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By the time they were halfway through their eggs, there was a ringing noise coming from Drew's pocket. He retrieved his phone. "Hello."

"Yeah, we're here. What floor is your room on?"

"We're eating breakfast. Ground floor café."

"Okay, we're parking now. We'll be in soon."

"Bye." He placed his phone onto the table. "They're here, so we better hurry up with this." He gestured to the flood sitting on his plate.

Dave began to scarf down his food. Drew had never seen someone eat that fast before.

"Okay, I'm done," he said, his mouth full of bacon. He downed the remaining amount of his orange juice in one drink.

"Dang, I just got to my toast. And my coffee is still scorching."

"Put some ice in it." He grabbed a handful of ice from the crystal dish that was next to the salt shaker and dropped it into Drew's cup.

"Oww," Drew complained as a drop of coffee landed on his forearm. "I cannot believe that we've eaten breakfast together all through college. With how messy a eater you are, and how many shirts I had to change, I'm surprised I still ate at the same table."

Dave rolled his eyes. "Hey, who cooks for you all?"

"Okay, I admit, you make some pretty good food. But Imogen definitely makes better desserts."

"Even better than my Grandma's apple pie recipe?"

"Come on, you've had her Tiramisu."

"Ugh, yes. Amazing! It's probably the only thing that truly blows my cooking out of the water."

"Hey, they're here." Drew glanced toward the entrance of the café. He quickly took a long gulp of his coffee, pushed his chair in, and stood up. Before standing up, Dave snatched a piece of leftover sausage from Drew's plate, receiving a blunt slap from his friend. "Don't you ever eat?"

Dave ignored the question, grabbing his jacket from off of the back of his chair. "So, no luck in finding her, I guess."

"Thanks, Captain Obvious," Eli said.

"Hey, calm down. We'll find her."

"My sister is lost. How can I calm down?" He ran a hand through his hair.

A laugh erupted from Drew's throat.

Dave joined in on the laughing. "You got married?"

Eli, annoyed with the banter, slipped the ring off of his finger and put it into his pocket. "Yes, I was drunk. We all were. I'll find out who my 'bride' is later, but first, we need to find Imogen. Can we be mature about this? Seriously."

"Well, did you try to call her phone?"

"Of course. No answer, though."

"Dammit. Um, Adam, how many hotels are there in Las Vegas?"

"A l-lot."

"Okay, well we can try calling some."

"But most hotels don't give out names."

"Make up a story."

Adam asked to borrow the phone book from the café, and then the four young men got to work on thinking of an excuse. They all pulled out their cell phones as soon as they found a number to call.

"Her test results are back," Adam said, after dialing a number and asking if there was an Imogen Moreno who checked in.

Drew, however, was stuck on what to say. The woman on the other side of the phone was growing impatient. He racked his brain for a good excuse, but ending up blurting out, "Her partner contracted a rare South American disease."

Drew's comment nearly made Dave laugh through his own made up story. He regained his composure when the man on the phone asked him if he was okay. After saying that he was fine, he explained that Imogen's 'illegal entry into the country had been reported to the authorities.'

"Okay, thank you," Drew said. "Guess someone doesn't want her at their hotel. It's a little far away, but I'm sure we can make it there soon."

"Awesome. Well, let's get going then." Adam led them all back to the car.

"What was your excuse anyway?" Eli asked when they were all in the car.

"South American disease. What was yours?"

"Her sister gave birth," he chuckled. "Couldn't come up with anything better."

"Well, at least we found her."

Eli smiled a little. Yeah, I guess that's true. At least now we know that she's safe.