Gabriel smiled as Fred and George gleefully showed him around their shop. The colors were bright and Gabriel was sure they had used every color available. There were pranks, toys, sweets and even some cosmetics in cheerful packages lining the walls. Gabriel had been especially interested in the twelve-hour hair dye. The twins had explained that is was a paste, so you could color parts of your hair or you could thin the paste with water and color all of your hair quite easily. It wouldn't stain skin and washed away completely after twelve hours.

After Gabriel had seen the shop, the twins had shown him around the backroom, which had many stains on the floor, walls and ceiling, some of which looked to be scorch marks. Currently, they were in the small flat above the store having tea. It was a mismatch of furniture, mostly in neutral colors, but the bright purple walls let you know who lived here.

"So, man of mystery," Fred began. "How is old Hogwarts treating you?"

"The first two weeks were interesting, but now I'm just bored," Gabriel answered wrinkling his nose.

"Ronnikins says you're in sixth year classes," George said as he poured tea.

Gabriel rolled his eyes. "Yes, and everyone hates it. I never even signed up for classes; I was just given a timetable. The teachers and students both resent me being in classes I didn't take tests for, but honestly we have done a lot of revision and bookwork so far. I think they're doing that for me hoping I'll be able to keep up!"

"Mum was worried about that too," George said. "Apparently she told Ron off in a letter about being nicer to you."

Fred snickered, "Oi, mate, it's a funny thing to watch our mum talk about you. One minute she's angry and ranting and the next it's 'that poor little boy, he must feel so lost,'" Fred cooed in a high voice batting his eyelashes.

"Hey, I bet you've got Malfoy's knickers in a knot," George crowed. "The Ice Prince of Slytherin dethroned!"

Gabriel laughed at their antics, and took a cream cake from the plate on the table – the twins had each eaten one so he was hoping they were safe. "I haven't done much yet."

"Oh, he's so modest our Gabriel is," cooed Fred placing a hand over his heart.

"That he is, brother mine," George added. "Our sister tells stories of his greatness. How he fought to protect the ickle firsties." George flung a hand across his forehead, causing Gabriel to break out into more laughter.

"And don't forget how he clapped for each child, no matter what house they went into," Fred added with wide eyes.

"And the best, most amazing thing of all: he's still friends with everyone," George said, one hand on his heart and the other high in the air. "Our Gabriel sits with Neville in Herbology and Luna in charms."

"And don't forget Susan and Hermione in DADA." Fred nodded solemnly.

At this point Gabriel had fallen off his chair he was laughing so hard. The twins looked at each other and cooed, batting their ginger eyelashes. "And he's so dreeeaaammmmyyy!"

It took a few minutes before Gabriel stopped laughing long enough to get back on his chair. Wiping his eyes he gasped, "You two are too much! It hasn't been that exciting."

Fred grinned wickedly. "But you're bored now."

"Yes, and we know what happens when good, innocent boys get bored," George added with a dramatic sigh.

Gabriel grinned. "Well, I'm sure you two will be more than happy to help me with that."

"Of course we will. You're our silent partner, we would do anything for you," they said together with fake sincerity. Gabriel rolled his eyes.

"On a serious note, how are things going?" Fred asked.

"Yeah, mate, we've seen the Prophet," George explained.

Gabriel snarled, "That Skeeter woman is a bitch! Every other day something different is printed about me, and people treat me differently based on what she's written!" The woman has gone from one extreme to the other – at first it was 'poor little Harry Potter', and now it's 'what if he was raised by Death Eaters?' Seriously, I'm worried she will track down my family and get them into trouble."

"Oh, they're a sly bunch. They'll be fine," Fred said firmly.

"They hid you, didn't they?" George grinned. Gabriel nodded glumly. "Are you at least having fun doing magic?"

Gabriel snorted. "I haven't even used my wand yet! Seriously, everything is revision! Even Professor Snape has been assigning potions he knows I have made before! And when I ask questions, the professors either look at me like I'm crazy or tell me to ask one of the other students because they've covered that already."

"We're happy to help," exclaimed George.

"Ask away, mate," Fred added.

Chuckling, Gabriel said, "The only thing I really want to know is can you create spider webs that will shoot from your hands?" The twins looked puzzled. "I asked Professor Flitwick and he looked into it, but he couldn't find anything. Honestly, I can't believe he's never been asked before."

"Why would you want to shoot spider webs from your hands?" Fred asked.

"Spiderman is a Muggle superhero who shoots webs from his palms, and they're strong enough that he can swing from them and capture bad guys."

Thirty minutes later Gabriel had to leave and the twins' heads were full of ideas for making spider webs.

"If you need anything, let us know," George said giving Gabriel a hug goodbye.

"Indeed, but here are some items to start with," Fred said handing Gabriel a box. "Some of these are experimental so do let us know how they work out," he added hugging Gabriel and grabbing his bum.

"Thanks, I'll see you both soon," Gabriel said, and with a flick of his finger he removed the neon yellow handprint Fred had left on his arse.


Gabriel approached the gates of Hogwarts and saw Professor Snape coming towards him. "Good evening, Professor."

"Mr. Dragonheart, where have you been?" Severus asked, surprised to see a student out of bounds.

Gabriel frowned. "Did anyone notice me missing?"

"Not that I'm aware of," Severus said.

"Oh, good. Well, have a lovely evening and tell everyone I said hello," Gabriel said heading to the castle.

"Gabriel, you haven't told me where you were," Severus reminded him.

"Oh, no place of consequence. Now off with you, I'm sure Adonis is waiting," Gabriel chirped and skipped away, hearing Severus mutter about needing to see Adonis to complain about the impertinent brat he'd helped to raise!


Draco was surprised how large a group had shown up for the rugby game. Most of the players had Muggle backgrounds; however there were a few brave purebloods in the mix, including Weasley. Seeing others sitting on the ground to watch the game, Draco sneered at them and transfigured a rock into a large, plush couch. Sitting down he watched Pansy transfigure two tables for them to use. Blaise plopped down on the other end leaving Pansy to sit in the middle. Looking around, Draco saw the Slytherin first years who always hung out with Gabriel standing off to the side. They looked like they wanted to approach Draco and his friends, but were unsure without Gabriel there. Draco was a prefect; the younger students should feel safe with him and able to ask for his help. Looking over at the shy group Draco caught Ivy's eye, and with a smile he transfigured some pebbles into poufs. Ivy beamed and grabbed Amber, Rowan and Basil.

"Thanks, Malfoy," Ivy said in her soft voice.

"You're welcome. Would you all like something to drink?" Draco offered as if he was hosting a party.

"Yes, please," said Basil and the others nodded in agreement.

Draco snapped his fingers twice and a house elf popped in front of him. "Yes, master Malfoy, sir. How can Dobby be helping?"

"We would like some refreshments while we watch the game," Draco stated regally.

"Oh yes, master Malfoy, right away. Will you be wanting treats for everyone?" Dobby asked, his large eyes curious.

Before he could answer, Amber came over. "Malfoy, would you please make some more poufs for our friends?" Joining the Slytherin first years were two Ravenclaws, three Hufflepuffs and two Gryffindors. Coolly, Draco raised an eyebrow and then with a flick of his wrist created more poufs, all in Slytherin green. "Thank you," the new first years chimed, sitting down and excitedly chatting with their friends.

"Yes," Draco said softly to Dobby, "everyone will want something. Have the other house elves help you."

"Master Malfoy is such a kind master, yes he is. Dobby is so lucky," squealed Dobby as he vanished with a 'pop'.

"Are you feeling all right, Draco?" Pansy teased.

Draco sneered at his friend in answer and then turned to watch the players. They had gathered into two groups and looked to be getting ready to play. The team Gabriel was on was all dressed in purple and the other in gray. The players spread themselves out in what Draco guessed was an orderly pattern, then a player from the gray team kicked the ball and all hell broke loose. The crowd gasped and the girls squealed and hid behind their hands as the players slammed into each other. Draco was shocked at the viciousness of the game, and a few times he flinched as Gabriel was hit and bounced off the ground. Draco found he enjoyed the barbaric game and was soon cheering Gabriel's team on; he was the only Slytherin playing after all.

Draco held his breath when Gabriel got the ball. Seamus had kicked it and Gabriel was hoisted into the air by his teammates in order to catch it. Now he was running, strong legs pounding into the earth so fast he looked as if he was flying. Without missing a step, Gabriel darted between the other team's players, barely managing to avoid getting tackled. Draco's heart was beating wildly in his chest! The game was so barbaric and plebian, yet he felt his cock twitch as he watched Gabriel display such physical power and strength. Gabriel flung himself to the goal line, sliding across the grass in order to avoid Terry Boot catching him. The crowd cheered as Gabriel smacked the ball onto the ground and scored. Draco crossed his legs as he clapped, hoping to hide exactly how excited he was about the game.

Ron Weasley had the ball and was running toward the end of the field when a rather vicious Hufflepuff charged towards the redhead, leaning down and obviously intent on shouldering Weasley in the ribs. Out of nowhere, Gabriel caught the boy seconds before he hit, allowing Weasley to make the winning goal. Everyone cheered; Weasley jumped around and scooped Gabriel up into his arms. Draco glared and then relaxed when all of the boys began jumping about and hugging each other.

"What is going on here?" Madam Pomfrey screeched, her hands on her hips as she glared at the players. They had all sustained some kind of injury, most were just scrapes and bruises, but others had cuts that were bleeding and injured wrists and ankles.

Gabriel limped out of the crowd and smiled warmly at the angry mediwitch. "Madam Pomfrey, you're an angel! We're in need of your assistance."

"And why exactly should I help you when it looks like you did this to yourselves?" she demanded.

"Madam Pomfrey, you know how it is. We were going to play a simple, fun game and then all of these lovely people showed up," Gabriel explained dramatically. "We just couldn't help showing off. We tried, but alas we were ruled by our hormones and helpless to resist." Gabriel batted his eyelashes playfully.

Madam Pomfrey's lips twitched as she tried not to smile. "I will only heal serious injuries; everything else will have to heal on its own."

Gabriel leaned in flirtatiously. "You're a true gem. What would we poor, foolish boys do without you?"

Blushing she said, "Hush, young man, and let me by."

Gabriel grinned as he watched the mediwitch heal the other players.

"Mr. Dragonheart," Severus said his voice deep and silky.

"Hello, Professor Snape; how was your evening?"

"Very enjoyable, thank you," Snape replied politely. "Would you be so kind as to explain what is going on here?"

"Oh, we were just playing a game," Gabriel said dismissively.

Severus raised an eyebrow in disbelief as he looked over his student. Gabriel had a gash on his cheek that had grass and dirt stuck to it, he was holding his ribs protectively and keeping his weight off of his right foot. "You are seriously injured."

"It's not so bad. I'll be fine," he assured. At Severus' incredulous look, Gabriel grinned. "It was really fun!"

Severus rolled his eyes, "You are a very odd child." This simply made Gabriel grin more. Severus began casting diagnostic and healing charms on his snake. "You have three cracked ribs and a sprained ankle, along with numerous contusions and abrasions." Gabriel sighed with relief as his ribs were healed. "I, like Madame Pomfrey, am not going to heal the minor injuries. You will have to live with your foolishness."

"Thank you, Professor Snape," Gabriel said sweetly.

"Were any of my other snakes foolish enough to involve themselves in this?" Severus demanded as he scanned the crowd.

"No, Professor, the rest of your snakes are far wiser than I."

Severus looked down at Gabriel, his whole face softening. "Yes, well, I blame your uncle for the grief you're causing me."

Gabriel smirked and whispered, "I hope he made it up to you tonight."

Severus raised an eyebrow, "I was feeling rather relaxed until I saw you. Go back to the dorms and clean up. I'll give Draco a salve to put on your scrapes so they don't get infected."

Gabriel nodded and limped back to the castle chatting happily with a bunch of first years from many houses. Severus shook his head and saw his godson walking towards him. "Mr. Malfoy, I do hope you weren't part of this craziness."

"Of course not, Professor Snape. I was merely here for the entertainment value."

Severus walked towards the castle with Draco at his side. "How is your father?"

Draco knew Severus had seen his father's owl at breakfast and wanted to make sure he was alright. "Father is well, and interested in our newest student. He's told me he hopes the two of us will be close."

Severus was quiet for a moment. They weren't alone and he needed to be careful with how he worded things. "How will that work for you?"

Draco held his head high, "Being close to him will help me achieve my future goals, and I've told father that there is a way to become very close with him."

Severus raised an eyebrow, "Do you think your father will approve of this plan?"

Draco shrugged, "I'm not sure, but I expect a reply from father tomorrow morning."

"Are you alright with the plan?" Severus questioned. Draco was a very private person. Gabriel wouldn't want to keep a relationship secret; he wouldn't see any reason to.

"Yes, the potential benefits are well worth the risks."

"Let me know if I can assist you in any way," Severus said as they reached his chambers. Going inside, he brought out several vials and two squat jars of salve.

Draco smiled brightly, "You always do." Looking around and seeing no one Draco whispered, "Goodnight, Uncle Severus."

Gabriel limped out of the shower with only a towel wrapped around his waist and collapsed on his bed. His body ached, but he felt so good. Hogwarts required a lot of sitting around and he missed being physically active. The dorm door opened and Gabriel heard soft, measured footsteps - Draco.

"Okay Dragonheart, I have some potions from Professor Snape, so you need to sit up."

Gabriel groaned as he sat up, "Could you call me Gabriel now?"

Draco narrowed his eyes, "Why?"

Gabriel shrugged, "Well, you did flirt with me."

"Hmm, true, I did," Draco said holding out a green potion. "Drink this." His gray eyes widened in surprise when Gabriel didn't even ask what the potion was. Next he handed him a light blue potion, which again Gabriel drank without question. When he held out a darker blue potion, Gabriel shook his head.

"No thanks, I don't need that one," Gabriel said as he lay back down with a sigh and closed his eyes. When Draco didn't do or say anything, Gabriel opened tired green eyes again. "What?"

"How do you know what the potions are for?" Draco asked curiously.

Gabriel smirked softly. "I collected potions ingredients, made some potions and studied potions so that I could supply better ingredients. I have been doing so for ten years."

Draco nodded in understanding. "I have a salve for your cuts and one for your sprained ankle."

"Thank you," Gabriel sighed, then held up his injured foot, closing his eyes again.

Draco snorted, his eyes wide. Did this boy really expect him to apply the salves himself? Glaring at the proffered foot, he saw it wiggle and realized Gabriel did expect him to. Grabbing the foot, Draco sat down on the bed ignoring Gabriel's hiss of pain. He scooped out some of the comfrey salve and with gentle, firm strokes rubbed it into the sprained ankle. Gabriel moaned softly as his foot began to feel better. Draco blushed lightly and gently placed the foot back on the bed. Looking Gabriel over, Draco moved to the head of the bed to tend to the cut on his cheek. Gabriel sighed and moved into the gentle touch, making Draco grin at the brunet.

"Are there any other cuts?" Draco asked softly.

Sleepy green eyes fluttered open and looked confused for a moment. Draco was about to ask again when Gabriel rolled onto his stomach, the towel sliding to the side revealing a golden, muscular thigh. Draco swallowed hard and forced himself to look away from the tempting skin. Draco flinched as he took in the sculpted back. The golden skin was covered in thin, red scrapes. Obviously Gabriel had hit his back more than once during the game. Taking a generous amount of the healing salve, Draco began to massage it onto Gabriel's back.

Gabriel moaned softly in bliss, his whole body relaxing at the firm touch. Draco's hands were large and strong. The long fingers caressed his skin leaving trails of warm pleasure in their wake. "Umm, feels so nice," Gabriel said in a breathy whisper. Draco's fingers paused for a moment, but a whimper of protest got him moving again.

"You're a hedonist," the blond chuckled.

"M'kay. Don't stop,"

Draco shook his head and continued until every inch of Gabriel's back was liberally coated in healing salve. No longer having a reason to keep touching the beautiful boy beneath him, Draco moved to the side. "Feeling better?"

"Lots better, thank you," Gabriel answered rolling onto his left side so he could see the sexy boy.

Draco tilted his head, his eyes narrowed in focus.

"What?" Gabriel asked softly.

Slowly, Draco reached out and touched Gabriel's tattoo. The colors were vibrant and Draco had always admired the artwork gracing Gabriel's upper arm, but now it looked different. The dragon was made of icy blues, grays and whites with swirls of snow coming off its scales. The phoenix's plumage was done in fiery reds, oranges, and yellows. Not only did they circle Gabriel's arm and each other, but also, for the first time Draco could see that the two powerful magical creatures embraced. They were not fighting, nor angry. In fact, they looked at each other with love. Draco was stunned, his fingers continuing to run over the artwork as if that would help him understand it better.

"Do you like it?" Gabriel asked his voice husky and soft.

"They're opposites. How can they be together?" Draco whispered.

Gabriel smiled and reaching up caressed Draco's soft cheek. "The world would be exceedingly boring if opposites didn't come together. Opposite and incompatible are two different things."

Draco's eyes fluttered at the touch, taking a deep breath he whispered, "I wrote to my father this morning."

Gabriel traced Draco's high cheekbones and proud jaw. "Do you think he will like your plan?"

"He's far too Slytherin not to," Draco answered smugly.

Gabriel leaned up on one elbow, the other hand bringing Draco down to him. Just before their lips met Gabriel asked, "And if he doesn't like your plan?"

"I don't care," Draco answered as he pressed his lips to Gabriel's.

Gabriel moaned. Draco's lips were soft and firm. Chills went through his body as their lips moved against one another. Draco shifted so he was lying next to the brunet. He shuddered as Gabriel's tongue reached out and traced his bottom lip. Both boys moaned and pressed closer when Draco opened his mouth and their tongues met. Gabriel's hand tightened in Draco's hair as they explored each other for the first time. Desperate for air, the two boys pulled apart, their breath coming in harsh pants.

"You taste divine," Gabriel whispered as he pressed his forehead to Draco's.

Draco blushed furiously, but gathered his wits before answering. "Of course I do, I'm a Malfoy."

Gabriel grinned happily. "While I would like nothing more than to keep you in my bed all night learning everything about you, I'm exhausted."

Draco smirked and kissed Gabriel's forehead, pushing him down and covering him up with the duvet. "I can only imagine how overwhelming kissing me for the first time must be; of course you need your rest."

"Good night," Gabriel said with a yawn, his eyes twinkling with laughter.

"Sleep well," Draco said as he got up and went down to the common room.

It wasn't until much later that night that Draco realized two very important things. Gabriel had referred to what he'd written to Lucius as his 'plan', and Gabriel was completely naked under the duvet.