Chapter One:

Museum of Ancient Egypt! Cube of Lost Time!

Everyone walked down the halls, and around the exhibits, looking at the displays, that were gathered around at the Museum of Ancient Egypt. The museum was made of smooth, light- sand colored walls, and ivory- tanned laminate floors. They both also shared different shades, hues, and tones, that were mixed in with beige, honey, and others. The hallways, that squared around the buildings, were made of smooth, shaded- sand colored walls, covered in hieroglyphics; as well as smooth, medium- brown, marble flooring.

In each room, there was something different. The first was known as: The Ancient Egyptian Gods. The second as: Greatest Pharaohs of Ancient Time. The third: Room of the Dead, which contained Life- like mummies, sarcophagus, tombs, and a whole section on the Book of the Dead. The fourth room was known as: Temples of Egypt, which within were monuments, and a whole selection on Scribes.

The fifth room, was simply called: Ancient Egypt. This particular room, had a map of Egypt, sitting in the middle of it, which described different locations of Egypt. Not only show a map, but it also had a whole selection on the Mediterranean Sea, Red Sea, Nile River, and Lake Nasser. It also explained places like the Western Desert, such as the Gilf Kebir Plateau, and the Qattara Depression; not to mention the Kharaga oasis, and the Eastern Desert. Last but not least, the city of Cairo. It went on into detail about how the Ancient Egyptians lived; which was explained with weapons, clothing, food, brick houses, gold, treasure, and other particular things they've lived by, back then. [AN: Cairo, depending more or less, on the time.]

The last room, was filled with Pyramids, such as: The Step Pyramid, The Bent Pyramid, The Red Pyramid, and The Pyramids of Giza, via others. The Pyramid of Khufu, sat in the middle; as it was designed for visitors, to walk through, and see what it was like, walking through the Pyramids.

[AN: For those who never had of course. Additionally, don't forget, that this is just a museum, with man- made build objects, after all; it's not like the actual pyramids of Giza, are the museum…that would be a laugh…just putting it out there.]

Everyone gazed upon various ancient artifacts, and other historical objects, leaving their own thoughts flowing.

"Man this stuff is pretty old," Akane, started off, fascinated in wonderment.

"So tacky," Ranma, added in, not showing much an interest in anything.

Nabiki, eyed around bored,. "Yeah, no kidding, where is all the valuable gold at?"

"I wonder how long some of this stuff has been around here for?" Kasumi, inquired, in wonderment.

"Who knows-" Ranma, answered, as his eyes caught Soun, and Genma, looking around, on the other side of the room.

Soun, felt a tap on his shoulder. Soun, turned around, before jumped back scared. "Ha."

Genma, took off the Hawk mask, and laughed. "Got you Tendo."

"Now Saotome, it is very necessary to be messing around with the museums displays?"

"Ah, come on Tendo, what's the fun in it, if you can't touch anything?"

Soun, snooped around Genma. "Here… let me see…"

Genma, studied the bird mask his hand, ignoring him.

Soun, went left and right. "Oh come on Saotome. Let me see. Let me see."

Ranma, stood there, and sighed, shaking his head. (Those morons…) Then another thought hit, one that he had almost forgotten. (Speaking of which…) Ranma, looked back forth. (..where is the other idiot?) Ranma, walked back out into one of the exhibit hallways, just when he had saw Tatewaki, down at the other end.

Tatewaki, was fumbling with a golden cube, which had hieroglyphics written all over it, when he overheard a voice.

"Yo Kuno."

Tatewaki, looked up to see Ranma, standing right in front of him, leaning towards him. "What do you want Saotome?"

Ranma, looked down at the cube. "What's that?"

Tatewaki, glared at Ranma, with a scowl. "What's it look to you?"

Ranma, narrowed a brow at the polished box, before him. "It looks like one of those Rubrics Cube thingies?"

Tatewaki, looked at Ranma, as if he were stupid. "The Ancient Egyptians, never used a Rubrics Cube!"

"Then what is it?"

Ranma, saw the look on Tatewaki's face, expecting him to say something serious, before Tatewaki, replied.

"I don't know."

Ranma, fell.

Tatewaki, looked at down at Ranma, with a look of puzzlement. "What's with thee?"

Ranma, got back up, with a fist to Tatewaki. "You idiot, if you didn't know what it was, why'd you pick it up in the first place?"

"That is why I picked it up in the first place, you incompetent fool."

"Well put it back, you aren't suppose to be touching things around here to being with."

"I need it for our assignment," Tatewaki, answered in a bitter tone.

Ranma, narrowed at him. "Our assignment!?"After that, he had picked up another comment. "You're the one who picked our topic, our theme, time, place, people, everything, and left me with nothing."

"That's right, I'm the one whose doing all the work!"

"That's only because you want all the credit!"

Tatewaki, eyed Ranma, back in abhorrence. "I don't see you coming up with anything."

"You shot down, every idea I had! Not to mention the fact that you kept on taking off with our report!"

"Only because thou art kept on adding lame details to it," After that, another thoughts had hit Tatewaki. "At least I Tatewaki Kuno, had come up with something interesting."

Ranma, veined insulted. "I had lots of interesting stuff that we could've done."

Tatewaki, closed his eyes for a minute, before he turned his head. "Ancient pickling is not interesting."

Ranma, clenched his fist, as he handed Tatewaki, an off look. "I never said anything about ancient pickling."

Tatewaki, turned back to him. "It matters not, for all thy ideas were lame anyway."

"My ideas were lame? Look who's talking; you almost had has hiking up Arctic mountains, digging for dinosaur fossils."

"That's thy fault for letting someone else take Ancient Greece. Not to mention Ancient Rome, as well."

"We had a whole lot of different options, but thanks to you, they were all taken. I mean seriously, was what was wrong of Native America?"

"I only took Native America, and the Aztecs away from you, because thou art took Ancient Greece, and Ancient Rome, away from me!" Tatewaki, paused with another thoughts. "Nonetheless, thanks to I Tatewaki Kuno, we've got something quiet interesting on our hands."

Ranma, eyed Tatewaki, in boredom. "What, mummy's?"


"Great…" Ranma, looked aside. "Now thanks to you, were' doing a on a report on dead guys, wrapped in toilet paper …woppy."

"The Ancient Egyptians, never used toilet paper. The greatest Pharaoh's where wrapped with linen, Dim- wit!"

"Aue, who care what they were wrapped with what, okay."

"The Ancient Pharaoh's were the most powerful rulers, who controlled all of Egypt. They had valuable offerings, of whatever they wanted, food, wine, gold-" Tatewaki, paused for a moment, before he let out his last thought. "Not to mention, the most beautiful women, in all of Egypt.

Ranma, stood there as he eyed Tatewaki, with an irritated stare; missing half the things he had mentioned. "Almost done yet?"

"Why you-" Tatewaki, clenched his left fist at him. "If it wasn't for the pharaoh's, there wouldn't be any pyramids sitting there today!"

Ranma, glared up at Tatewaki. "Yeah, seeing as it was all of the lower- class, who did all the work!"

"For I Tatewaki Kuno, would make the finniest pharaoh…" Tatewaki, leaned in towards Ranma. "…unlike you, scandal."

Ranma, tossed his eyes aside. "Huh…seeing as you act like one…." Ranma, just shook his head, before he mentioned something else. "…and not the good kind either."

Tatewaki's eyes twitched. "More so Saotome, I wouldst love to see ye go back there, and convince them, that the world is round!"

Ranma, narrowed at him oddly. "And why would I do that!?"

"To prove to thee that ye cannot; for they believe that the earth is flat."

Ranma, shot a look in disbelief back to Tatewaki. "What moron believe that the earth was flat!?"

Tatewaki, finally shook his head, before he priced daggers at Ranma. "This is exactly why, you aren't writing our report! For ye acknowledge nothing!"

"I wouldn't have written that in our report. You on the other hand, you'll end up doing something stupid with it. I'm almost afraid of what you written, in it." Ranma, flinched in thought after that. (Man, why did our classes had to be combined for this stupid project anyway?)

"Acknowledge for someone such as thyself to have it taken, by another-"

Ranma, jumped up at him. "Yeah, that would be you."

Tatewaki, continued from his thoughts. "-only to see it never finished, lost, ripped, burned, dropped in water source, someplace!"

"Glad for you to find me so dependable!" Ranma, marked in sarcasm.

"I find thee dependable enough, to take off with our report, take all the credit, leaving I, Tatewaki Kuno, with nothing."

Ranma, glowered with a nasty retort, along with one clenched fist, up to Tatewaki. "I'll show you dependable! Show me what you have written so far!?"

Tatewaki, caught on at that moment. "Wherefore? So ye can take off with our report, I spoke of before?"

"Okay then, let me see that cube thing, and maybe I can add a thing or two in our report."

"Another one of your lame ideas? Go find your own object Saotome!"

Ranma, frowned, throwing a nasty brow back at Tatewaki. "Oh why, you can objected it, like all the other ones I showed you!?"

"Well, if everything thou picked up wasn't so dull, then maybe I would objected it not."

Ranma, reached for the cube. "Just let me see the box, Kuno."

"Nay indeed, I shall not," after that Tatewaki, lifted the box, over his head.

Ranma, kept reaching for it. "Oh come on Kuno, just let me take a look at it."

"Never! Go away Saotome."

"Why- you!"

Ranma, jumped up and reached the cube when they both start to pull, and tug, and jerk, and yank, and snatch, and seize, until the cube stumbled out of their hands, and plummet to the ground. They were both going for it once again, until a luminous light, shimmered out, as the invisible barrier of bright, misty light engulfed them, into the cube.

The rest of them, had overheard them auguring, when they walked out of the room, and into the hallway. They exchanged looks, as they looked back, and forth.

Akane, blinked. "Where did they go?"

Nabiki, shrugged. "No idea. I thought I just heard them auguring out here."

Kasumi, shrugged aside. "So did I."

Genma, held his finger up, making his point. "Maybe they fell through a trap door."

Soun, turned to Genma. "Oh come on Saotome, they probably just in another part of the museum."

Akane, turned to her sisters. "Well… they're pretty fast."

Everyone scattered around, to look for them, so find out, more or less, that they were nowhere to be found.