The water was calm. The ocean waves had been reduced to ripples under
a huge ship. This massive vessel that floated on the water had three
sails, to be sure, but the rest couldn't be seen against the thick fog
that had engulfed part of the ocean. One thing that could be seen,
other than the sails, was the massive front deck of the ship. On it
was a young squirrel, curiously looking out over the water.

"Yo ho, Yo ho, a pirate's life for me..." she sang in her soft and
quiet voice. A figure approached her from behind and grabbed her
shoulder. She gasped and whirled around to see the face of a slightly
older walrus.

"Thats a dangerous song to be singin', Miss Acorn." the walrus hissed.

"Enough of your counseling, Rotor." an old voice called from behind.
The walrus, Rotor, turned to find an older squirrel, obviously the
father of the young girl.

"She was singin' about pirates, sir. Very dangerous to be singin'
about pirates..." Rotor growled.

"We don't need your superstitious beliefs on my ship." The old
squirrel said with confidence. Rotor nodded, and made his way to
another part of the ship.

"SIR!" a voice, coming from a coyote shouted.

"What's wrong?" the squirrel called. The coyote could only point to
the wreckage of a flaming ship.

"What happened here?" the squirrel asked, worried as well as somewhat

The young girl looked at the water below, scared as much as her
father, at the burning remains. She spotted what appeared to be a
raft, with a young, blue hedgehog laying unconscious on the top of it.

"There's someone there!" she shouted. Rotor ran to where she was and
spotted the figure.

"MAN OVERBOARD!" he called to the rest of the crew. The sailors set to
work at once, and in a few minute's time, had the figure on board. The
crew began to look for more survivors.

"Sally, could you watch over him while we're searching?" the girl's
father asked. Sally nodded, and made her way to the figure.

He was a young, cobalt blue hedgehog that appeared to have been in the
water for a great amount of time.

Sally set her hand on his arm, hoping to find a pulse. This caused the
hedgehog to wake with a shout.


"Its okay," Sally said quickly, trying to calm him down. "My name is
Sally Acorn, we are here to help you. Whats your name?"

The hedgehog kept a pale, frightened expression.

"Sonic. Sonic the Hedgehog."

With that, he passed out on the floor of the ship. Sally looked over
the young hedgehog with concern. It was then that she noticed a small,
thin chain around his neck A necklace, most likely. She examined the
chain, silently lifting it off of the hedgehog's chest, and found an
item hanging from it. The item was some kind of fuse, like one's used
for electric devices. On it was a logo of a eerie, smiling face, with
a wide, thick mustache and a pair of thick set glasses. Sally gazed at
it in shock.

"Your a... pirate!"

She then looked up, to find a huge, torn ship surfing through the now
raging waters. On its mast, it bore the same, eerie smile on the flag.


Team Sonic proudly presents...

Mobians of the Caribbean
-Curse of the Black Egg-

* Pirates of the Caribbean theme plays for the title.*


A now older Sally Acorn awakened from her nightmare, it was the same
one she had for the last few weeks.

Sally turned and opened a drawer at her bedside, revealing the same
necklace with an electric fuse. She gazed at it with wonder, and then
hung it around her neck, looking at herself through a nearby mirror. A
knock is heard at the door.

"Sally, can I come in?" the familiar voice of her father asks.

Sally panicked and quickly tucked the fuse down her shirt, then
buttoned it up, in an attempt to hide the fuse.

"Um, come in!" she shouted. The doors open as her middle aged father
entered the room.

"Ah, good morning Sally. Its a beautiful day and- WHOAH!" her father
shouts as he trips over a hidden cable, causing him to crash to the
ground. The cable ripped out of a power outlet, causing the lights to
go off. As her father struggles to get back up, he accidently fell
against the wall, causing the entire thing to collapse, revealing a
movie studio.

"Oh, for the love of... CUT!" a kitsune's voice shouts through a
microphone. The actors turned to face the director. Well, actually,
there were two directors. One was a yellow fox with two tails, and the
other being a large, red robot. Both wore flat-top hats, large
sunglasses, held megaphones, and were sitting in lawn chairs.

"Sorry, Tails" said the actor potraying Sally's father (in actuality,
he WAS Sally's father).

"No, don't worry, Max. Your fine." The fox, addressed as Tails, replied.

a monotone voice.

"We're on it, Omega." Tails said as he left his lawn chair.

Sonic had already picked the cable up and was searching for a more
safe location on the set. After thinking for a minute, he decided to
slide it under the bed. Tails then helped him get the fake wall back up, then motioned for the desired camera men to go into the set, along with the actors. When everyone was ready, Tails pulled out his megaphone.

"Alrighty, 3... 2... 1... ACTION!"


"Um, come in!" Sally shouted. The doors open as her middle aged father entered the room.

"Ah, good morning, Sally. Its a-"


"Hey, WHO'S MESSIN' WITH THE SOUND EFFECTS, HUH?" Tails' voice was heard through the megaphone.

"Sorry, that was me." Sonic said quickly, turning away from the "Explosion" button on the control panel.


The doors open as her middle aged father entered the room.

"Ah, good morning, Sal-"

He was interrupted as his head slammed into a boom mike.

Scourge grumbles and pulls the boom mike away.


The doors open as-



"Ah, good morning, Sally. Its a beautiful day outside and... um... whats my line?"

"CUT!" Tails shouted. "Okay, guys, I think we already filmed this scene. Lets move on, okay?"

"Which scene should we do then?" Sally asked, somewhat impatiently.

"Er... how 'bout the one where Captain Prower first comes?" Sonic asks. Tails' eyes widened.

"N-No! See, I... um... I can't really do that yet. I... have to direct the whole thing, and... um..." he stuttered nervously.


Tails gulped. "Fine..." he sighed. "Let's fly to the next filming location."

A/N: I'm going to have fun with this one. So, apparently the Sonic gang has taken up the movie industry. And I think you all know what movie their re-making (hint hint wink wink nudge nudge). So, are there any grammer issues? Was it too rushed? Please say so in the review box.