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They found her all on her own, and quickly realised that she wasn't human. No, but part of her brain told her that she used to be. She didn't remember anything before, and for a few months she didn't speak.

They gave her a name they thought fit, because she would glance up at them whenever they said it. 'Yume'.

And so she lived like that, being surrounded by werewolves and humans.

"Yume!" Jesse called, and the short haired brunet turned to look at the teen human. "Yes?" "Lunch is ready."

Yume noted absently, as she followed the alpha's daughter outside, that Jesse's hair was an almost silver colour today.
Yume paused on the back patio. "Silver?" Jesse continued walking but said, "Oh, yeah," she turned and started walking backwards. "I dyed it yesterday. Do you like?"

Yume nodded dumbly. "Yeah."

They'd concluded that she wasn't human, but that she also wasn't a vampire despite her craving for blood. Which she thought was more than less than unhelpful. The local witch had tried to get a glimpse at her memories, but whatever she was, was being blocked by someone else.
Someone had made her, then made her forget. And they were still alive.

But that still didn't explain her constant heartbeat.

The alpha's mate, Mercy, had asked a vampire of hers if something like Yume were possible. He hadn't been given permission to answer.

Yume sat down at the long table and smiled politely and took the food offered with a 'thank you'. They'd long since noticed that she was Japanese, but they hadn't thought that there were any vampires within the Asian countries. Yume tuned in as Mercy started talking. "-d the Hunter's Association wants to have a look at her."

Yume sat up straighter. "'Her'?" She said in her beautiful inhuman voice, and the human's and werewolves closest stared at her. "As in me?" Mercy nodded. "They're real, apparently. Stefan tells me that they've been hunting vampires since shortly after the last ice age."

Yume frowned, "So since humans were around, pretty much?" "Yep. And Stefan thinks that they might know who you were, and who made you."

Ben snorted from across the table, earning a glare from Adam. "I honestly ain't mean'n to be rude," he said, and Mercy muttered, "You usually aren't." He sent her a veiled glare, but continued. "But if they're vampire hunters," he gave Yume a once over that left her cheeks red from anger. "Why, pray tell, would they help her?"

"They said they'd come over here to make sure she was what they thought. We'll be here to protect her if they try anything. So shut up," Mercy said, and Ben cowed subtly.

Yume smiled discreetly, into her cup.

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