An Older Sisters Love Chapter 5

Ichika awoke with the smell of Chifuyu's hair in his nose, the curve of her skin in his arms and the warmth of her body pressed against his. It had been weeks since the Inn, long enough for it to have become summer break but it was still something to be remarked upon. The weeks at school had been difficult, snatched moments after class and in her room for "counseling" had been their only recourse but it had been enough.

He smiled, nuzzling into her hair gently as they lay together in her bed. Chifuyu had invited him to her room the first night home and he'd never left. It was something he loved, to have her in his arms in the morning. He gave her a small squeeze with his arms, just enough to feel the skin of her stomach compress against his before he began to carefully extricate himself from bed. Breakfast still needed to be made, even if Chifuyu had finally agreed to indulge and sleep in a bit.

Smile on his face, Ichika stood from the bed and slid on his slippers. Clad in only his shirt and boxers he began to get ready for the day.


Waiting until Ichika had closed the bedroom door, Chifuyu rolled over into the position in the bed that he had just vacated. As much as Ichika might want her to indulge, sleeping in even a little bit after years of getting up early every day was not something her body could immediately adjust to. Instead she indulged herself in other ways.

Her favorite was waking up early enough that she could simply lay with Ichika. There wasn't a great deal of time since Ichika had normally gotten up around the same time as her to cook but there was enough. She never moved, at least not in any way that could be seen as purposeful. Scooting closer to him, moving her head until she could feel his breath on her hair and the occasional tug on his arm to hold her tighter was all she ever did.

At least until he moved, then she immediately rolled over into his spot. The warmth and smell of the man she loved in her bed gave her such pleasure that she indulged herself every day. If she could have she would have carried it everywhere with her but propriety had to be maintained outside of the house. Inside was a different story.

She hadn't thought about it consciously at first but she had begun wearing less than she normally did when she was around Ichika. They were close, closer than any other set of siblings she could think of but she'd never been one to be dressed indecently. Her normal outfit was a suit and she'd never hang around the house in anything less than long pants and a top.

Now she was regularly wearing shorts around Ichika, slender tank tops and the occasional drop into just her underwear after a bath or getting home. Ichika always reacted in shock but he still looked at her. That was all she cared about and all she wanted from him. There were many barriers that still needed to be broken down between them and she was still the elder so it affected her way of thinking. She would lead and Ichika usually followed, which made the times when he took the initiative all the more sweet for her.

After several minutes she could hear Ichika in the kitchen, the sound of metal being moved around gently and the smell of rice cooking along with some other spices. Even if she hadn't been hungry the smell would have made her stomach rumble, as it was she could smell Ichika making some of her favorite foods. A small groan and a last breath that included Ichika's scent was all she did before rolling out of bed.

Looking down at herself she decided that today would be another test for Ichika. Leaving only her underwear on she went and grabbed one of Ichika's button down shirts from the day before. It didn't really fit her but that wasn't the point. Perhaps it was a bit too much for him but she still remembered the way he had touched her that night at the Inn and the way he had stared at her. She may have not been watching her clock tick like some women but she wanted her lover to look at her like any other.

A quick check to make sure that the shirt wasn't actually going to pop off of her and a brush of her hair made her presentable enough. She reached into the side drawer, picking up the necklace Ichika had given her and placing it around her neck like she did every day. Finally ready, she smiled waiting to see how the day would progress.


Ichika was mixing some vegetables in a pan when he heard the soft pad of feet behind him. He'd been getting better at hearing Chifuyu approach, she only managed to sneak up on him about two thirds of the time now instead of all the time. Still he reacted like he normally did when she wrapped her arms around his waist and leaned in to kiss his cheek.

"Good morning Ichika," she said, her body draped against his despite the low placement of her arms.

"Good morning Chifuyu," he said, giving one last swirl of the vegetables before he turned to kiss her in return and feeling a little bold, gave her a brief peck on the lips. Pulling back from the warmth of her lips, he caught sight of a little bit of surprise in her eyes before she smiled at him.

"You don't even blush anymore when you do that," she said happily, causing Ichika to flush anyway.

"I still like it," he said, turning his head back to the food.

"I know," she said leaning in to kiss him once more, "I like it too. Especially when you surprise me."

"It's only fair," he said, "You still surprise me all the time."

"I don't try to you know," she said, pulling back from the hug and heading towards the fridge.

"Don't fib Chifuyu," he said to her, "It's not becoming of you."

"Well, maybe a little bit," she said, opening the fridge door, "Do we have any milk?"

"There should be some in the back," he said, turning his head, "On the middle…"

Ichika's words failed him at the sight of Chifuyu bent over, wearing only a button down shirt and what appeared to be a set of panties. She grinned at him, the container of milk dangling from her fingers. His eyes wandered, up the long lines of her legs, the curve of her bent waist and the fully formed top that barely managed to cover her chest.

"You're doing it again," he said, managing to keep his voice from cracking.

"I am," she said, finally closing the door and grabbing herself a glass, "It's fun to see you blush."

"Well you're very good at it," he said, finishing up with the vegetables and double checking the rice.

"I've had practice," she said with a chuckle, moving to grab utensils for the both of them.

Ichika just shook his head, setting out their meal on the table as Chifuyu assisted with setting their places. That was another different thing, usually he'd do everything himself as Chifuyu got ready. Now she was helping in small but appreciated ways since she wasn't leaving immediately every morning.

After seating themselves next to each other and saying their thanks for the meal, Ichika and Chifuyu began a relatively leisurely meal compared to most days.

"Do you have any plans today?" Ichika asked Chifuyu part way through the meal, breaking the companionable silence.

"I may go out shopping," she said to him after she finished her bite, "There's a few things I need to get and there may be something I need to pick up from the academy if they get it finished in time." She took another bite, chewing thoughtfully before looking at Ichika once again. "What about you?"

"Today is the day that the girls are coming over," Ichika said, meeting her eyes briefly before going back to his food, "I wasn't sure if you remembered or not."

Chifuyu realized that she hadn't actually remembered, either she'd pushed it away somehow or she'd lost track of time. She forced down the irrational sense of jealousy that started to build inside of her. Ichika was hers and there was nothing those girls could do about it now.

"All of them?" she asked, her mind wandering to the talk that she'd had with them several weeks ago. She doubted that they would try anything directly to tempt Ichika but the five of them were generally strong of will when it came to anything but telling Ichika how they felt.

"I think so," Ichika replied, noticing the way that Chifuyu looked thoughtful, "At least they all said they were."

"Well just make sure you don't do anything crazy," Chifuyu said, digging back into her meal, "Not that they'd do something but you should still make sure they behave."

"Yes Chifuyu," Ichika said with a smile, "I'll make sure nothing happens while you're gone."

Chifuyu gave a little smile of her own and the rest of the meal was finished in a companionable silence, the two finishing almost simultaneously. Chifuyu stood, taking Ichika's plate with her and head to the sink, while he cleaned up the leftovers for use later.

Given Ichika's experience with what he was doing and Chifuyu's lack of practice washing dishes, it wasn't surprising to her that he finished first. What was surprising was the way that he managed to get behind her and wrap his arms around her before she could do anything.

"You're cute when you're jealous," he said as he held her close, the warmth of his body pressed against her back.

"And you are much too perceptive," she said to him, finishing with the last plate and setting it down off to the side, her head down.

"Only because I love you," he said to her, causing her to warm up even more.

Chifuyu turned around in his arms, her back pressed up against the counter as she wrapped her arms around his neck.

"Say it again," she said to him, her face warm.

"I love you Chifuyu," he said, the look in his eyes something that she knew was hers and only hers, just like the way she was looking back at him.

"I love you too Ichika," she said her eyes seeing nothing but him, all other thoughts pushed away for the moment.

He leaned forwards, tilting his head slightly as he kissed her once more. Her arms wrapped around his neck tighter, one hand going into his hair as his wrapped tighter around her waist. It was a deep kiss, slow and passionate between them. Chifuyu barely stopped herself from wrapping her leg around his, instead only rubbing his ankle with hers.

Finally the kiss broke between them, a smile on both of their faces.

"I need to get ready," Chifuyu finally said, "As much as I'd like to continue."

"Go get ready then," Ichika said, "And don't worry about me."

"I won't worry about today," she said as their arms finally parted, "But I'm never going to stop worrying about you."

"I know," he said, "Just like I worry about you."

Chifuyu simply shook her head at him, even though she still felt warm. It was one thing to idly know that someone cared about you. It was another thing entirely to understand that in your heart and mind.

"I know," she said, giving him a last little smile as she went to their room to change. As she walked, she made sure to put a little bit of an extra sway in her hips. It wasn't fair when he made her blush so much with simple words. A glance back showed him looking, a bit of red and a smile on his face. That was what she wanted and though her mind might worry a bit, her heart knew he was hers.


As the rest of the day came and went, Chifuyu couldn't help but worry about what was happening at her home. Ichika wouldn't do anything and the girls probably wouldn't either but she was still irrationally nervous. It frustrated her that she was but she couldn't help it. She chocked it up to her inexperience with love.

Still, her chores for the day were done, items bought and shipped, school duties completed after they had delayed somewhat. It was still only in the mid-afternoon, the girls probably hadn't left yet. She didn't want to intrude on anything but… but it was still her home. She could do whatever she wanted to. It wasn't like she'd purposefully intrude on them. She could go to her room or something.

Mind made up, she headed back home. She'd sported a nice set of jeans along with a shirt and undershirt combo for the day, relaxed but good looking. As she approached her house she looked down, mind wandering. A few minutes later and the button up was tied up around her middle, the undershirt not reaching far enough to cover her hips and leaving just a bit of her stomach visible. Undoing a few more buttons up top left her still stylish but showing off even more than she had been before. That would be enough for now.

Arriving home she heard a great deal of noise from inside. Opening the door she stepped further in, surprising everyone as she entered.

"Sounds like quite the party," she said, looking over the shocked girls and Ichika, who seemed almost mildly relieved to see her.

"Chifuyu, you're home early," he said, rising to great her.

"They were done sooner than I expected at work," she said, setting down her bag.

As Ichika came to greet her like he always did Chifuyu realized something. For the past few weeks they'd been kissing as their standard greeting and as much as she wanted to she couldn't grab him and plant a kiss on his lips. Not only would that give away everything between them, she just didn't think she wanted to kiss him in front of anyone.

As her mind raced on trying to tell Ichika he needed to stop, he simply gave her a wink. What should she do? Should she trust him? In the end she did, the corner of her mouth ticking up as her own signal.

Ichika leaned closer… planting a kiss on her cheek and gracing her with a smile. "Welcome home then," he said, "Do you want anything to eat or drink? I've cooked some and there's both cold and hot tea."

"Just some cold tea," she said, her eyes glancing over to where all five girls were staring at her, red in the face. So young, so inexperienced with love they were. She remembered back a few weeks to when her and Ichika had first kissed. She'd been much like them but now the kiss on the cheek was nothing compared to what she normally got.

Forcing back a smirk Chifuyu moved towards the back door of the house, hands dropping to her shirt and taking it off. The white button up came off easily, leaving her in only the tight jeans and black tank-top she had underneath. She could feel the girls still staring at her and she was glad that she'd gotten used to Ichika looking at her. She knew what she had now compared to them and she used that as confidence as she turned back around.

"Having fun?" she asked the assembled five, looking at a number of small cakes they had brought, as well as a game, that had been brought out from somewhere.

There was an assembled mumble from the girls, who were still staring at her as if she'd somehow preformed magic or grew a second head.

"We've been having a good time," Ichika said as he approached, handing her the cup of cold tea.

"Good," said Chifuyu, taking the cup from his hands with a smile and taking a sip. It was Barley tea, made as she preferred it. Letting out a sigh she nodded to Ichika and gave him a bit of a nod. "Thank you Ichika," she said to him.

"You're welcome Chifuyu," he said, looking back at the girls again. "Does anybody else want something?"

"No," came from all five of them, the air in the room a little bit tense still as five teenagers tried to figure out how to overcome a protective older sister.

"Well I'll leave you all to your fun," Chifuyu said, heading back towards her room, "Don't be too loud though."

When the door finally shut behind her, Chifuyu let out a sigh. The girls clearly still saw her as some kind of rival, though she wished she could come out and show them just how much of one she was. They had no chance for Ichika's heart, yet she couldn't show them that.

Thinking about heading to her computer to do some more work, she instead decided to flop down on the bed, pulling Ichika's pillow to her as she calmed herself, the sound of voices still audible outside the room.


Ichika had been glad Chifuyu arrived when she did, things were starting to get just a little bit out of hand between the girls and while he was more confident than he had been, it was still difficult to wrangle all five of them. Things were much more subdued now, the game progressing smoothly until they finally finished, things still active but with less of an edge.

As the game got packed up, he could hear the girls talking. Some of it was about the game, much of the rest still about Chifuyu and how she entered the house.

"I mean… a kiss on the cheek!" says one non-hushed whisper.

"They looked like a married couple!" came another one, the voice clearly thinking it was hushed enough. Ichika simply shook his head, checking the time. It was late enough that they'd need to have dinner soon and it wasn't as if he'd planned on having guests for dinner, at least not at first. Checking the fridge, there was enough to make a meal for perhaps three or four but not seven.

"I think I'm going to need to go get some groceries," he sad to nobody in particular, though loud enough that everyone could hear him. The muttering immediately stopped, the girls turning to him.

"Groceries?" It was Rin who spoke first.

"Yes, groceries. Unless all of you are planning on leaving before dinner?" Ichika gave a half smile to all of them.

"No!" A group cry, which he expected.

"Then we need to go to the grocery."

"We can all cook something!" Cecilia was the first to have the idea, causing Ichika to wince. Yet the others quickly took up the cry. There was no getting around it.

"Alright. Let me go talk to Chifuyu and then we can head out."

There was a joint look from all the girls, like something unpleasant had been waved under their noses but they nodded, if not in agreement at least in acknowledgment.

Smiling to himself he went to the bedroom door and knocked on it.

"Yes?" Chifuyu's voice came through the door after a moment.

"We're going out to get food for dinner. I was wondering if you wanted anything or perhaps wanted to come along." Ichika waited a few seconds for his sister to finally respond.

"I'll be coming along. Give me a moment to get ready."

Smiling to himself Ichika went back to the living room, where the girls were getting ready to go out.

"Chifuyu is going to come with us." His announcement was met with mutterings of affirmation but nothing more. Getting ready himself, Ichika looked up as Chifuyu finally came out of the bedroom. Dressed like she had been before, Chifuyu had taken the time to fix up her hair and… was that makeup? Ichika couldn't be sure but he thought there might be some understated makeup on Chifuyu's face.

"Ready?" Chifuyu's voice was as firm and steady as it always was.

"Yes." Ichika went to the front door, followed by his sister and the girls to get his shoes on. Looking up to see Chifuyu next to him, Ichika looked around and gave her a quick kiss on the cheek when nobody was looking. She blushed, squinting her eyes at him. He simply winked at her and then they were off to the grocery.


Chifuyu collapsed onto the couch with an "Oof", her stomach full as the last of the girls made their way out of the door after saying goodbye to Ichika. The shopping and dinner had been interesting, what with the need to act normally around Ichika. There had been an undeniably tense air between the six of them… and Ichika had completely ignored it.

It said something about his maturity and self control that he somehow managed to corral the five girls and do so without making her worry while simultaneously shopping for groceries. He'd even managed to find a minute away from the rest for her to return the kiss on the cheek he'd given her. The mere thought of all of that made her heart and face warm.

Ichika came back into the living room, a look of relief on his face as he came and sat down on the edge of the couch by her feet.

"That was quite the night wasn't it." He even looked tired, which Chifuyu knew from experience was something he didn't show all that easily.

"Yes it was." Chifuyu sat up, letting her hand reach out and touch Ichika's hand on the back of the couch. "You handled it wonderfully."

"Thanks Chifuyu." Ichika twined his fingers with hers, causing her to smile.

"You're tired." She phrased it as a statement, not a question.

"Yeah, a little bit." He nodded to her.

"Come here then." Chifuyu yanked Ichika's hand down to her, pulling him over the edge of the couch with a little yelp of surprise. That was quickly silenced as he found himself on her breast, her hand running through his hair.

"How does that feel Ichika?" She let him move around a bit, settling in against her body.

"Feels nice..." He mumbled against her chest, finally settling down.

"Good." She didn't say much more, instead simply running her hand through his hair time and again. The feeling of his head on her chest was soothing in a way she couldn't describe, his mere presence against her beating heart providing closeness.

Time passed, several minutes at least before Ichika turned his his face to hers.

"I love you too Chifuyu." A smile was on his face.

"You love me too?" She blinked, confused at his statement.

"Your heart. It slowed down a bit while I was listening to it. You were calmer."

Chifuyu stared at her younger brother. That was just not fair. Simple words shouldn't be able to cause her heart to race like that!

"Chifuyu?" Ichika tilted his head at her silence. "Is everything ok?"

"Yes. Yes it's fine. Come here." She gestured for him to crawl up.

He did so and she promptly grabbed his head and pulled him down for a kiss. It was sweet at first but then she pulled him in for a deeper one. Chifuyu kept at it until she felt the lack of oxygen getting to her and then let Ichika up.

Drawing a deep breath, Ichika's eyes were wide as he looked down at her.

"I love you Ichika. I want you to know that."

He smiled, eyes going back to normal.

"I love you too Chifuyu."

She smiled at him, taking his hand and placing it on her heart. His flesh pressed to hers, warmth filling the both of them as she raised her hand and pressed it to the side of his neck.

"Show me a little more?" She framed the question coquettishly and Ichika smiled to her.

"Yes Chifuyu." Ichika leaned in with his own smile, his lips taking hers once more and all was right with the world. He was hers, she was his and nothing could change that.

AN: Thanks all for waiting for this. It's been a while I know. I just hope you all enjoy this to some extent.