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Chapter 4: Dreaming

When Minato opened his eyes, he saw a girl standing over him, looking concerned. It took his brain a second to remember and register what had happened just now. He remembered getting struck by lightning and, his face deepened a shade redder, kissing this girl. He sat up, groaning in pain.

"You are... Yomi-san, right?" She looked concerned for a moment when he groaned, but her expression quickly changed to a sneer.

"Yes, and you're my ashikabi. For some reason, I seem to have reacted to you when you grabbed me." She sighed, almost in regret. "Well, nothing I can do about it now. Tell me, who are you?" He smiled at her, amused.

"My name is Minato. Well then, shall we get going?" She glared at him for a moment before nodding. She helped Minato to his feet, and as he was still weak, allowed him to lean on her as they walked in the direction of Maison Izumo.

"Do anything perverted and I will make you wish you'd never been born." She continued to glare at him. As they walked, her mind went back to just moments before when he had saved her. It had obviously been an accident that he had grabbed her, but just thinking on it made her face heat up. She averted her eyes from Minato as she supported him on the way home.

As they stumbled down the street, a figure in flowing white sheets watched. It was seated on the edge of a building and had quietly observed the entire situation. A smile touched it's lips.

"Well now, he might just be something."

As they approached Maison Izumo, Minato was able to walk on his own again. They entered through the front door and were immediately greeted by Miya.

"Oh, and who is this Minato-san?" She smiled, but Minato could feel the danger of answering wrong.

"Ermm, Ms. Landlady, this is Yomi-san. She is a friend of mine who needs a place to stay. Is that all right?" Her smile became warmer.

"Of course. Like I told you, my policy is to never turn anyone away. I'll go prepare a room. Dinner is ready by the way, there should be enough for your friend as well." She turned and left up the stairs. Minato entered the inn, followed closely by Yomi, who was taking in her surroundings. They went into the dining room, and Kuno immediately came out from the kitchen, carrying a plate of curry.

"Welcome home Minato-san, here's your dinner." She set it on the table and waited. Minato glanced over and noticed that her hands were covered in bandages.

"Kuno-san, did you help with dinner tonight?" She nodded. Smiling, he took a spoonful of curry and tasted it. He grinned at Kuno.

"It's delicious. Thank you so much Kuno-san!" Kuno smiled shyly and started to sway in place, her hands behind her back.

"R-really? That's nice to hear." She froze in place, noticing Yomi for the first time. "Minato-san, who is this?" Yomi was glaring at the domestic show that had just been put on in front of her. She struck a pose.

"I am sekirei #43, Yomi. And you are?" Kuno blinked several times.

"I-I'm sekirei #95, Kuno. N-nice to meet you." This time it was Yomi's turn to pause. Slowly, her head turned to Minato.

"Minato-kun?" She asked, using a familiar term for the first time. "You already had a sekirei before me?" Minato chuckled nervously.

"Umm, well... yes?" Clearly he had answered incorrectly, because he could almost see the flames of anger pouring off her body. Suddenly though, the flames disappeared and she sat next to him. She asked Kuno to bring her a plate of food, which Kuno did immediately. She sat in silence and ate, pointedly ignoring Minato, but politely conversing with Kuno, who was terribly confused at the whole situation.

From the doorway, Minato heard a voice, "Oh, who is this?" Minato turned and saw Uzume standing in the doorway, fully dressed much to Minato's relief. She was in a tight pink long sleeve shirt and capri jeans. Though, the way it clung to her body, Minato didn't think it was much better than when she was in her underwear. He blushed and turned his head, looking directly at Yomi, who was once again glaring at him. At that moment Miya entered the room.

"This is Yomi-san. She will be staying with us now as well." Uzume didn't answer however, when Yomi jumped to her feet and stormed up to Uzume, examining her face closely.

"You are still unwinged?" Uzume froze in her place, a stiff smile on her face.

"W-w-w-w-what do you mean?" She stuttered. Miya sighed, and everyone turned to face her.

"There's no use pretending Uzume-san. Minato-san, we know about the sekirei plan. My late husband worked for MBI." Minato was shocked to say the least, and Kuno wasn't any better. They merely glanced at each other in surprise. There were no words to describe how they felt. In the end, Uzume just sighed.

"Yeah, okay. I am sekirei #10 Uzume. I haven't yet found my ashikabi." She winked at Minato, making him blush from head to toe. "Maybe it will even be you." Kuno and Yomi both sputtered before Uzume told them it was a joke, though as she left, she gave Minato another wink. After the events of the day, Minato was feeling exhausted, so as the sun set, he went to bed.

As he and Kuno were about to enter their room, Yomi exclaimed, "Whoah, what are you doing?!" Kuno blinked back at her.

"We are going to bed?" She asked. Yomi's face flushed red as certain less than appropriate thoughts and images flooded her mind.

"No, no, no! What if that pervert does something to you?! You are going to stay with me!" She grabbed Kuno's hand and dragged her in the direction of her new room.

"Wait... But... I want to stay with-" They disappeared around the corner into their room with Kuno reaching her hand back at Minato while she was dragged away. Chuckling, Minato shook his head and went into his room and went to sleep.

He was is a forest. Light filtered through the leaves of the trees above. From somewhere, he could hear crying. He set off in the direction of the sound. He wandered for what seemed like forever, but as time passed, he felt that he was getting closer to the source. What was it? Why was it calling to him? These thoughts were at the forefront of his mind as he walked. Eventually, he broke the treeline and entered a clearing with a giant tree in the center. He could just make out a small shape huddled up at the base of the tree. As he approached, he saw that it was a little girl. She had long orange hair and was in a little light green dress.

"Are you okay? Why are you crying?" He asked. She looked up at him with tears in her eyes. The tears shimmered against the deep green of her irises.

"I can't find Shiina. I'm so lonely. Where am I?" He crouched down and placed a hand on her head in comfort.

"Don't worry, Onii-chan will protect you." He smiled.

"Onii-chan?" She asked. He nodded and smiled softly. There was a tugging sensation and he was pulled away from her. He struggled against the current, but it was no use.

Just before he was pulled out of sight, he called out, "What is your name?" He saw her mouth move, but couldn't hear a response.

Minato jerked awake. That dream had been disconcertingly vivid. He felt a pressure on his chest and realized that he wasn't alone. He was looking into a familiar smiling face. Uzume smiled down at Minato. She placed a finger to her lips and motioned for him to remain quiet. He glanced down and saw her breasts pressed against his chest. She was in her underwear once again. He flushed crimson as he realized the situation he was in. A beautiful woman was lying on top of him, almost naked. Uzume moved her face and placed her mouth directly next to his ear.

"I was being serious earlier you know. I saw you when you protected #43. Even though you could have died, you risked your life to protect someone you didn't even know. I think that you could be someone that I could love, so if you are willing, I want to be your sekirei. Is that alright?" Minato blinked in surprise. He could only nod slowly.

"Thank you." She whispered and lowered her lips to his. She pressed her mouth firmly to his much more forcefully than either Kuno or Yomi. Both of those kisses had been chaste, but Uzume knew what she wanted. She forced her tongue into his mouth and kissed him deeply. He could only lie there, stunned. Familiar light blossomed from her back as wings of light exploded outwards.

Finally, their lips disconnected, however Minato could still taste her after she was gone. Uzume removed herself from Minato and opened the door.

"Time for me to go before Miya catches me in here." She winked. "I'll see you later. Next time, we can do so many fun things, right Mi~ Na~ To~?" He flushed and she blew a kiss, making him turn even redder before shutting the door and leaving him alone.

For the longest time, Minato just sat in the dark, his mind running a mile a minute. Eventually though, his mind calmed enough for him to drift back to sleep.

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