Chapter Eighty-three

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Gabriel's hands clutched at the katana piercing the Dark Lord's body. His magic, energy and life force were stretched to the brink. He could feel the presence of his family, and was deeply thankful for their help as the pieces of Tom Riddle's soul slowly came together. He could hear the battle going on around him, and could feel Draco behind him, but Gabriel was removed from all of it. The potion Draco had fed him had successfully pulled him into the spirit world so he could do his work. Gabriel continued to chant the incantation as he forced the pieces together. They were so close, almost touching. Gabriel could feel that they wanted to join, but just couldn't. Taking a deep breath, Gabriel forced everything he was and everything he was being given into the fragments.

Light and magic swirled as Tom Riddle's soul became whole once again. Gabriel felt his body fall back onto Draco, as the last of Voldemort's life drifted away. Gabriel stayed kneeling, shivering as he separated from his body. Looking up he saw a handsome teenager. Tom thanked him and then floated away into a warm golden light. Gabriel felt draw to the light. Then he heard Draco and Vincent calling to him. "I don't want to go. I need a way back into my body," Gabriel thought and instantly was sucked back into his body, as Draco's potion did its final task and faded from his body.

Gabriel didn't know were he was. The bed was firm and the air smelled of potions and nothing else, like it had been cleaned so deeply that nothing existed in it. He could faintly hear the song Mbiriviri would sing to protect him from others' emotions. A cool hand held his. Gabriel wanted to turn his head and open his eyes, but he couldn't. He felt as if he was too deep inside his body, as if he had to come closer to the surface to get control over himself again.

"Your school is very interesting; I hope you get up soon so you can show me around," Jaime said to him. "Your friend, Luna, has been showing me around. She's been telling me all about rare magical creatures. Have you ever seen a blibbering humdinger?"

Gabriel drifted off happily listening to Jaime talking.

"I hate him," Draco sneered softly, as if he didn't want anyone else to hear him. "I know he's your friend, but he's been more than just a friend. I can tell by the way he touches you. Merlin, earlier today he was running his fingers though your hair! Then he laid next to you talking about everything, and I wanted to throw his aquatic arse out the bloody window! You're mine, and I want you to wake up right now and tell him so!" Gabriel heard Draco stomp his foot.

The bed shifted and a warm body was pressed against his. "Please, Gabriel, please come back. I miss you so much." Draco's voice hitched with a soft sob. "Please, I need you."

Gabriel fought to get closer to the surface, cursing the blackness as it took him again.

Tatiana and Aubrey were dancing on his bed. Music filled the room, and his father's voice could be heard singing along.

"Are you sure he's going to wake up, Baba?" Aubrey asked as he bounced over his brother's sleeping form.

"Of course, he just needs an incentive to wake up."

"Like triple ginger biscuits?" Tatiana squealed.

"Yes, shall we have some?" Dad said.

Gabriel felt them sit down around him, and the sterile smell was replaced with the scent of fresh sweet ginger. Gabriel's nose twitched as he rose to the surface before fading away again.

"I love him, and I wouldn't do anything differently, but still, my leg," Adonis cried softly whispering his confession. "I can walk, but I have a limp. I'll never be able to be part of our performances again. I don't even know that I'll travel with the troupe again. I want to be with Severus and was planning on talking with him about what we would do, but now what will I do? Cook, clean, help cut ingredients for his potions?"

Gabriel felt Adonis grasp his hand holding on tightly. "I want to do those things and I want to help him, but I can't see that being all I do, or all that my life is."

Gabriel surged forward as much as possible and squeezed Adonis' hand. He blacked out even before he heard Adonis' shocked gasp.

Hard heels clicked rhythmically against the stone floor. "I should have protected him. I should have kept him safe. Instead he almost died. Gabriel, he was so pale. Madam Pomfrey had to start his heart twice because of how much blood he'd lost. And I'm so happy that he is with me, it's all I really care about. He has lost significant use of his leg. And I don't know if I can keep him happy. He's used to traveling. How will I keep him happy?" Severus sat down with a sigh.

"Speaking of unhappiness, you need to wake up soon; my godson is driving me insane with his moping. He keeps glaring at Jaime who I think winds him up just for fun, or to keep his mind off of you."

"Gabriel," Kamala sniffed, her face buried in his chest. "Tomorrow is Christmas. There's a big tree, and we haven't opened our Solstice gifts yet. The adults said we would open them tomorrow, but all I want is you."

Kamala cried as she clutched his top. He could feel the dampness of her tears. His fingers twitched; he wanted to comfort his sister. His hand moved and darkness enveloped him again.

He woke to the sound of cheerful chatter, the morning light banishing the darkness behind his eyes. The rich smell of sticky buns and eggs filled the air.

"Okay everyone, gather round and we'll start opening presents," Ria called out. "We'll go youngest to oldest, so Talha will go first."

Gabriel could hear the paper tearing, and Talha shriek with delight.

"Guess what, he loves the paper! Who would have guessed," laughed Soto.

Gabriel smiled softly before returning his focus to waking up. The bed dipped. "I'll tell you what everyone gets, okay," Kamala said.

Kamala described each present as Talha, Aubrey and then Tatiana opened their gifts. Gabriel received hugs and kisses as thanks for his gifts.

"It's my turn now." Kamala moved to stand up when a hand gripped her wrist. Gabriel forced his eyes open, smiling up into her chocolate brown eyes. "Gabriel!"

Everyone rushed to the bed, and slowly he made eye contact with them all, except Talha who was busy chewing on wrapping paper. Gabriel tried to say something, 'I love you,' or 'Merry Christmas', anything at all, but instead his eyes fluttered closed and he feel asleep.

"Everyone else is in the Great Hall having Christmas dinner, but I wanted to come and spend some time with you."

Gabriel could tell that he wasn't going to actually reach consciousness and instead faded back into sleep as his godfather explained in great detail about the Weasley twins' great victory at the Ministry of Magic.

"I could make him orgasm, that should wake him up," Lysander offered casually.

"What!" Draco yelled.

"Well, he responds really well to my bite. So I could drink from him, and he could have another powerful, amazing orgasm, which I'm sure would wake him up."

Gabriel could feel Draco seething, and by the sound of his footsteps he was advancing on the vampire. This was not good.

"Draco," Gabriel breathed softly. He wasn't sure anyone would hear him, but then the room went completely silent. Suddenly a potion vial was pressed against his lips. Gabriel recognized the spicy taste of Pepperup Potion and felt steam come out of his ears. It was much milder than he was used to and his expression must have shown his confusion.

"It's a version of Pepperup used for small children when they are sick," Severus explained. "Madam Pomfrey insisted that you needed to stay awake for a while. She has been giving you potions, but only in small doses, and you need to eat something."

"Okay," Gabriel rasped. Blinking rapidly he tried to adjust his eyes to the light. Thankfully someone noticed and turned them down. A large figure swam into view. Before Gabriel could focus on who it was he was wrapped up in strong arms. Inhaling, he breathed in the scent of his Baba.

"Cherub, we were so worried!" Mudiwa said softly as he helped his son sit up.

Vincent adjusted his pillows and took Gabriel into his arms. "Never again can you scare us like that, do you understand me, young man?"

"Never again, I promise, Dad."

"Are you feeling okay?" Ria asked, worry marring her brow.

Pausing before he answered Gabriel shrugged his shoulders. "I'm achy from lying down for so long, but other than that I feel fine. What time is it?"

"Eight-thirty," Adonis answered limping into view. "The little ones are going to be so angry that they missed seeing you awake. Soto and Naveen put them to bed, but they should be back soon."

Tears filled Gabriel's emerald eyes. "I'm so sorry about your leg. I should have…"

"No! No, don't you dare!" Adonis choked hobbling to Gabriel's bedside. "You did enough, more than enough. And yes my life will change, but I wouldn't do anything differently. Not a single thing, do you hear me."

Gabriel sniffed and nodded, burying his face into golden curls as Adonis held him tightly.

"I'd better let you go, there are others waiting to say hello."

As Adonis stood up Lysander flung himself on top of Gabriel with a wicked grin on his face. "Your boyfriend is rather easy to wind up."

Gabriel smiled and looked over Lysander's shoulder to see a very annoyed Draco. "He's coming over here."

"Well then, I'll have to do this quickly." And with that Lysander leaned down and pressed a quick kiss to his lips before leaping off the bed like a cat and landing safely away from striking distance.

With grace and dignity Draco took a clean washcloth from the bedside table and with a quick spell had it warm and damp. Carefully he wiped Gabriel's lips. "I wouldn't want to catch anything," he sneered before leaning down and kissing Gabriel softly.

"I love you," Gabriel sighed as Draco sat up.

"I love you too."

"Sorry to end the sweetness, but I have some potions and soup for Gabriel," Elena said as she placed a tray over Gabriel's lap.

"Thank you." Gabriel looked over the potions and took the nutrient and strengthening potions before eating, leaving the magic stabilizing potion for later. "While I eat can anyone tell me how long I've been asleep and what has happened?"

Gabriel took a spoonful of the rich smelling pumpkin soup and hummed happily. Everyone smiled as their fears of Gabriel not returning to them dissipated.

"You have been asleep for four days. Today is Christmas Day." Vincent told him.

"Madam Pomfrey said that other than being exhausted, physically and magically, there was nothing wrong with you," Severus explained, his arms wrapped around his fiancé.

Gabriel set his spoon down as if was going to speak, when Ria interrupted him. "Oh no you don't! You go right back to eating! We can wait to hear you part of the story. We have already shared ours. Draco and Severus told us about the potion. Draco also shared his experience during the battle. Your family and friends from all over the world meditated and sent you energy. Did you feel it?"

Gabriel nodded, not willing to try speaking again.

"Perfect. The Magical Creatures Council came and helped. We would have lost so many if they hadn't been here. Most of them have gone home, but Lysander, as you know, is still here." Ria gave Gabriel a sly look. "How did you keep your innocence while training with him all those years?"

Gabriel blushed and before he, Lysander or Draco could comment, Mudiwa took up the conversation. "Jacob, Miriam, Jaime and Shawn are also still here."

Draco snarled.

"Before they attacked here, Death Eaters were sent to the Ministry. Unfortunately many people died, including Dumbledore, but no one else you knew," Vincent explained trying to divert attention away from his son's ex-lovers. "Voltaire and the other council members have been working closely with the new Ministry officials. Things are changing quickly. You should be very proud."

Gabriel blushed and focused more intently on his soup.

The next few days were spent reconnecting with everyone and slowly regaining his strength. The Ministry held a ball in his honor, which Gabriel attended under protest. However, in his speech he listed everything everyone had ever done to help him, and expressed his gratitude for all the good work the Ministry was now doing. Orders of Merlin were presented to everyone who had helped. Gabriel beamed with happiness as so many of his friends and family were presented with the coveted awards. This was the first time that magical creatures and Squibs had been awarded the Order of Merlin.

Narcissa Malfoy attended the party with Hydras. She cried when she saw Draco, holding him closely to her and praising him for the man he had become.

Later that night Draco had cried for the loss of his father, and for his mother's words. Gabriel held him tightly through it all.

July 14th, 1997. Oma's Farm, Switzerland

Gabriel took a deep breath of the fresh, flower-scented air. The sun had just begun to set and the sky was washed in soft colors. Adonis and Severus stood before Oma. They were getting bonded today and everyone had come. Draco and Blaise sat next to Gabriel, with Hydras, Aubrey and Tatiana crawling all over the three of them. Gabriel hugged Hydras to him, as Severus began to say his vows. His deep voice was rough with emotion. Adonis beamed in happiness as his eyes filled with tears. As the newly bonded pair kissed Draco laced his fingers through Gabriel's. Gabriel leaned over and kissed Draco's soft cheek, with turned pink with embarrassment.

This was what Gabriel had fought and been willing to die for. Looking around he saw all of his family and friends: Ria's family from India; Jaime and his family; Dario and Luca; and Philip, Freja and Lucas with their family and pack were all at the farm. Lysander and his girlfriend Marcy would be arriving at dark for the party. And of course there were the gypsies Gabriel had lived with since he was five, plus Soto and Elena's new baby boy, Riku.

Everything was working out. Severus didn't want to stay at Hogwarts. Instead, he would be making potions for those who ordered them. He already had orders from St. Mungo's and the Hogwarts infirmary. Severus also wanted to collect a lot of the ingredients himself, so he and Adonis planned to travel frequently to collect top quality fresh ingredients. For their honeymoon they were going to Costa Rica, a place Adonis had never been.

Adonis was going to focus on his artwork for now. He still hadn't decided what he was going to do with his time. Severus said he would need to find something to occupy his time soon, because apparently the golden man got horny when he was bored, and Severus couldn't get any work done.

Draco and Hydras were spending the summer traveling with the Dragonheart clan. Gabriel was thrilled to be able to spend his summer with them. Mrs. Malfoy was convicted of being an accessory to Death Eater crimes, and was confined to her house. She was currently writing her memoirs and Draco thought she would be back at the top of the social circles in no time.

"Are you going to sit here all night grinning like a loon, or shall we join the party?" Draco drawled, amused at his lover's behavior.

"Do you want to get married someday?"

Draco raised an elegant silvery eyebrow at the uncouth emerald-eyed man. "Yes, someday I would like to get married and have a family. But until then, I think I would like to see the world. Do you know any way I could travel around Europe and Asia learning about the people and cultures? Eating new foods and buying exotic clothes and trinkets, perhaps? Or maybe you know a place where my baby brother could come along too?"

Gabriel grabbed Draco and kissed him fiercely. "With me, you can come with me, and I'll show you everything!"