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"...Where's Tails?" Vector asked Sonic, Silver, Scourge, and Shadow,
who had just come in early for work.

Sonic glanced at the others. "Um... don't know..." he said after a few
minutes. Silver and Scourge whistled innocently.

"WHADDAYA MEAN YOU DON'T KNOW?" Vector shouted in fury.

"Well, see, he kinda overslept..." Silver informed with a nervous chuckle.

Vector growled. "Why is he oversleeping? We go to bed at 8:00, and
wake up at 7:30. You all should have plenty of time to rest."

The hedgehogs gulped. They didn't want to tell the short-tempered
crocodile that Tails had been up nearly all night busting them out of
G.U.N. agencies for allegiedly attacking Best Buy with Chaos energy.

"Ugh, forget it." Vector grumbled. "We'll just wait for him to wake
up, since I'm such a GENEROUS producer."

Sonic and the others let out relieved sighs. If Tails was woken up
early, he would've complained about breaking the hedgehogs out of
jail, Vector would find out, and Chaos knows what would happen next.

Shadow led the others out of the office, when they found Tails barely
awake on a small bench.

"...Tails, buddy? Shouldn't you rest a bit?" Sonic asked the kit.

"Ungn... I'm good... just need to get the filming done with..."

"Well this is bad..." Silver announced. If Tails was going to be as
sleepy as he was throughout the filming day, things wouldn't go well.

Suddenly, a lightbulb appeared over Scourge's head. He quickly rushed
out of the room, returning seconds later with large, hot cups of

"...Coffee? Is that a good idea?" Shadow asked.

"Course it is! Fuzzball here will get perked up instantly." Scourge
said, as he forced the coffee down Tails' throat cup by cup.

Silver groaned. "Oh boy..."

-10 minutes later-

"...I think this could get counted as cruelty to animals..." Sonic
told the others as he looked over Tails.

Indeed, the coffee Scourge forced the fox to drink did wake him up,
his eyes were now wide open and he was twitching slightly. The first
two big signs of a caffeine-high child.

"You okay Tails?" Shadow asked uneasily.

"I'MFINESHADOW!" Tails shouted back.

"Well... crud." Sonic groaned, facepalming.

"See how perked up he is now?" Scourge asked cheerfully.

"No..." Silver spoke the truth. "Seriously, it looks like he can
barely think. How can it possibly get worse now?"

"Alright everyone, begin filming!" Vector announced, walking out of the office.

"...Aaaaanndd it just did."


Things weren't looking up for Captain Prower. He had just been
outmatched by a blue hedgehog and turned in to the police. Now here he
was, laying in prison and being bored.


Tails blinked and looked out of his cell. He glanced at the camera. "...Kapop?"

"Whoops, wrong sound effect. My bad." Eggman's voice was heard.


Captain Prower laid in his cell, totally bored. He was also twitching
every now and then. Must've been that coffee.


The sound of a cannon rang through, as the pirates began invading. One
cannon shot the prison, blowing a clean hole through the wall and
allowing a few inhabitants to escape.

"Hey, THATS NOT FAIR!" Captain Prower shouted as he was still cooped
up in the cell. He stood up and gripped the bars of his door.

"HRRRRRGGHHH!" he grunted, the power of the coffee allowing him to
bend the bars. He then slipped through. Captain Prower was free!


"Um... was that in the script?" Orbot asked Cubot.

The yellow cubical robot shook his head. "I'm... not sure where he's
going with this..."


Yes, Captain Prower was free, and so he charged down into the streets,
pulling up a weapon that totally wasn't a piece of filming equipment
and hacked wildly at everyone he saw.

Sonic looked at the kit curiously. "Um... Tails? You were supposed to
stay in your cell."

"YAW, I DON'T CARE!" Tails shouted back.

Sonic shrugged and they both began fighting off pirates, side by side.
With precise skill, they took out every foe and single handedly-

"Wait, I'm a pirate too!" Tails suddenly realized. He turned around
and whacked Sonic with the film lights he had found.

Sonic collapsed on the ground, knocked out cold, while Tails laughed evilly.

"WE CAPTURED MISS TURNER!" Knuckles shouted triumphantly as he and
Silver ran past, carrying Sally.

"Yeah!" Silver cheered, before his fake wooden eye replacement fell out.

Of course, instead of just picking it up (like Ragetti would do), he
used his telekinesis and flung the wooden eye into the camera,
cracking the screen.


"...CUT!" Orbot shouted, sitting in Omega's lawn chair.

"Why are ya sittin' in Omega's lawn chair?" Cubot asked.

"Omega called in sick."

"But robots can't get sic-"

"Actors, I would like to inform you all that that downright SUCKED!"
Orbot shouted, slamming the megaphone down. "SERIOUSLY, WHO HERE ACTUALLY WENT BY THE SCRIPT?" Orbot ranted.

Sonic raised his hand.


Tails remained silent and lifted a partially broken camera stand. He
raised it up and began swinging it around wildly.

Vector looked at the kit, puzzled. "Is he..."

Scourge facepalmed. "Yeah, he's on a caffiene rush."

It was at that moment that the entire crew scattered, upon seeing
Tails was now rampaging around with a camera stand and a fake cannon.
It wasn't long until the set was on fire and the fire department
evacuated the studio.

Yup, just another average day at the Movie Studio.

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