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AUGUST 4TH, 2026. 8:00AM.

"Get your ass up and off the couch, Tyler!" Jen shouted at him. Honestly, he didn't know why she yelled at him all the time.

"Jen, look. You can't just barge into my apartment and yell at me to get up and in case you haven't noticed, I'm in the kitchen cooking me some breakfast! Want some bacon?" Tyler yelled back to Jen, his work colleague who happened to live in the same apartment building.

"No I do not want some bacon, Tyler! This is important business, the Boss is giving us important information!" She yelled. Tyler looked surprised at this news and stopped cooking the bacon to look at Jen, "We now have a 6 month holiday to let the new interns learn about the job. SUCK ON THAT SUCKER! I GOT YOU GOOD, YOU THOUGHT I WAS BEING SERIOUS! Now give me some of that bacon." She said and walked over to his kitchen counter and sat down on a stool. Where she reached over to the cooking pan and grabbed a piece of freshly cooked bacon.

"HEY! I shotgunned that piece!" He whined.

"When?" Jen asked confused.

"In my mind... Before you came..."

"You doofus." Jen replied to his comment before asking him what he planned to do for the next 6 months.

"Well, don't think I'm weird or anything but I made some really amazing friends about... What was it... 5... 10... 18... Around 18 years ago now and I haven't talked to them for quite a while, thought I might try catch up with the old times." He said.

"Huh... Sounds... Interesting. Do you have any contact with these people whatsoever?"

"No..." Came the sound of a very confused Tyler.

"Well. How are we supposed to find them, then?"

"That's the fun part! We-Wait... we?"

"Yes. We. I had nothing else planned and your idea sounds more fun." Jen told a still confused Tyler. "So, when do we leave?"

"Uh, well I believe most of them would be living in Chicago now-" Tyler began.

"GREAT! We leave the day after tomorrow. See you later! I gotta pack!" Jen cut in and ran out of his apartment, closing the door behind her. For a moment, Tyler stood there. Too surprised and confused to move. Just as he finally grasped onto what Jen had told him she burst back into the apartment. "WAIT. WHERE IN CHICAGO? You know what, that doesn't even matter, I won't need to pack that... Or this for that matter..." She said and held up a hair dryer she was holding.

"Jen! Calm down!" Tyler yelled.

"No. We leave in 48 hours, bucko. You better start packing your stuff! Never know how long the trip will be!" And with that she was gone again. Only to return 2 hours later.

"Well! All my stuff is packed! What about you?" She screams at a lazy Tyler sitting on the couch and then stormed into his room. "YOU HAVEN'T EVEN STARTED PACKING?! DUDE, WE HAVE TO START NOW!" She yelled and opened up his closet, pulling out a large suitcase and throwing everything and anything she could get in her hands in the case.

"Jen! What are you doing?"

"Packing YOUR stuff! Since my stuff is all packed. IS THAT A T-SHIRT FROM SUPRÉ?! THAT'S A GIRLS STORE! Ooh, you been shopping for a special lady have you Tyler?"

"Woah... Turn the volume down a notch... Sorry, trips make me all hyper... Am I- Am I PACKING your stuff?! God... I am crazy. Sorry." She said and dropped the pile of clothes she was holding, then left the room. Tyler could hear silent sobbing in his living room.

"Jen... Are you okay?"

"Fine. I'm fine."

"You're lying. What's wrong?"

"I... You don't understand Tyler! I can't... I can't help it... It's like OCD but with packing and I don't... can't... help it." Was the quiet reply.

"Jen... Calm down... It's okay. I'm here. It's all okay."

"NO, IT'S NOT OKAY TYLER! IT'S NOT OKAY!" She yelled and burst the apartment door open and ran away.

"Jen! Jen stop!" Tyler yelled out the door as he ran to find her. But to no prevail. "JEN! JEN? JEN WHERE ARE YOU?" He yelled but Jen didn't answer.


AUGUST 4TH, 2026. 9:30 AM.

"Honestly Dylan! You got enough stuff?