Okay how about this for a challenge? Bardock is cloned in the Unava reign (Sorry for the misspellings.) by Dr. Fennal, with a replica of the device that brought back the Archen, because it was destroyed by the plants and the fire. You can choose to have him back with Tora. I think that it will be obvious that he or they if you choose to bring Tora back will be naked. You can have Bardock and Dr. Fennal pare up. You can choose to have Goku and the gang go to the world of Pokemon. But here's the thing. Bardock must have a Zorua, and he names him Zorn. Here's why… Comic relief! Zorn goes out and changes into people and Pokemon. Then Bardock finds him and pounces and shouts. "NO! Bad Zorn!" Then there's a dust cloud and then you see Bardock holding Zorn by the scruff of his neck looking sad. You can even have Bardock meet Ash in that way.

Now for Ash himself. He has the ability to use his aura, but doesn't use it, because he lacks the training. He has to have Saiyan blood. You can make him a half, quarter, anything you like. Have fun with it. Also Bardock MUST train Ash. Have fun.