing.

"Anyone else miss me?" I was getting hugged to death.

"I did." William came walking down from the stairs.

Stephanie and Jennifer let me go and walked out of the way so William can come see me.

"Well I missed you too." I smiled at him.

"Did you know." He pulled me closer to him.

"I..." I got caught off by the sound of Jacob's voice.

"Penny we finally got old Cornwallis to agree he was shocked at first but we got him to agree." He came running down the stairs.

"That's great." I got out of Williams grip and walked up to Jacob.

"I know he was going to say no at first tell I told him that if he didn't agree everyone was going to die." He ends up hugging me.

"That's wonderful Jacob im glad you guys succeed at this. If you guys haven't heard we two had good luck on getting the continental army to help us." I smiled at him.

"That's great!"

"I know it is." I sqeeled.

"Uhhh Penny." Stephanie interrupted.

"Yes?" I looked at her.

"We have a problem..." She looked at the note she recived.

"Whats that." I looked at her.

"Well seems like our little friend escaped!"

"HE WHAT!" I went pale it felt like my soul drained out of me. "How did he escape we had him tied and had someone watching him!"

"Turns out he cut the rope lose and snuck past the guard which means his out there or worse in here somewhere." She said looking at the note.

"Great just great his out there or in here somewhere looking for me." I sat down on a step.

"Don't worry Penny ill protect." William came up and sat by me.

"Thanks." I looked into his eyes.

"But still if his here somewhere were going to catch him again and this time his staying with me so that way i can watch him." I got up poundind my hand into my other hand.

"Good luck getting me sweetie."

"WHY you when i get you i swear ill make you pay!" I turned around to see him at the top of the stairs.

"Like i said good luck getting me." He smiled at me.

"You know i well!" I ran up there to get him.

But i ended up getting caught instead "Let me go!" I screamed. "William help me!" I screamed out again.

"Don't worry penny I'm on my way he rushes up the stairs then Bishop brings out a gun "Take one more step i dare you to." He points at my head.

"Let her go." William said bring out his.

"Put the gun down or else she goes bye bye." He cocked his postal.

"William just do it please i don't want to die." I had tears running down my eyes.

William put it down on the floor and backed away "Good boy now if you'll excuse us." He ran out of the door taking me with him.

"Come on lets go after him we cant just let him take her away!" Jacob shouted.

"Agreed lets go after him!" William ran out the door.

"Come on guys lets go." He followed along.

"Don't let him get through that gate!" Stephanie shouted.

I on the other hand thought of an idea I changed into my wolf form and slipped out of his grip best plan i had so far. I tried running back when something got caught around me neck Shoot dang i thought. I then started to twist around like crazy to see if i can get the rope out of his grip. I then twisted so hard it flew out of his hand an up in the air it landed near him but i was quick enough to grab and make my way away from him. I ran off toward where Jacob was to keep safe. But then something hit me I was out like a light into a world of darkness was this it am i dead? Still darkness nothing happens so far it must be true i am dead lying on the ground motionless. Wait whats that noise I hear? Someone calling my name saying repetedly Penny, Penny! I hear it again Penny come on get up don't you die on me. Wait could this be right I'm not dead then how come i still darkness? I must be going crazy i thought then noise drifts away there i go again drifting away.

I slowly feel myself coming to it is true im not dead thank goodness my eyes slowly open everything is fuzzy. I turn my head slowly I'm in my room wait who's that in the corner? It stands up and comes closer to me i feel a hand touch my face I slowly bring my up and place it on top.

"I thought you going to be gone forever."

Now that's a familiar voice for sure its William.

"Well you thought wrong." I said softly.

"I cant wait to tell the others that your finally awake." He plants his lips on my head.

"The others are okay what happened to..." He cuts me off.

"The others are fine he got away sorry to say we almost had him but he made it over the fence but don't worry were currently fighting them away slowly." He smiles at me.

"Hmm well I'm just happy the others are okay especially you." I smiled at him back.

"I'm just happy that your alive."

"How long have i been out?"

"Oh for about a week."

"Really dang." I shook my head only for it to start hurting.

"Try taking it easy he hit you with the back of his pistol." He got up and smiled while walking to the door.

"OK just for you." I got my self comfortable.

"I'll be right back gotta go tell the others your okay."

Later that day I stayed in bed to take it easy my friends came in and out to say hi or just stand there and start whispering something.

"Whatcha talking about?" I asked Stephanie.

"Sorry I cant tell you." She smiled at me.

"Come tell me whats going on whats all the chatter for?"

"You'll see later." She got up and walked out the door.

So I laid there again waiting to see what all the buzzing about then William finally comes in with a huge grin on his face.

"Penny Marksin." He said sitting on my bed.

"Yes?" I looked at him with curiosity.

"Well you do the on-er of become my wife?" He said holding me hand.

I couldn't believe the words that came out of his mouth.

"I thought you never asked." I smiled

"So that's a yes I'm guessing?" He asked.

"Of course it is." I said smiling.