What if the games were a means to hide the truth...what if the truth was under our noses. This is about Victoria, a 1st LT in the US Army, who faces this possibility. She is assigned to a team with Chris, Leon, Jill, Sheva, and Carlos, a team that is fighting a hidden war against an enemy thought to be only fiction. their mission to end the threat that Umbrella started. L/OC,J/C

A/N: I hope to get this story out in a timely manner. It is something I have worked on for a while and I will space it out. The story is something that I hope everyone will like, it is more mature and will be more planned out. So please let me know what is on your minds if there is something you catch that doesn't make sense and if you have any questions I will be happy to answer.

It's dark, why is it dark? Am I blind? Sounds…..footsteps. are there others? Who, who is it? It wasn't supposed to happen, it was an in and out job. Go in find out why no one has heard from the American embassy for two weeks and get out. How did this nightmare start? Where did these monsters come from?

Groaning coming from disfigured creatures caught the young soldier off guard; lights flickered on and off it seemed the generator is losing power. She was alone and hurt. Her side burned with a deep laceration, she had at least a couple broken ribs and a nice egg on her head that gave her the mother of all headaches. She was stumbling through her ruined mission trying to salvage what little of it that could be. Her team dead she was the only survivor of her five man team. With her gun ready she checked around the corner. The embassy was in ruins, blood covered the walls bodies littered the floor. It was a gruesome sight for the young soldier. It was her first time leading a mission of the importance, and she blew it. Well, more like it got blown up in her face the moment that rocket hit her helicopter. God damn, Barnett, he pushed her out of the helicopter saving her from the same fate her team suffered; God, the screams of her men as they burned in the wreckage of the helicopter. With only a M16 with four mags, and a handgun with two, she knew she was in deep. It has been five hours since they helicopter was hit, and they were to check in within three hours of arriving. Someone by know must know shit hit the fan. No one she has come across has been alive…or human.

Two of the creatures burst out of a room further down the corridor. She froze…no, she couldn't shoot them. No. that would draw more in, and then she would be not just fucked, but royally fucked. One raised its head; it looked to be sniffing the air. She held her breath, as if that would stop the creature from catching her. The creature's glazed eyes locked on to hers. She cursed, it spotted her. She turned down the hall she was previously peering into. It led to the ambassador's office. She hoped to get a line through to her higher ups, and hoped they could get her the fuck out of here.

There are too many of these creatures…these zombies, there is no other way to describe them; but it can't be real, zombies are just movie magic. The irony of the situation is, she loves…no make that loved zombie movies. She would laugh at whenever someone would do something stupid and get turned. They were never scary…until now. The movies could never express the real horror of an event such as this. For one the smell, the God awful smell that engulfed the area, was enough to almost make her pass out at times. The hopelessness when you looked into the eye, the helplessness when you are facing these creatures alone. No, the young soldier steeled herself. She is not hopeless, nor is she helpless, and by god if she dies in this mess she is at least making sure every god damn last creature dies with her.

One, two, three doors, from the blue prints of the embassy after the next door take a right down the hall and the office should be a double door at the end of it. Once there she prayed, like never before, that the power will hold out until she can call out.

A hand reaches out of the darkness and grabs onto her hair. A groan alerted her to what the hand belonged to. She quickly dropped her weight, kicked her leg back into the thing's knees crippling it, but far from stopping it. The creature groaned as it swiped for her and crawled towards her.

"Grr, die you disgusting mother fucker." She drew her leg back and released a powerful kick to the thing's head, snapping it back at an awkward angle. Thing still kept crawling, and she lifted her foot and crushed the skull. Panting, she tried to quell her unsettle stomach at the sight of the crushed skull and brains now covering the floor and her boots. Her efforts were in vain, however, as the nonexistent contents of her stomach came back up. The nauseating feeling did not go away as she stepped from the horrifying mess. If she survived this, she will have nightmares for the rest of her life. Turning down the hall towards the office, she avoided contact with any more creatures.

Seeing the double doors she sighed in relieve, but caught her breath when she saw they were open a crack. She inched closer to the double doors and listened inside.

"Is everything is going to plan?" A deep unsettling voice penetrated from the office.

"O-o-of course, Master. N-nothing out of place." A weakly voice stuttered.

"Really?" the deep voice asked. A hand reached from within and grabbed her neck through the cracked door. "Then why is this pretty little thing still alive." The owner of said crushing hand licked the side of her face.

"Let me go." She said surprisingly calm for her nerves were shot.

"You know I can't do that." The deep voice belonged to a rather good looking male. His messy white blond hair fell in front of sunglasses that covered his eyes. He was tall and she could feel the horrifying danger radiating off of him. She shuddered in revulsion. It was him that caused this, and he was proud of it, she could hear it in his voice.

"Such a sad ending; for a pretty little thing like you." He said. She started to struggle in his grip, but as she did his grip got tighter and the world got narrower.

Suddenly the doors banged open. "Andre…" A deep, but comforting voice, bit out. Black filled her vision and white noise filled her ears, like an old phone breaking up. "...get away with this"

"…do you think …can stop …I won't ….it's not over." the man holding her laughed as he moved her in between him and the other man, using her as a body shield "…hurt her." The young soldier could feel anger and frustration fill her, getting her adrenaline pumping. He was using her, no one used her. With a shaky hand she reached to her belt and pulled a small thin knife, she then gathered what strength she could and swiped the knife at his face, catching him from his left cheek to his right temple. The man, Andre, growled inhumanly as he squeezed her neck harder and tossed her head first into the wall.

Through blurry vision she saw the other man, the one with the comforting voice, raise his gun and shoot. Her vision faded out, only to come back to the most gorgeous blue eyes. She smiled. "You my guardian angel? Come to take me home?" she croaked. Her throat hurt so much. A sad smile touched his lips.

"I am far from an angel, but I am taking you home." Her world went black.

Opening her eyes she woke to a starch white room, she could hear a very annoying beeping in the background. Confusion filled her, where was she, what happened? Why couldn't she remember? Going through what she remembered, the last thing was stepping onto the helicopter heading to what was supposed to be an easy mission. Nothing, there was a blank space after that. Movement caught her attention as a large man in uniform entered the room.

"wha.." the word stopped, her throat hurt so much, it was difficult to speak. There was a grim expression on his face as he looked down at her.

"I'm sorry, there was a horrible accident." She knew then and there, her men were dead, and she somehow survived. The look in the older man's eyes told it all. She couldn't hear what else he was telling her, tears clouded her vision and her focus faded in an out. Before succumbing to unconsciousness she heard the man say "…never remember. I'm sorry Lieutenant"