It was a rainy Sunday; it was the class of days when you prefer to stay on your bed.

But she had planned to finish the seventh chapter of her book today.

She yawn at the same time that she was stretching her thin and long arms. It was mail day, she turned her head gently to watch the floor at the entrance to her room, and it was full of cards, obviously mainly bills.
With the sheets of her bed on her back, she got up and crawled to the place where are the card were, pick the cards and crawled back to her comfy bed, and throw them all there.

Among all those white cards, was one that stood out a blue card.

-It can be he went long ago- whisper to herself.

She opened it as fast as she can.

Dear Lucy,

Hey, how have you been? It has been a long time since we last see, isn't? haha.
I really miss Fairy Tail, ya' know? Is kind of lonely being here the last time I was in the mountains training was when I was with my teacher and lyon, I dunno what I was thinking when I left the guild for "training", it was definitely to became stronger , im sure of that, but a year is a long time, and its longer when you're alone A year I really miss you.
I really miss your smile, you are really cute when you smile, ;)
Anyways I hope Natsu hasn't bothered you in the time I'm out. He can get very annoying sometimes.
I was planning on returning to the guild in the next month, and I know is kinda weird asking you this in a card, but well I was thinking that maybe we can go a ya know, a date.
Obviously only if you want I have always thought you were awesome, like in every way, in the way you are, the way you dress, the way you speak in everything, haha.
I think is time to say goodbye, I have to get back to training, but I will be there pretty soon, Lu I will put u a nickname lulu-chan, yeah that's sound cool :P and awesome , like you.
I love you, take care.
Ps: oh yeah sorry my bad spelling, I know you re a writer and stuff, and u hate this, but I promise I will get better, lulu chaaaan:) just for u I mean you

Gray fullbuster

A thunder was heard, and a tear was shed, but in Lucy's face it was a big smile.
She thought that he will never come back, but he keep the promise he make the day before he was gone.
-I will be waiting you, Gray.