Summary: I told myself that it would be easier to ignore him. But then he goes and saves me and well…I almost gave in. I almost stopped ignoring.

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"I fancy you," My heart would have skipped a beat if I was human. But that wasn't right, he wasn't right. He is a killer, a murder, everything bad you can possibly think of.

But he says such sweet things and honestly tries to get to know me. I signed, it would best if I ignored him. So that's what I did, that's what I always do.

He dared me to get to know him, to give him a chance. I went a long with it because it was a plan, I was to distract him. That's why I did give him a chance even if it was a small tiny chance, at least that's what I told myself.

But then he said it "I want to know all about you," no one, not one single soul has ever said that to me, has ever truly tried to get to know me.

Not Damon.

Not Stefan.

Not Elena.

Not Bonnie.

Not Alaric

Not Jeremy

Not Matt.

Not Tyler

Not even my mom.

No one, but him.

No stop it, I told myself. Stop letting him get inside. I can't, I won't fall for his sweet words. I gulped




He saves me.

He gives me beautiful gifts.

He buys me an expensive dress, invites me to a ball, like a prince, that every girl secretly wants, but not me of course, never me.

Then he dances with me, flirts with me.




He follows me outside, talks to me. Talks about his father, say he fancy's me, and calls me beautiful, full of light. I walk away because I know how close I was to giving in. He lets me leave.

But Of course he quickly finds me, shows me his amazing drawings, paintings.

He even offers me the whole fucking world.

I just couldn't stand it anymore. I told him, you don't connect with people by buying them off, because well it's true.

Then I come home to drawing of me, the words below it read "Thank you for your honesty," In that instant I almost broke, I almost gave in.




Then he had to go and save me, again. And well it was harder to ignore.

Then he hurt Elena, and suddenly he wasn't my prince charming anymore, but I never wanted that, at least not a perfect one.

He said he was leaving, that he'd take me with him, but I wasn't ready. He told me a small town boy; small town wouldn't be enough for me.

He was right, and I hated it.

I hated him.

…but as we danced, I felt warm, I felt safe, and I felt right.

And it wasn't right

Not to feel it, not to want it, and most certainly not to keep it.

So I did what I do best.




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