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Jared and I weaved in and out of the trees, following the sickly sweet stench. Our paws thudded loudly against the wet forest floor and every second we lost almost killed me.

Leah. What if they got her?

Who cares about Leah? Jared howled. What if the leech got Kim?

I wanted to impale Jared with one of the twigs on the ground but now wasn't the time. We ran towards the normally deserted side of La Push where screams started.

I pushed myself harder, running faster than I ever have. I couldn't lose her.

Finally, we reached the fringe of the forest. We leaped out to find the blood-sucker.

A pale golden-haired vampire was draining the life out of his victim. My stomach dropped when I realized his victim was a quiet, demure and obedient girl named Bette Spiegelman who was always nice to me and always said hi.

Jared snarled and lunged towards the vampire. The leech dropped Bette on the sandy ground and turned to full on face us.

"Werewolves, huh?" He shook his head, his cold blood-red eyes sparkling with amusement. "The universe never fails to amuse me so."

I jumped on him and got a chunk out of him. He howled in pain and kicked me in the stomach.

"I just realized that werewolves aren't exactly buddy-buddy with vampires, are they."

Jeez, this one's sharp. Jared snickers.

I snarled at the leech since I couldn't exactly speak. Pain was erupting where he kicked me but I jumped towards him again.

"Whoa, whoa, calm down here!" He cried. "I mean no harm!"

Almost simultaneously, Jared and I gestured towards Bette. The sharp, rusty smell of blood was everywhere and nauseated me so much I felt like vomiting in the bushes next to me.

"Simply a necessity. Besides, she was kind of annoying. Who wouldn't want to get rid of her?"

That's it. I ripped his left arm off and he spat venom at me. Quickly dodging, I accidentally tripped over a cold stone. The blood that spilled out from Bette's neck wound onto the forest floor made me remember I had to kill this horrible thing.

Before it gets to Leah. I have to protect her.

Jared flung himself at the vamp who intercepted him and grabbed him by the arm which I promptly ripped out. While he screamed in agony, Jared bit his leg off and I growled.

Finally, I delivered the fatal blow and ripped out his neck. Changing back into human form, we burned the pieces of the vampire into ashes and looked at poor Bette Spiegelman.

"What are we going to do?" I asked.

"How the hell am I supposed to know? I mean-"

A shrill scream sounded from behind us and I spun around to see my imprint, staring at the dead girl in fear.

Oh, crap . . .

Leah's gaze landed on us and she glared at us. "What the h-hell," she breathed. "I'm going to call the police!" Tears poured down her face.

My heart broke. It hurt me to see her cry like that. She shouldn't have had to see that.

"Omigod. You killed her!" She screamed. "Murderers!"

Jared face-palmed. "No! You've got it all wrong! We didn't-"

"Save it. I don't care." She glared hard, her dark beautiful eyes hard.

With that, my love ran away, thinking I killed a sweet, innocent girl.

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